A grey 2022 Honda Pilot is shown from the rear while being loaded after leaving a dealer that had a Honda Pilot for sale.

Family Friendly Advantages of the 2022 Honda Pilot

Being a family-oriented consumer is one of the most challenging positions one can possibly find themselves in. This is nowhere more apparent than when evaluating the purchases families must make to maintain a consistent, convenient quality of life. When it comes to the items the family-oriented consumer must purchase, the most important factor for many products is practicality: a house that’s affordable and not too extravagant; food that balances nutrition and taste; and, most importantly, a method of transportation that’s reliable, safe, and has all the necessary comforts and space for family activities.

The Honda Pilot was therefore made with you in mind—with all the features, cargo space, and even a zippy powertrain that takes the monotony out of your daily commute. Today, I’ll be taking a close look at the family-friendly attributes of this SUV to help you make an informed decision. Is this vehicle ideal for you? Should you go out of your way to find a Honda Pilot for sale near you?

It’s NOT a Minivan

First and foremost, practicality is one thing; not having an eyesore to drive each day is another. The paradigm of the ideal family vehicle has changed quite a bit in recent decades. It seems like only yesterday when the only options for the discerning family existed in the form of either a station wagon or minivan. While these were good choices for the time period, we’ve progressed quite a bit since then. The modern family needs a modern vehicle, and the SUV has become the solution for the family who needs both extra space and safety—without the clumsiness.

For those of you who have a keen eye for style and an affection for aesthetics that hasn’t dwindled with age and responsibility, you’ll be pleased with the sleek design of the Pilot. Curvaceous and attractive, this is a far cry from the box-shaped minivans of old and more stylish than the Honda Odyssey.

A blue 2022 Honda Pilot is shown parked on a lakeshore.

Interior Motives

One of the priorities that many families have with the vehicles they purchase is space: an interior that’s agreeable to children and adults alike. Luckily, the Pilot checks all of the necessary boxes in this respect. For those of you behind the wheel, you’ll find that everything is strategically placed to be within arms’ reach. The controls of the vehicle and features that are accessible via the available 8” infotainment screen are quite literally at your fingertips. This will ensure you keep your eyes on the road—although we can’t do anything about your driver’s seat being kicked by back passengers of the shorter variety.

Seating in the Pilot is both ample and spacious. There are two options that Honda offers, both of which are advantageous depending upon your family’s size and seating requirements. For maximum company, two rows of bench seats bring the Pilot up to an eight-person seating capacity. Those who wish to can forgo the middle bench seat and replace it with two captain’s chairs. This brings down the seating capacity to seven but certainly maximizes comfort and accessibility.

When it comes to activities such as science fairs and trips to the grocery store, you’ll have more than enough room for both—possibly at the same time. As the roomiest SUV in the Honda fleet, the storage space that the Pilot has is quite generous. An available 82 to 83 cu.ft. of space is more than sufficient to help carry the burdens of family life.

Entertainment, Infotainment, and Keeping the Young Ones Occupied

Family road trips are a rite of passage. While this might be the case, younger passengers tend to be impatient and lack the virtue of sitting still for lengthy periods. Fear not, noble parents: the Pilot is one of the few SUVs that’s specially formulated for the modern family. The Touring edition of the Pilot has a rear entertainment system guaranteed to keep the young ones occupied when traveling long distances.

Of course, there are also plenty of additional features to make the trip easier on the adults, too. Standard across all trim levels is the capability to stream audio via Bluetooth and compatibility with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Connect your phone to access your favorite entertainment apps like Apple Music, Amazon Podcasts, or Audible. The base trim has front and center console USB ports, with the upper trim featuring front, center, and 2nd row USB connectivity.

Unlike rivals such as the Kia Telluride, the Pilot has standard tri-zone climate control. This means everyone on your road trip can set the temperature perfectly to their personal comfort level. A built-in Wi-Fi hotspot means there’s never an issue with connectivity—and if you opt for navigation, this is an absolute necessity.

A white 2022 Honda Pilot is shown from the front at an angle on a city street.

Safety and Driving Assistance Features

Now that we’ve taken the time to explore some of the aesthetics, comfort, and technology in the Honda Pilot, it’s time to hold a magnifying glass to the most important aspect of any family vehicle: safety. Taking a look across the scope of the automotive industry, I quickly realized that many safety and driving assistance features bear a close resemblance to one another. So, the question becomes not what’s available from each individual manufacturer but what comes standard across the varying trim levels.

For the family-oriented consumer, the upper trim levels might be out of their price range. As such, a manufacturer making more features available on lower trims speaks to their commitment to their customers. Honda is just such a manufacturer. From the base level forward, Honda makes a plethora of features standard, dispelling the notion that safety should come with a price tag.

The base trim of the Honda Pilot comes equipped with Honda Sensing. This is a suite of features that encompasses the very best in safety and driving assistance. This includes a collision mitigation braking system, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assistance. Many manufacturers don’t make this much available on their entry-level trim—another reason why Honda offers more to their drivers for more peace of mind.

Also standard across all trims is a multi-angle rearview camera. This ensures safety when backing up, which is where a great many collisions take place. Upper Trims have parking sensors for added protection. These features, while certainly put in place to grant drivers peace of mind and assist in their daily commute, do not do the work for you. Keeping your family safe on the road starts and ends with you . . . and the highly effective habits of a responsible driver.

Family Friendly and Faithful

Having a family carries with it a great deal of responsibility. Ensuring their safety and well-being isn’t something you do once and forget about as you go about your day. Making sure they’re properly taken care of is a full-time occupation. Having a method of transportation that can assist you in this is half the battle when it comes to their quality of life.

A vehicle such as the 2022 Honda Pilot might be an excellent choice for your family’s daily life. Your local Honda dealership might not be able to do anything about the college fund, but they can help you make that family road trip safer and more enjoyable.