A teal 1970 Datsun 510 is shown from the front on a red background.

The History of Nissan and Its Dealerships

For decades, Nissan vehicles of all different models have made a name as trusted and reliable cars that offer power, performance, luxury, and excellence in general. It could be said, however, that the aforementioned trust and reliability is not just exclusive to Nissan vehicles but also extends to Nissan dealers as well, all of which follow the Nissan traditions of offering quality vehicles, excellent customer service and satisfaction, and always giving back to their communities. Nissan dealers are everywhere, and wherever you are in the country, there’s sure to be one that offers the same quality and class that is par for the course with every branch across the nation. Nissan dealerships are special places, and there is a rich history and cultural significance behind these establishments. Let’s take a look at what makes Nissan dealerships so distinct and special.

The Rich History of Nissan Dealerships

Being a foreign manufacturer that got its start in Japan, Nissan was, unsurprisingly, not as early to the American scene as other domestic companies. The first Nissan dealership was opened in California in 1958, then under the name Datsun. At the time, Datsun sold smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles that offered an alternative to larger, less efficient vehicles that dominated the American market at the time. Immediately upon the company’s emergence in the American market, Datsun made a name for itself as selling the most compact and efficient vehicles anyone could get, perfect for consumers of the time who were searching more and more for cars that were less heavy duty and more modest in size.

Time went on, and Datsun made a name for itself, constantly innovating and providing vehicles that were sleek and effective for the American people. Did you know during this time that Nissan (then Datsun) offered particular innovations for trucks in the late ’50s and ’60s? During this time, they effectively coined the compact truck, offering an assortment of compact half-tons and pickups that were nimble and efficient without compromising power.

With these innovations and continued reliable track record, Datsun’s influence expanded, and by the time the 1970s rolled around, they were one of the fastest-growing foreign car brands in the United States, with over 600 dealerships nationwide. That’s a competitive number, even by today’s standards! As time went on and Datsun became a staple in the American automotive industry, a change in branding seemed to be a good move in the interest of keeping things fresh. When the ’80s came about, Datsun officially changed its name to Nissan, consolidating its various brands under one name.

Today, Nissan’s scope and influence on the American automotive industry is as widespread as ever. With over 1,000 dealerships nationwide, Nissan touts the largest dealer network of any foreign car manufacturer. Nissan’s humble beginnings as a Japanese car company trying to make it in the United States evokes the sense that their story is that of an underdog, and back in the ’50s, that was certainly true. Now, Nissan is anything but. With its widespread, trusted influence, Nissan serves as an example that any car company can make it big as long as they are as dedicated to providing exemplary vehicles and service as they are.

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Philanthropy – Nissan Gives Back

Throughout its history, Nissan dealers have also set a high standard for vehicle providers putting their community first. Throughout the country, Nissan dealerships are known for being traditionally generous and philanthropic, always looking for an opportunity to show their appreciation for their community and give back, oftentimes supporting organizations and charities that help the places they call home to thrive and prosper. Whether it be libraries, museums, hospitals, or education funds, Nissan dealers frequently offer generous resources to outlets that make the world a better place. Across the entire United States, Nissan has donated over $13 million to countless organizations that are able to educate, offer help, and even save lives because of Nissan’s contributions. For thirty years, the Nissan Foundation, Nissan’s very own charity foundation, has worked through dealerships across the country to help build communities and ensure they thrive and prosper.

Nissan dealers even help to promote healthy lifestyles and sportsmanship by supporting and sponsoring local sports teams in their communities, helping to ensure teams across the country have the best possible equipment and resources to get out there and enjoy their favorite games, inspiring youth everywhere to live healthy lives. Additionally, these dealers also often support environmental initiatives. Nissan being a big believer in the power of electric vehicles and automobiles that run on clean energy never misses an opportunity to align itself with efforts that help the planet, and this extends to its dealers nationwide. Nissan has made large strides and commitments to electric vehicles and clean energy, so Nissan dealerships are always looking for the opportunity to engage with initiatives that further these efforts.

Satisfaction – Nissan Dealers and High-Class Service

Throughout its history in the United States, Nissan has been known for their top-notch quality in vehicles and philanthropy, and this quality extends profoundly to customer service. Whether you’re at a dealer in Wyoming or New Jersey, Nissan is committed to always leaving customers happy and satisfied, regardless of whether they end up purchasing a vehicle. Nissan dealerships everywhere value the ideals of dedication, hard work, and exemplary service, offering the highest and best care and attention to detail on all fronts, whether you’re in the process of purchasing a vehicle or getting it serviced.

Nissan dealers are always eager to help with whatever the customer needs, and they believe that the most important thing at the end of the day is that people who walk through their doors have the best possible Nissan experience on all fronts. It is for these reasons that Nissan dealerships are widely heralded as providers of a unique and positive experience when it comes to purchasing and servicing vehicles, offering a one-of-a-kind consumer experience that other brands could learn a lot from. If you’re looking for a dealer that can offer you exemplary vehicles, satisfying customer service, and a unique and positive experience overall, you’ll probably want to consider visiting your local Nissan dealership.

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A Quality Brand Distributed by Top-Notch Dealers

Nissan dealers are dedicated to offering the very best service, care, and satisfaction for customers from all walks of life, continuing the company’s tradition of excellence on all fronts that were established from its outset. Nissan’s rich history makes them a staple in the American automotive industry, serving as an example of a car company that sees itself as more than just a car company but also as a resource for its community and a provider of an unmatched customer experience. Its accolades, awarded by consumers and those at the top of the automotive field, prove that they are among the highest echelons when it comes to customer satisfaction and superior service.

From humble beginnings to making a name for itself to being one of the nation’s leading car companies, Nissan leads by example and sets a high bar of quality and dedication for dealerships all across the United States and even the world. Innovation and excellent service have always been the core tenets of Nissan’s values, and its affiliated dealerships across the country work hard to maintain those values, all while providing services for their customers and communities that leave them better than they were before.