Top 3 Flops from 2017 NY Auto Show

Every other website and news outlet have been laser-focused on reporting the best of the best at this year’s 2017 New York International Auto Show. As great as it is to deliver hearty back pats and half-hearted accolades, I believe it’s more entertaining to dig into the flops from this year’s show. Because let’s face it – there were plenty.

Every year in New York City in April, the herd of car makers and enthusiasts gather in awe over the latest and greatest new models and in-vehicle technology. Fun, right? I suppose it can be, especially in the beginning. But at this point, the number of articles reporting on how amazing these achievements are is nauseating. As everyone else reflected on the extraordinary, I would like to flip the mirror over and take an in-depth look at some of the biggest misses from this year’s NYC-based auto show.

The Worst of the 2017 New York International Auto Show

Whether you yourself need to break up the monotony of enthusiasm surrounding this year’s auto show in New York, or are simply looking to be entertained – look no further. Here is the list that no one else is talking about. The very worst of the 2017 New York International Auto Show.

  • Nissan 370z Heritage Edition: Debuting in an orangish yellow color that we haven’t seen the likes of since the late 1990s, Nissan’s sports coupe got much more wrong than it did right. For starters, the Heritage Edition of the 370Z was introduced by Nissan to celebrate the model’s 50th anniversary. Nice, right? It would be if it hadn’t done the exact same thing ten year’s prior for the car’s 40th anniversary. Isn’t Nissan aware of the fact that the internet doesn’t forget? On top of that, both special editions were from the same generation. It’s time to commit to a redesign, don’t ya think?
  • Ram Sublime Sport: This gem of a special edition pickup truck is enough to tickle your gag reflex in a way that no other vehicle can. Ram brought the Sublime Sport version of the 1500 along with a Blue Streak model to the 2017 New York Auto Show. Interestingly enough, these two pickup trucks are essentially exactly the same, aside from the difference in exterior paint color. Not only are they similar to one another, they are nearly identical to the regular-old Ram 1500 with the exception of new wheels and interior accents. An interesting and bold decision by Ram to bring these ho-hum trucks to one of the largest auto stages the world. Can you say, “BORING!”
  • Honda Clarity EV: So, get this. Honda, nearly two years after Chevy unveiled the 238-mile range electric Bolt, brought the Clarity EV sedan to the New York Auto Show. This is great, except for the fact that this sad excuse for a Bolt competitor can only travel 80 miles per charge. I’m not sure who I’m more embarrassed for. Honda, or the auto show attendees who were excited to see the Clarity EV at the Honda booth.

Hopefully, Honda, Ram, and Nissan all learn from their embarrassing mistakes and don’t repeat them at next year’s auto show. At least they gave us a good laugh.

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