Chevy Trucks

Turning a Chevy Truck into an Off-Roader

You finally have that new Chevy truck in your driveway just waiting to be driven off-road. You can picture yourself behind the wheel, exploring new sights and sounds in mother nature. The only trouble is your new truck is not exactly ready for the great outdoors just yet. All Chevy trucks are quite capable vehicles with an emphasis on general performance and road driving. If you are looking for a fantastic commuter or work truck right off the factory floor, Chevy has you covered. If you have a little bit extra to spend, you can even get something ready-made for off-road adventures in the form of the Colorado ZR2.

However, to find the perfect off-road truck for your tastes, you might look at something different than what the manufacturer offers right out of the gate. A good off-road vehicle is something that has been designed for the personal experience. Depending on how you intend to use the truck and the off-road terrain you want to conquer, you may need a different setup to thrive.

Thankfully, Chevy trucks are highly adaptable to meet your personal tastes and needs. From small accessories to major upgrades, you can turn a Silverado or Colorado into the off-road vehicle of your dreams.


Planning Everything Out

The first step towards creating that perfect off-road truck is planning out what you need in the long run. If you have existing off-road experience, this is a good place to start since you already have an idea of the types of terrain you will encounter the most. If you are new to the off-roading scene, it is good to take some time to imagine yourself out in nature or do some research. What kind of trip do you see yourself embarking on?

All off-road and overland adventures will have a different set of challenges you need to be prepared for. A truck is a great platform to carry equipment and accessories to overcome these challenges. The more you can identify how you need to prepare, the more you can tailor the truck now for future trips.

Commonly, off-road trucks have a combination of emergency supplies, survival accessories, and performance upgrades to turn the truck into a terrain-conquering beast. The extent to which you modify your Chevy truck will depend on your needs and budget. It is important to set a realistic budget ahead of time, so you do not end up disappointed later on. This will also allow you to prioritize upgrades and purchases.


Survival Accessories

On the more affordable front of preparation, your truck will need to carry certain supplies and accessories to keep you safe and alive during long off-road or overland adventures. A truck naturally has a lot of cargo space to carry extra supplies and tools. The trick is knowing what you need to bring for any given trip.

The basics of any off-road adventure include an emergency kit and survival supplies such as food, water, a hand-operated or solar powered radio, lights, sleeping gear, etc. It is helpful to carry enough supplies for the number of people you intend to bring. For better organization, invest in some truck bed dividers or toolboxes to keep everything uncluttered and protected as you drive.

If you expect to tackle some tricky terrain, vehicular accessories like a winch or fog lights are a good idea. A truck bed rack, for example, will give you more cargo space and mounting points for additional accessories such as racks and fuel canisters. You may want to invest in a good shovel or traction pad to get yourself out of a sticky situation if necessary.


Vehicle Modifications

If you are not satisfied with your Chevy truck’s existing setup from the manufacturer, there are a few more pricey upgrades to consider to make it more off-road worthy. These upgrades will make the truck more capable when tackling steeper terrain grades, loose earth, and bad weather conditions.

A good lift kit is the first place to invest some money. This type of kit lifts the suspension of the truck by several inches. In turn, you gain greater ground clearance to drive over common obstacles like rocks and debris you are likely to encounter on a trail. This type of kit can protect the undercarriage and bumpers of the truck while giving it more room to maneuver at the same time.

Body plating is another worthwhile investment to maximize the protection of your truck’s exterior. This type of protection commonly comes in the form of an undercarriage plate, reinforced front bumper, and roll bars in the bed of the truck. If you happen to run into something like a rock or a tree, these protective measures will take the abuse of the foreign object instead of the truck exterior paneling.


Turning Dreams Into A Reality

Ultimately, turning a Chevy truck into the perfect off-road vehicle is a matter of time, patience, planning, and persistence. Once you know what kind of modifications you want to make and have a budget, the next step is to get to work.

If you have some automotive experience, this can be a great DIY project. Buy the accessories, equipment, and parts you want to add to your truck and take a few weekends to make the changes yourself. Get some friends and family members in on the action to speed up the process as well.

If you do not have experience working on your own vehicles, it is better to take your truck to a professional to get the work done right. Complicated upgrades like lift kits require a certain level of experience and expertise to be done correctly. Otherwise, you risk doing more harm and damage to the truck or yourself at some point in the future.

Once everything is said and done, you will have a new Chevy truck that is ready to carry you to new experiences and adventures.