A white 2023 Ford Maverick Lariat is shown parked in a garage.

Usability Used: A Look at Truck Beds on the Pre-Owned Market

The flexibility of the pickup truck has increased over recent years, making it an excellent choice for more and more drivers. One of the areas where this flexibility shines is in the truck bed. Manufacturers have been offering a wide range of choices that let owners configure their truck beds to suit their needs: adjustable tie-downs, modular storage solutions, and bed extenders are among those features that make carrying larger loads even more accessible. These enable a construction worker carrying building materials to better secure heavy loads, or an outdoor enthusiast can use the same truck bed to carry bikes or kayaks by connecting compatible racks.

You can find a variety of pickups with versatile beds at your local used truck dealer, including those with the latest innovative truck bed configurations. Whether it’s for work, play, or a mix of the two, modern truck beds come with a wide range of features and customization choices so that you can make your truck work best for you.

The Innovations Behind Today’s Truck Beds

Truck beds have significantly changed, offering integrated toolbox compartments, sliding bed trays, and under-bed storage units to provide safe places to store tools, equipment, and personal items. This level of organization helps keep the truck bed clean and keeps small things from moving around.

The shape of tailgates has also changed to make them more useful. Some trucks now have tailgates that can be configured differently to make loading and unloading easier. For example, a split-fold tailgate makes getting into the truck bed easier while keeping a part of the tailgate in place to secure longer items.

Another change is that power outlets and lights are being built directly into the truck bed; these are especially useful in industries where power tools are used, meaning you won’t need to search for a power source. Also, automakers cater to a wide range of drivers by making the truck bed out of different materials. Steel beds are still popular because they last a long time, but many trucks now come with beds made of aluminum or composite materials that are lighter and stronger. These alternatives offer a good mix of strength and reduced weight, which helps improve fuel efficiency and performance overall.

In addition, some high-end models have built-in cameras and sensors that will help you hook up trailers, keep an eye on cargo, and generate a bird’s-eye view of your truck’s surroundings. This technology makes towing and maneuvering easier.

While considering these dynamic solutions, it’s also important to note that you gain better access to customization by checking out your local used truck dealer’s inventory. Buying used allows you to get the most amenities at a price that’s further within your budget.


A red 2020 Ram 1500 is shown driving on a dirt road past a fence.

The Ford Maverick’s FLEXBED

When Ford introduced the Maverick in 2022, it might not have been ready for the excitement the FLEXBED brought to the truck scene. Touted as the most innovative truck bed Ford has ever delivered, the Maverick goes above and beyond. It all starts with lower bed sides, which might only be noticeable once you realize how easy it is to reach over the side and get what you need. In addition, the truck bed is wide enough to hold 4×8 sheets—perfect for the construction worker or weekend DIYer.

However, those aren’t the most impressive notes when detailing the Maverick truck bed; the various ways you can customize it make it the standout in its class. With just a few simple adjustments, you can create a box divider to keep things separated and organized or a false close that doubles your space. In addition, you can add bolts to the C-channels for increased hook and tie-down capability.

The opportunities to customize the Maverick FLEXBED are only limited to your imagination. Also, Ford’s attention to detail when designing the bed gives you even more amenities, with things like a Tailgate Cleat/Bottle Opener, 12-volt DIY Power, Threaded DIY Bed Holes, available Storage Cubbies, and more.

When shopping for your truck, be sure to explore a used Maverick to see how it could meet your needs. You gain the flexibility of this truck and the dependability of the Ford brand, all while appreciating a great value when you buy used.

General Motors’s MultiPro Tailgate

GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate helps you make the most of your truck bed, offering multiple ways to make hauling, work, and DIY easier. The MultiPro Tailgate can be found on various models, including the Sierra 1500 SLE, Elevation, and Denali trims, to name a few. The MultiPro tailgate is a typical tailgate at first glance. However, its hinged primary gate also includes a smaller inner gate—and what you do with this combination is what makes GMC’s creation a breath of fresh air.

Consider how often you’ve hauled loads, worrying about them sliding out the back. The MultiPro Tailgate eliminates this worry by offering a Primary Gate Load Stop that secures your cargo by simply lifting the stop gate and driving away. In addition, you gain easier access to your cargo—up to nine inches—when the inner gate of the primary gate is lowered; this is perfect for more effective unloading and loading.

You also get a Full-Width Step to help you get into the bed of your truck. When the primary and inner gates are engaged, it creates a 48-inch-wide step, giving you the stability you need to step up and perform at your best—and this step can handle up to 375 lbs.

Also, the MultiPro Tailgate can act as a work surface when your job requires extra prep space. Lowering the inner gate allows you to move closer to the main bed and use it for an expanded work area. And when you include the Sierra’s available 120-volt electrical outlet, your options for a more efficient workspace increase.

A red 2023 Honda Ridgeline HPD is shown on a beach.

The Honda Ridgeline’s Dual-Action Tailgate

Since it was first introduced in 2006, the Honda Ridgeline has taken the truck world by storm thanks to Honda’s dedication to creating more than just a truck. This is evident particularly in the Ridgeline’s Dual-Action Tailgate. The difference is immediately obvious as you realize you can open the tailgate like you typically would, or you can take advantage of opening it like a door, swinging from one side to the other, which instantly gives you better access to your cargo.

You also get better functionality with a “stop” placed at a 30-degree angle, allowing you to access the bed in tight spaces, as well as a unique gutter under the tailgate that stops sand and gravel from getting into the closing mechanisms. Additionally, if you plan to haul large loads in the back of your Ridgeline, you can easily do so with its 300-lb capacity.

Last, a used Honda Ridgeline is an incredible value, allowing you to buy a higher-tiered model backed by Honda’s innovation and reliability. Not to mention that the Honda Ridgeline consistently ranks high in its class, making the purchase of a used one an excellent investment.

How Will You Use Your Used Truck?

Whether you need a truck for work or pleasure, you will find plenty of options at your local used truck dealer. When shopping, ask about the flexibility of the trucks offered to explore how they fit your needs. You’ll also find great innovations when it comes to safety and interior spaces since truck manufacturers have worked to create vehicles that satisfy before and after the job and not just during.