A black and a white 2020 used Chrysler Pacifica are parked in front of a park.

Top Used Chrysler Models to Buy: The Fab 5

For almost 100 years, Chrysler has been on the road, wowing crowds with its versatile lineup of dependable options, crafted to intensify your experience behind the wheel. From practical sedans and minivans to high-performance machines, the Chrysler name showcases prestige, poise, and tradition. If you’re looking for a used Chrysler to welcome into your family, you have options to get the most out of your next vehicle. As we take a look at some of the best used options that this legendary brand offers, five fabulous models come to mind, designed with functionality, versatility, and reliability in mind. Let’s discover the best used Chrysler models to buy when you’re looking for optimal performance, no matter what type of vehicle you desire.

1. Chrysler 300

Making its debut in 2005, the Chrysler 300 showcases classic Chrysler design, from its sizable stance to its elegant presence on the road. Elevate your experience during your travels when you choose to ride in a 2019 Chrysler 300, marked by designer elements to add style, grace, and excitement to its overall appearance. This full-size sedan offers up a nice selection of engines, depending on the model year you’re looking at, and with smooth, responsive handling, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable ride in this spacious offering from Chrysler.

A roomy interior, as well as available premium appointments, makes your trip in this timeless vehicle a lavish experience, and with multiple trim options to choose from, finding the level of luxury that you need is easy. For those who want the full Chrysler experience, opt for a higher trim level and ride in complete satisfaction, no matter where your trusted 300 is taking you. It’s recommended to stick to more recent model years, as these include more advanced safety and driver-assist features, as well as more recent technology options, which can make your ride more connected and secure. When you’re shopping for a used Chrysler sedan, you can’t go wrong with the sturdy, elegant, and classic Chrysler 300.

A white 2019 used Chrysler 300 is shown from the side in front of an off-white textured wall.

2. Chrysler Pacifica

If you’re looking for a large vehicle to handle your family, there’s no competing with the Chrysler Pacifica. This three-row minivan with seating up to eight provides you with everything you’re looking for to remain comfortable during your travels, no matter how much baggage or how many people you’re hauling around town. Ingenious storage solutions, configurable seating arrangements, and all the space you need make for a functional ride. And with its capabilities designed specifically for families, like a smooth ride, an abundance of safety features, and integrated connectivity options in newer models, your trip just got more interesting.

Impressive fuel efficiency and an energetic engine selection, including a hybrid powertrain in more recent models, ensure that no matter where you’re going, the Pacifica can handle it. Be able to entertain fussy passengers with an innovative infotainment system in newer models, store all of their belongings with features like Stow ‘n Go seating, and enjoy maximum dependability in a family vehicle with spectacular safety ratings. When you need more than what a standard minivan can offer, the Pacifica will deliver value, style, and more. If you want a good used Chrysler Pacifica, the 2017 model offers excellent features at a great price.

3. Chrysler 300 SRT

For those shopping for a sportier sedan, you may just find exactly what you’re looking for in the 2014 Chrysler 300 SRT, designed to provide the ultimate in performance. Built much like the standard 300, the 300 SRT showcases immense power in its Hemi engine and stunning features to make for an incomparable ride. Its pure athleticism and elegant appearance give drivers the best of both worlds, and if you’re looking for a sports car on a budget, the 300 SRT is a top choice.

Let’s face it, buying a sports car can mean having to drop a lot of money, especially if you want the best in speed, power, and performance. However, when you choose a used Chrysler 300 SRT, you get to take advantage of all of that without overpaying, making this a popular choice among those who want a sports car with a more affordable price tag. You’re able to get features that you wouldn’t be able to afford in a brand new sports car, plus unhindered power that can take you to new destinations with excitement. Discontinued in 2014, you can still find the 300 SRT on lots across the country, so if a sports car is on your wishlist, the Chrysler 300 SRT is a great choice.

4. Chrysler Town & Country

Back before the Pacifica was the best option when it came to minivans, the Chrysler Town & Country occupied the top spot for years. From hauling the family from one commitment to the other to setting off on a summer adventure to a new destination, the Town & Country was there for it all. If you’re searching for the ultimate used minivan, the Town & County is still a fantastic option. Production stopped with its 2016 model; however, you’ll still see a lot of these dependable vehicles on the road today, and for a good reason…they’re simply the best.

Equipped with a solid engine, all the space warranted for large families, and the features you need to keep all your travelers entertained, including a Blu-Ray player in its most recent models, the Town & Country remains a popular option for families. Clever storage solutions in the form of cubbies, bins, and foldable seats help to maximize the space in this easy to handle vehicle. When it comes to productivity, the Town & Country speaks this language fluently. When it’s time to get the perfect vehicle to transport your family, don’t overpay for a new minivan. Place your trust in a classic, one that is ready to serve you and your family’s needs no matter what lies ahead.

A grey 2016 used Chrysler Town and Country is driving on a city street.

5. Chrysler Sebring

If you are imagining yourself on a weekend drive, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoying the open road, perhaps no other car can come close to amplifying this feeling quite like the Chrysler Sebring. Built for easy driving, this satisfying sedan with its convertible option, available in a hard or soft top, allows you to relax and let your worries fall by the wayside. Its capable engine, combined with its 20 GB hard drive for storing all your favorite tunes, will have you enjoying the ride in no time. Plus, its easy handling and smooth ride provide you with what you’re looking for to let loose.

Although this comfortable cruiser hasn’t been in production for over a decade, you’ll notice many of them traveling on the highway today. When you’re shopping for a nice weekend roadster, the 2010 Chrysler Sebring offers all you need to be able to travel peacefully. After a long week, a trip in the Sebring may just be all you need to let go of all of your stress, so when it’s time to relax, keep this used Chrysler in mind.

Experience More in a Used Chrysler

Whether you’re looking for a dependable sedan for your everyday travels or a high-performance car for maximum fun behind the wheel, family-friendly transporters, or easy-going cruisers, there’s a used Chrysler out there for you. When it comes to giving you what you want in a vehicle without a hefty price tag, these used Chrysler offerings are popular with car shoppers everywhere. Experience what it feels like to ride in one of these dynamic travelers and discover which option adds the most value to your travels. Stop by your local used Chrysler dealer, and test drive one of these options today to find out why more and more drivers are choosing a used Chrysler over the competition. You may just find that being a part of the Chrysler family has its definite benefits.