A close-up on the front wheel of a red 2023 Honda Accord Sport L Hybrid, parked for a 2023 Honda Accord vs 2023 Nissan Altima competition, is shown.

2023 Honda Accord Vs. 2023 Nissan Altima – Which One is More Practical?

A sleek sedan is one of the most common vehicles on city streets. The practicality and efficiency of these cars make them excellent options for those who need to take on one thing after another throughout their day, making them well-suited to the non-stop nature of city driving. There are many excellent sedans out there, so many that deciding which model is suitable for you is sure to be a complex process because you want to find the vehicle with all the features you need to take on any task successfully. Regarding practicality and class, we will first tell you that no two models go toe-to-toe quite like the 2023 Honda Accord vs. 2023 Nissan Altima.

Honda and Nissan are both known for their resilient vehicles, practical fuel efficiency ratings, and affordability, so it is no surprise that they are in such competition with one another. Both of these brands are known, perhaps more than anything, for the excellent sedans they provide, and the Accord and Altima models are specifically two of the most iconic models from these brands. Both of these cars have what practical drivers are looking for in one way or another, but when finding the model that works right for you specifically, you need to look closer to see what sets them apart.

So, which model between the 2023 Honda Accord and the 2023 Nissan Altima is superior? It is hard to say, and truthfully, to say one is superior to the other does not seem right. Both of these vehicles are fantastic and bring their distinct style and flair to the table; one may be slightly more suited for a certain kind of driving while the other is not. Are you stuck trying to decide between the 2024 Honda Accord and the 2024 Nissan Altima? Let’s take a closer look at both models to see which one might be right for you.


When taking on the city streets, a powertrain that can handle the stop-and-go rhythm of urban life is essential. It is important for a sedan to have the ability to stay nimble and dexterous throughout the city, and the 2023 Honda Accord and 2023 Nissan Altima both feature powertrains and transmissions that help to achieve this.

Firstly, the 2023 Honda Accord packs a competitive punch in its powertrain, sporting an Inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 192 horsepower, an excellent rating for a vehicle of its size and caliber, allowing it to pick up when it needs to, while also providing a smooth ride when the time comes. This engine is paired with a continuously variable transmission that aids in making the 2023 Accord model fluid, efficient, and powerful so that it can command any street it finds itself on.

The 2023 Nissan Altima also has an engine built for city driving. Its standard 2.5-liter DOHC 4-cylinder engine, which produces 188 horsepower, is slightly less powerful than what the 2023 Accord is packing, but what it lacks in power, it makes up for in other ways that we will get to in a moment. This engine is also paired with a CVT transmission that boosts the vehicle’s overall efficiency and dexterity in bold ways, making the Altima model a sturdy companion for taking on your daily to-do list.

A pair of 2023 Honda Accord Sport L Hybrid LX's are shown parked in a garage, one red and the other grey.


One of the first things that any practical driver will look for in a vehicle they are considering is fuel efficiency. Wherever you may be driving, you need a car that can save you money and keep you going for as long as possible so that you can face your busy schedule knowing that you can take it on with precision. On the front of efficiency, both of these models from Honda and Nissan offer the best that the automotive industry has to offer.

Starting with the 2023 Accord, this sedan features a more than competitive fuel economy rating that will surely be attractive to practical drivers everywhere. In cities, the 2023 Accord model achieves an impressive 29 mpg, perfect for the pace of urban driving. The Accord model gets up to 37 mpg on highways, making for a combined 32 mpg across the board. No matter where this sedan from Honda finds itself, it is sure to keep drivers on the road for as long as they need.

The 2023 Nissan Altima model’s fuel economy rating is quite similar to the 2023 Accord models, so much so that the difference between them is difficult to measure. On city streets, the 2023 Altima is capable of achieving up to 27 mpg, two points less than the 2023 Accord, but still very close. On highways, the Altima achieves up to 39 mpg, making it slightly more efficient than the Accord, making for a combined fuel economy rating of 32, the same as its competitor.


No matter where you are going, safety is the highest priority. Especially in a sedan that will be by your side in cities, out on the open road, and everywhere in between, top-of-the-line technology and safety features are crucial in ensuring you can take on the journey anxiety-free. Honda and Nissan are known for being at the forefront of innovation on these fronts, and this is certainly on display with the Accord and Altima models that were released this year.

Equipped with the Honda Sensing Driver-Assist suite, the 2023 Honda Accord features various features that help to increase safety while out and about. These features include forward collision and lane departure warnings, both of which help to sense potential hazards, thereby preventing accidents from occurring. Lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control are two advanced features that allow the 2023 Accord to monitor your distance from vehicles ahead of you and ensure you stay within your lane at all times so that you are always aware and alert.

The 2023 Altima also features a variety of high-end safety technologies, such as intelligent forward collision warning, which detects hazards on the road ahead, making drivers aware of them before they get too close. Blind spot warnings and rear cross-traffic alerts also help keep drivers aware of their surroundings so you never accidentally veer into places you shouldn’t while on the road. The 2023 Nissan Altima also features rear automatic braking so that if you do not quite see hazards coming up from behind, your Altima model has you covered to ensure you do not get into an accident.

A red 2023 Nissan Altima is shown parked in a garage.

Profound Competitors

Honda and Nissan stand out from the crowd in terms of their sedan offerings. No two brands are known for their practical and efficient offerings quite like they are, making them profound competitors. Healthy competition often harbors some of the best products, especially in the automotive industry, which is probably why the 2023 Honda Accord and the 2023 Nissan Altima are such fantastic vehicles.

Each of these models brings its own unique style to the table. Still, both Honda and Nissan understand that practical drivers need a sedan that can offer versatile performance, unbeatable efficiency, and plenty in the way of safety technology if they want to take on daily life effectively. There is a reason that practical drivers everywhere have not been able to get enough of the Accord and Altima models over the years, and it is because of these brands’ attention to these attributes. So, no matter which model you end up going with, you can rest assured that you are getting one of the best practical vehicles out there.