Three Features That Prove Chevy is Tuned into Customers’ Requests

It’s apparent that car companies aren’t completely accounting for their customers wants and needs, as their assortment of new “features” and “capabilities” are merely included to keep up with their competitors (instead of appealing to their consumers, specifically).

Well, that certainly doesn’t apply to Chevy, as the brand is seemingly tuned into their customers’ various requests. Over the past several months, the brand has revealed several revamped systems that have been long asked for, including unlimited data plans, Spanish-oriented requests, and upgraded safety functions.

Of course, it’s hard to truly grasp how the brand is accommodating their customers without diving into each of their revisions. Below, we’ve explored some of the brand’s more innovative customer-friendly inclusions over the past several months. That way, when it’s time to start searching for Chevy dealers near you, you can anticipate the customer-friendly features that are at your disposal…


Unlimited Data

Chevy has heard their customers’ demands for more internet data, so the car brand has teamed up with AT&T to provide these individuals with an unmatched driving experience. Owners of a Chevy vehicle will now have an opportunity to add an in-vehicle OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot to their car, allowing for consistent wireless internet connection.

“With Chevrolet 4G LTE data plan sales jumping nearly 275 percent in March year-over-year, providing customers with additional choices as to where and how they buy data was important to us,” said Paul Edwards, Chevrolet’s  U.S. vice president of Marketing. “Whether you are at a job site in your Silverado or letting your family stream videos on a road trip in your Traverse, Chevrolet owners will never be far from being able to sign up for an unlimited 4G LTE data plan.”

There are a variety of reasons why customers may want wireless internet included in their new Chevy vehicle. If you find yourself constantly traveling and need to stay connected to the web, this inclusion means you don’t have to stop at random restaurants or coffee shops. It also proves the perfect worksite companion, and it obviously occupies your younger, smartphone-obsessed passengers.

“More and more car owners are seeing the benefits of unlimited data on the go,” said Joe Mosele, the vice president of Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T. “We are pleased to make this feature widely available for Chevrolet owners in our retail stores across the country. It’s now as easy as ever to sign up for in-vehicle unlimited data.”


Spanish Requests

The OnStar Automatic Crash Response system is an invaluable inclusion to Chevy’s vehicles, with the technology providing immediate contact with an advisor (and, subsequently, emergency personnel). Well, last year, the brand saw that more than 1,000 Spanish-speaking Chevy drivers have accessed the OnStar system, a 30-percent increase over the 2013 numbers. As a result, the brand has slightly revamped their system to provide easier access to Spanish-speaking advisors.

“We understand that not all Chevrolet owners speak English fluently or at all, but we didn’t want that to be an obstacle in providing them with the same service we offer all OnStar customers,” said Terry Inch, the executive director of General Motor’s Global Connected Customer Experience. “As a result, OnStar has a dedicated team of advisors who can help Spanish-speaking customers keep safe, connected and ready for the road ahead.”

Best of all, it isn’t hard for these applicable Chevy owners to request the revamped OnStar system. Customers can automatically be enrolled into the Spanish-speaking system when they initially purchase the vehicle, or they can simply request a Spanish-speaking advisor when utilizing the technology (drivers can even have this request be temporary or permanent).

“Across the board, our data tells us that Spanish-speaking customers are well-informed when it comes to in-vehicle technology,” Inch said. “In addition to using OnStar core services, we’ve seen that Spanish-speaking customers are likely to use the myChevrolet mobile app to remote start their vehicles, lock their cars and even check their vehicle’s diagnostics.”


Parents Safety Technology

Parents are constantly looking for increased security from their new vehicles, and Chevy is clearly listening to their requests. The brand recognized that backover crashes account for more than 15,000 injuries each year, with the majority of the victims being children. To help reduce the chance of this devastating accident, the brand has installed their new Surround Vision technology in the 2018 Equinox, with the system allowing owners to monitor the area surrounding their car.

“The majority of backover incidents are caused by the driver not being able to see their immediate surroundings,” says Rondell Burge, Chevrolet’s researcher of driver behavior. “When you hear about backover or frontover incidents involving parents or grandparents and their little ones, your heart sinks. It’s personal and at Chevy we want to help drivers see as much of their environment as possible to help them avoid the unthinkable. That’s where Surround Vision can help.”
Relying on exterior cameras, drivers will literally be able to monitor the happenings behind their new Chevy car. The Rear Vision Camera will provide drivers with a high-quality view of the back of their car, allowing them to anticipate any child who may suddenly appear out of nowhere. There’s even a Rear Seat Reminder, which will alert the driver of any younger children who are in the back of the car. The vehicle can also be equipped with the Teen Driver technology, which will add several restrictions to the car in an attempt to promote safe driving habits.

“I have a family and think of them often when doing my research. My wife is a driver and my three young children are passengers in our vehicles. They’re also the little ones playing in our front yard, running around having fun,” says Burge. “Technology offered on the Equinox, like Surround Vision, is designed to give drivers more tools to help them see around their vehicle before they put it in gear.”

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