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The Top 5 Benefits To Shopping For Used Cars Online

When it comes to finding a quality used car that both suits your needs and your bank account, buying through a traditional car dealer may actually be the last thing you’d want to do. With limited space on inventory lots, many dealers try to push out vehicles they don’t need to make room for new ones – resulting in a better chance that you’ll be pressured into buying a less-than perfect vehicle. Plus, with sales people working on commission and a dealership trying to make a profit behind them, it’s not unlikely that you’ll be overpaying for the experience of finding a vehicle that’s not actually the car you want. With all these pitfalls, it’s no wonder more and more consumers have come to dread the experience of visiting a used car dealer – but luckily, online used car shopping has changed all that.

By shopping for your used car online with a nationwide service like, you manage to avoid many of the trials and tribulations that come with shopping at a dealer’s used car lot. Whether you’re new to the car buying process entirely or simply tired of the same runaround when it comes time to put money down, there’s a serious appeal to online shopping that can make any buyer’s experience just that much simpler, happier, and more stress free than a traditional dealership ever could.

Here’s a look at the five best reasons to shop for your next used car online rather than in person, and what you can expect form working with online car dealers from the comfort of your own home or office.

No More Dealing With Dealers

If there’s one part of the car buying process that’s fairly universally dreaded, it’s working with a car dealer directly – sometimes pushy people with an eye for how to make you spend more money than you should on a car you may not actually want. For many consumers, this is absolutely the worst part of the shopping experience, and for good reason – the image of the sleazy used car dealer is one of the hallmarks of today’s auto sales landscape. But with online shopping, you become your own advocate – requesting precisely the year, make, model, color, condition, and whatever other qualities you want in your vehicle. After that, a Nationwide Search can connect you to available options from around the country and help you figure out which option is best for you – all without pushing you to try out a model you weren’t interested in to begin with.

Do It On Your Own Time


If there’s one thing that really sets apart online shopping from shopping in person, it’s the time it takes. While having to go from used car lot to used car lot in search of a particular model or particular price can take an entire day or even longer, narrowing your search with the power of online filtering makes finding that perfect car a minutes-long process done from the comfort of your own home. And since a web-based car shopping platform can connect with sellers nationwide, you’re more likely to find exactly the vehicle you want without all that painstaking searching beforehand. It’s easy to put a price on a vehicle but hard to put a price on your time – and by shopping online, you know you’ll be saving a ton of it.

Find The Best Price For You

Nobody likes the awkwardness of haggling over a vehicle’s price, especially when that number seems to shift and jump around with last-minute add-ons from a dealer. That’s why shopping online is so much better for those looking to find a good deal on a used vehicle: by allowing users to filter by price, the work of finding a vehicle that fits in your price range is that much more straightforward. What you see is the price you’ll pay, and you’ll even be able to find multiple prices for the same model to help make your choice that much easier on your wallet. And say goodbye to annoying haggling – by picking the price that’s right for you to begin with, you’ll be able to rest confidently knowing there’ll be no sudden surprise hikes in price at signing time.

Narrow Down To Exactly What You Want

Row of new cars on lot

One of the gambles of strolling into a used car lot is working with the inventory on hand – whether it be old beaters with a fresh coat of paint to hide the underbody rust or the model you’ve been looking for in a terrible paint color. But by narrowing your search online to exactly the specifications you’re looking for, you can make sure the car you buy is the one you want the first time without having to settle for “close enough.” Plus, you’re more likely to find a vehicle in good condition and at a fair price by comparing against other similar models, meaning no more overpaying at one dealer and missing out on a great deal at another.

You Can Still Take A Test Drive

2016 Chevy Camaro

One of the great modern myths regarding online car shopping is that you’ll have to forgo the test drive and simply be happy with the car that shows up upon delivery – and these days, this is totally off key. Plenty of online services like offer the buyer the opportunity to test drive the vehicle before putting down any non-refundable cash, meaning you can test the very car you want to buy and walk away with no obligations if it doesn’t suit your needs. And best of all, if the test drive does go well you can usually sign the papers and drive home with it that day. Say goodbye to blindly shopping for cars and say hello to a truly all-encompassing shopping experience made to satisfy the modern driver – and know that online shopping is here to stay.

Get Online And Get Yourself A Used Car Today

Whether you’re new to the car shopping experience or simply sick of getting the runaround from used car dealers, few improvements to the shopping experience have had as much of an impact as online shopping for used cars. Taking the stress and confusion out of the shopping process one buyer at a time, online services like are here and ready to help you find exactly what you’ve been looking for without the pressure of dealing with a pushy sales person. So go ahead and start looking for that great used car in your future – and don’t be surprised if you never want to visit the dealer’s lot again.

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