Mazda3's Interior Design

The Mazda 3’s Interior Design Punches Well Above its Weight

Finding a car with a good design is important, but finding a car with a good interior design is necessary. That’s what the 2017 Mazda 3 is able to provide, and why it can punch well above its weight, and possibly get a few knock-outs on luxury cars with fancy (and much more expensive) interior designs. With redesigned elements on the inside of the cabin, the 2017 Mazda 3 will truly take your breath away. Everything from the quality of the materials to the ergonomic layout of the cabin makes it look and feel more expensive than its economy car price tag of just $17,845.

Need another reason? It has some great technology, making it feel even more upscale.

Ergonomic Layout

As soon as you slide into the Mazda 3, you’ll immediately notice just how ergonomic (user-friendly) the layout of the cabin is. Everything is in easy-to-reach places, from the knobs and switches on the center console, to the door handles. The switches on the door panels actually start low and then go high, which is much easier to blindly (or not blindly) navigate than just a flat row of buttons awkwardly spaced apart.

Sure, an ergonomic layout is a natural advantage of smaller cars. After all, the cabin isn’t as wide as say a truck or SUV. Both the driver and passenger are placed within easy reach of controls, buttons, and switches. But, that smaller amount of space can also be a curse because button and control switch placement need to feel comfortable and not cramped. Something the engineers had no issue designing with the Mazda 3, clearly.


The more comfortable you are, the easier your ride will be. The easier your ride will be, the more you can focus on the road, keeping you and everyone around you safe.

Comfort also just happens to be the Mazda 3’s middle name. Soft leather wraps around the steering wheel and shift knob, and the finish on the center control knobs are even comfortable to grab.

Don’t even get me started on the seats.

Great Technology

Of course, a huge part of luxury is represented by the different types of technology found in cars. Thankfully, the Mazda 3 is loaded with it.

Inside the cabin, Mazda’s Active Driving Display takes a different approach. Instead of being projected from a display on the windshield like most other HUDs, the Active Driving Display is a flip-up screen, rather than a straight projection. With it, you can look at the speed, cruise control settings, navigation instructions, and active-safety-system alerts. That’s a lot to cram into one display, but somehow the Mazda 3’s Active Driving Display manages to fit it all in without looking cluttered. Naturally, the display itself can be adjusted for height and brightness.

But, the Mazda 3’s technology doesn’t stop there. Additional features like Radar Cruise Control and Smart City Brake support are also available. Sure, some of these perks might cost you a bit extra, but with a price tag starting at just under $18,000, you won’t mind spending a little extra money to make your life even easier and more comfortable inside the Mazda 3.

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