A red and a white 2021 Kia Soul are parked in a lot in front of mountains.

The Many Faces of the Kia Soul

If you are looking for a vehicle that offers the comfortable ride of a midsize SUV, the affordability of a subcompact commuter car, and the style of your local modern art museum, look no further than the Kia Soul. Kia’s subcompact SUV, the Soul, has only been around since 2010, but it has managed to make its mark on the world of sports utility vehicles even in that short time period. If you want a unique vehicle that will stand out from the crowd but still need something practical and affordable, then the Kia Soul may be the car for you.

For more than a decade, the Soul has made its mark on the road with its recognizable box-shaped body. However, this box shape is more than another shipping container, and Kia adds just enough curves and edges to make the Soul feel less like a container and more like a spaceship. Just like any vehicle that attracts those who crave individuality, the Soul allows car shoppers to take their own spin on this unique vehicle and make it even more their own. This is done with the many Soul trims. In fact, the 2021 Soul has no fewer than six trim options, so even the most discerning of drivers can find a vehicle that is right for them.

Kia Soul LX

The LX is the Kia Soul’s lowest trim level. With a starting price of $17,490, this trim is pretty basic, and that’s okay because affordability is important too. The Soul LX offers just enough necessary features to make justifying this trim worthwhile. The LX comes with privacy glass, a 7-inch touch screen display with an included rear view camera, and is equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Making another nod to individuality, the Soul LX is one of the last vehicles on the road to come with a manual transmission (although an automatic is also available for those who prefer to go that route).

The black interior of a 2021 Kia Soul LX is shown.

Kia Soul S

Moving forward, we’ve got the Kia Soul S. The Soul S adds a few exciting safety features, including lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, and blind spot detection. The S also comes with rear cross-traffic alert and basic cruise control features. These safety features work together to keep your vehicle safely on the road and prevent many common types of accidents. Additionally, the Soul S comes with a power-adjustable driver seat so that you no longer have to bend over and tug at an annoying bar in order to move your seat as well as other interior comforts.

Although the Soul S does not have a manual transmission option, that means it comes standard with Kia’s intelligent variable transmission (IVT). This technology does not have fixed gear ratios. Instead, it varies its gear ratio to keep your engine running at its optimum speed no matter how fast you are going. When your vehicle has an IVT, you will experience a smoother and more comfortable ride while simultaneously achieving better gas mileage. With this technology, the 2021 Soul is rated for up to 25 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway.

Kia Soul GT-Line

Third on the line-up of Kia Soul trims, we have the GT-Line. This trim offers drivers even more unique features, such as a power sunroof that comes complete with a sunshade (you know, to prevent rear passengers from being blinded). The GT-Line comes with all the safety features of the Kia Soul S while adding another level of edginess. This edginess comes in the form of a leather-wrapped steering wheel, fancy black and silver exterior trimmings, and eye-catching red accents. Of course, all this is topped off with some stunning 18-inch GT-Line alloy wheels.

Kia Soul X-Line

The Kia Soul X-Line takes the Soul’s S trim and moves it away from the sportiness of the GT-Line, instead bringing in some other unique features. Roof rails, fog lights, and optional two-tone paint make the X-Line really stand out from the crowd while still being functionally useful. After all, while you might not find a fancy red stripe to be very practical, those roof rails will come in handy next time you overpack for a road trip, and those fog lights will sure be nice next time you find yourself driving in low visibility conditions. But of course, the X-Line still brings some exterior creativity with its own black and silver accents and trimmings. With a starting MSRP of $21,690, which is incidentally the same as the GT-Line, the X-Line Soul is still conveniently affordable.

Kia Soul EX

If the power sunroof of the GT-Line drew your eye, you will like what the Kia Soul EX has to offer. The EX also comes with a power sunroof but takes it up a notch by adding a smart key that offers options such as remote start and push-button start. If you’re into comfort and luxury, the EX has got your back there too. The Kia Soul EX provides driver seats with 10-way lumbar support, heated front seats, and dual-zone climate control. When you’ve got a significant other whose taste in air temperature is quite different from your own, this dual-zone climate control feature is the kind of thing that can save a relationship.

The Soul EX upgrades the infotainment system from the 7-inch display up to a 10.25-inch display so the driver and front passenger can more easily manipulate apps and settings while staying safely buckled. And speaking of staying safely buckled, the Soul EX comes with a spot for a phone to be wirelessly charged so that you don’t have to worry about fumbling with a corded charger while sitting at a stoplight. These are the kinds of features that take the Kia Soul’s charming character and bring in a whole new world of functionality.

Kia Soul Turbo

A red 2021 Kia Soul Turbo is driving on a desert road.

Finally, we’ve got the Kia Soul Turbo. The most expensive trim option, the Turbo, starts at $27,550, which still keeps the Kia Soul at an attainable price point, especially when contrasted to other comparable vehicles. However, that affordable price conceals an entire collection of fancy features.

First, there’s the turbocharged engine that gives the Soul up to 201 horsepower, all without destroying fuel economy. The IVT is also replaced with a sportier 7-speed speed dual-clutch transmission with steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters that allow drivers to easily shift up and down gears with the mere twitch of a finger. The safety features that we saw in other trims come standard in the Turbo, but also with the addition of smart cruise control, which will intelligently read the speed of cars in front of you and adjust your Soul’s speed accordingly.

The Kia Soul Turbo comes with beautiful synthetic leather seats and interior trimmings, as well as a heated steering wheel. The Turbo still offers that wonderful sunroof we saw in previous trim options, but you will also find upgraded LED headlights and foglights. And, of course, the Kia Soul Turbo comes with a premium Harman Kardon audio system with mood lighting. This mood lighting will give Kia drivers a party-like feel as the speakers light up and seemingly dance along to the music. And with the heads-up display, drivers can see the statistics and settings that are most important without ever taking their eyes off the road.

Find Your Kia Soul Today

As you can see, whether you’re into basic and affordable or edgy and club-like, there is a Kia Soul trim for you. Each of these trims brings its own distinct feel to the road, thus making the Soul the perfect vehicle for drivers who just want to feel comfortable in their own skin. If you are tired of trying to fit in with the status quo, then this is definitely a vehicle you need to consider.

If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank, then perhaps it’s time to take a look at the Kia Soul. With prices and options for every budget, there is sure to be a Soul that will truly speak to you. So what are you waiting for? Go find your Kia Soul today!