A red 2020 Ram 2500 Limited is parked in a misty field.

The Limited: The Best Heavy Duty Ram Money Can Buy

Not much has changed from the 2019 Ram 2500 except for a few new colors and exterior packages. That is not to say the 2020 Ram 2500 trucks don’t bring anything impressive to the party. The Cummins engine, in all its varieties, has been thoroughly tested and had the bugs worked out in recent years and new technology inside and out makes the fifth generation of Ram heavy-duty trucks as reliable as they are powerful. There are tons of options and trim levels with basic trims starting around $33,000 and super deluxe trims with all the bells and whistles getting closer to $90,000. There is a lot of room in between for you to customize your Ram 2500 to suit your needs.

Among the creme de la creme of Ram 2500 is the Limited. With the right options, the Limited 2500 can let you haul an incredible amount of weight, as much as 19,680 lbs. It can also provide the kind of comfort and style to make you never want to step out of the cab. The Limited Mega Cab 4WD is a high-level trim that provides top-notch power, unbeatable strength, and enough creature comforts to make you and your passengers feel like they are being driven to the Oscars.

A few disclaimers, this build is going to be a pricey one that gets up to around $80,000. This obviously isn’t going to fit everyone’s budget. It does show just how customizable, versatile, and potentially powerful the 2020 Ram 2500 can be if given room to run with all its ponies. It should go without saying that if you don’t need the raw power that a heavy duty is going to give you, it may not be the right fit for you. The Limited with some of the options we present is definitely one that is built with work in mind. With that out of the way, let us begin.

A Heavy Duty Titan

A grey 2020 Ram 2500 Limited is driving past fields.

Even at a base trim, the Ram 2500 comes standard with a 6.4L V8 Hemi engine. This comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The base Limited can get 410 horsepower at 5,600RPM.

If we are trying to get as much haul and heft as we can out of our 2020 Ram heavy duty we can push it a little more. You can opt for a more expensive Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel I6 engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. This engine runs at 370 horsepower with 850 lb-ft. of torque.

With this engine option, our 2500 can pull close to 20,000 lbs! You won’t just be able to haul your trailer, you will be able to haul the entire campsite. This diesel engine is built for heavy lifting and hard work, and at this size the EPA does not require Ram to publish actual fuel efficiency numbers. With some testing, you can expect to get something around 16 MPG with this engine option.

With all that power, if you aren’t ready or used to how a truck that size handles, you may be in for a challenge. The Ram 1500 as a light pickup, makes up for having less power with a smoother rider and greater handling. The 2500 lacks those advantages. It can maneuver around town without an issue, but you should be prepared to oversteer and make long turns. It won’t be winning any drift races by a long shot.

A Kingly Truck

The 2500 is a no-holds-barred heavy duty work truck. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without some serious style. This thing screams heft from the in-your-face, blocky grill and curved hood all the way down its sides with power steps (thank goodness, this truck is tall) and up to an 8ft-long bed. On the 2500 you can go with a single cab option for drivers interested in something more pragmatic and business focused. This is going to reduce weight and focus more on hauling cargo and less on hauling passengers. However, the 2500 also offers a crew cab for extra passenger space and an even larger mega cab.

The mega cab is where you get into some next level comfort and luxury. For our Limited build, we will be going with the extravagant mega cab option. The back is massive and roomy with three comfortable seats that can even recline behind the pillar! This is the kind of comfort that you might expect in a high-level SUV or luxury car, so it is pretty spectacular to see it in one of the most powerful heavy duty pickups on the market. The inside isn’t just spacious, it is down right opulent.

As you lean back in the reclined front seat, looking out the optional sunroof, you’ll feel like you’re lounging in a Tesla and forget you’re in a 10,000 lb. truck. The leather seats are soft and will make you think twice before hopping inside with pants stained with drywall dust and paint. The entire dash is detailed to delight with leather and wood panels framing the 12” tablet-style touch screen infotainment center. All along the inside, you’ll find high-quality materials from the armrests to the door panels with custom stitching and contrast edges. The whole package gives a distinct sense of comfort.

The details on the center console inside the 2020 Ram 2500 Limited are shown.


The emperor of heavy duty trucks would not be complete in 2020 without some of the best tech available. There are lots of options available, and one of the coolest new features for the Ram 2500’s is the all-new 12” touchscreen infotainment center. A lot of old school Ram drivers see this and freak out. They don’t like having basic necessities behind menus.

That is totally fair, but fret not, traveler. Things like volume and climate control still come with physical knobs so there is a balance between the digital and analogue in the cabin. On the screen you can access everything with big, easily customizable buttons for navigation, connectivity, and more view cameras than you can possibly know what to do with. With a truck as big as these new Ram 2500’s, the wide selection of backup and turning cameras could be a life saver.

On top of that, you have a great digital display between your RPM and speed gauge with steering wheel mounted controls for some of the menus and options also available on the center console. To top it all off, you have manual gear switch buttons on the wheel at the touch of a finger as well as a nice, meaty gear selector, which comes with a premium leather stitched detail on the Limited trim.

Big Money, Bigger Truck

The Limited trim of the 2020 Ram 2500 is at the top of its class for heavy duty and can’t be beat when it comes to hauling performance and interior comfort. You will be hard-pressed to find a more luxurious ride combined with the sheer force that the Ram provides even in the toughest competition like the Ford Super Duty and Chevy Silverado. If you have the extra cheddar to drop on not only the most powerful Ram but also the nicest looking and feeling one, the Limited has your name all over it. Not only will you be able to roll up to the Yacht club like a boss, you just might be able to tow away the marina.