A close up of the Chevy badge on a 2023 Chevy Traverse is shown.

The Different Editions (and One Trim) of the Chevy Traverse

So you need a vehicle that has three rows of seating but don’t want to be stuck driving around something that is boring and looks like a minivan. That’s where the Chevy Traverse comes in. The Traverse has plenty of room to fit up to eight people or up to 98.2 cubic feet of cargo volume, and it has the added bonus of being a sleek-looking SUV that won’t make you feel embarrassed when you drive it into the city on a date night. The Chevy Traverse is not only comfortable, but fun to drive, quite affordable, and has many options in regards to trim levels, special editions, and accessories.

If you are the type of person who wants a vehicle that really matches your personality, you’ll need to check out the line of special edition Traverse models. You have the choice between the Midnight Edition, Sport Edition, Redline Edition, and RS trim (plus a few other trims not included in this list). Are you ready to take a peek into what makes the Traverse so special? Let’s take a look at what brings customers back to Chevy over and over again. By the end, you’ll understand what each edition offers and which one would be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. Though some of these are heavier on aesthetics and some on performance features, they’re all excellent choices for you and your family.

A black 2023 Chevy Traverse Midnight Edition is shown driving on a city street.

Chevy Traverse Midnight Edition

The 2023 Chevy Traverse Midnight Edition is shiny, sleek, and superior in appearance to other family vehicles. Instead of looking tired, worn down, and slow, the spry Traverse Midnight Edition brings its A-game to the street. The Mosaic Black Metallic exterior comes complete with a black grille, nameplate badges, and black AWD badges on models that have AWD. The black motif continues with the roof rails, wheels, wheel caps, and the classic Chevrolet bowties. The all-black exterior and accents help make the Traverse stand out while also allowing it to be subtle and unobtrusive, especially when driving in a busy metropolis.

If you’re more into the aesthetics of a vehicle and less interested in the gizmos and gadgets and inner workings, then the Midnight Edition might appeal to you. Many drivers like to personalize their vehicles, and with editions like this, it’s easy to see why. The small touches bring the Traverse’s styling up a notch, and while it might have to function as a family vehicle, it won’t ever look like it, at least on the outside.

Chevy Traverse Sport Edition

The 2023 Traverse Sport Edition shares some aesthetic similarities with the Midnight Edition, including the black grille, black-painted aluminum wheels, black roof rails, and of course, the iconic Chevrolet “bowtie” emblems in black. Unlike the Midnight Edition, the Sport Edition comes in a wide range of colors, including Sterling Gray Metallic, Radiant Red Tintcoat, and Iridescent Pearl Tricoat. So if you love the black accents but don’t want to be locked into an all-black SUV, the Sport Edition is the way to go.

The Sport Edition is available for the LS, LT Cloth, and LT Leather trims. That means not only are you getting a more unique look, but you’re also able to choose whether you want to get the base-level trim or a higher one. The LS is more affordable and still comes with a bunch of standard safety features, while the LT trims have available second-row captain’s chairs, heated exterior mirrors, and more driver-assist features, among several other upgrades. If you go with the LT leather, you’ll get the additional perks of heated front seats, a power rear liftgate, and a power-adjustable front passenger seat. The Chevy Traverse Sport Edition is more of a performance vehicle than the Midnight Edition, so if you’re looking for something snazzy that can keep up with the big boys, look no further than this special edition.

A red 2023 Chevy Traverse RS is shown driving on an underpass.

Chevy Traverse RS

RS stands for “Rally Sport,” and if you’re looking for an exciting SUV that can perform in rallies and still drive the family to the pizza parlor on a Friday night, the 2023 Traverse RS is for you. Unlike the other special editions on this list, the RS is a trim all its own rather than an appearance package. However, that doesn’t stop this model from having a street-smart style that is sure to make others jealous.

What do you get with the RS trim? Well, the RS is built to look sportier, driver sportier, and feel sportier. It has exclusive badging and rides on larger, sleek-looking 20-inch dark-painted aluminum wheels. The RS is a higher level trim, which means that you’ll look like you’ll get to enjoy a luxurious leather interior, with comfort features like the standard heated leather-wrapped steering wheel and front seats.

The RS combines the darker look of the Midnight and Sport Edition with the luxe detailing of the higher trim levels. The black roof rails and bowties make a return, along with a black grille, window molding, and badging. The RS truly is the best of both worlds, with an emphasis on performance styling and a host of luxury features that will make you glad to have to run the kids to all of their various after-school activities. If you really want something that stands out in a crowd, the RS is the model for you.

Chevy Traverse Redline Edition

The 2023 Traverse Redline is similar to the Midnight and Sport Editions in that it is an appearance-oriented package. Available for the Premier trim, the Redline Edition is characterized by its sleek red and black accents. Black elements include the door handles, mirror caps, wheels, grille, window surround, badging and bowties, roof rails, and license plate applique. Many of these features also include red accents to make them pop and really add an edge to the overall styling.

The other two big things that make this edition so special are the trailering equipment and the Dual SkyScape two-panel power sunroof. Though the name of the edition might fool you into believing that it’s just about the aesthetics, this edition packs a bit more oomph than the others. With trailering equipment, you can bring along a small camper to set up a family vacation in the wild outdoors or take some fun toys to the mountains and lake during the summer. While you’re on the way to your designated location, you can begin to enjoy the outdoors by utilizing the Dual Skyscape two-panel power sunroof, which can make even the most cramped interior feel spacious, and with how much roominess the Traverse possesses, it’s almost like you’re out in the open already.

As far as performance features go, the Traverse has plenty no matter what trim level or special edition you decide on, but for the ultimate performance features, comfortable interior, and flexibility, I’d say your best bet would be the Redline Edition. You’ll get some aesthetic touches, the ability to tow, and plenty of luxurious features like the dual sunroof. You’ll be the envy of every driver within viewing distance.

Don’t Settle for Boring: Get an Exciting Special Edition

The Chevy Traverse is incredibly comfortable, has plenty of room for all your equipment, gear, and toys, and has all the amenities and features a family could want, no matter which version of it you have. However, if you like your vehicle to have a little more style and flair, you are going to want to check out the special editions. For those with a darker side who want something sleek, the Midnight or Redline Editions are the way to go. If you want to embrace your more performance-oriented side, then the Sport Edition or RS trim are for you. So, which Chevy Traverse will you be buying?