A red 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2 is shown from the front at an angle.

The Best Midsize Trucks for Your Money

Midsize trucks hit the sweet spot between impressive capabilities and easy handling, which makes them some of the most popular trucks on the road, the trails, the job site, and beyond. They’re capable enough to handle heavy loads without needing a full-size or heavy-duty option while also offering plenty of maneuverability, making them appealing to those who may need a comfortable commuter instead of a hulking workhorse.

Many drivers opt to buy used trucks because they can find the model with all the bells and whistles they require for far less money than shiny new models that just hit the showroom floor. When passing by your local used truck dealer, you may begin to wonder about some of the best midsize trucks you can buy used, and we’ve got a few favorites to share with you.

The Chevy Colorado: A Truck With Many Talents

Need a truck to handle tough work on the job site? Maybe you’re looking to head to the trails for the weekend, or maybe you need the ultimate commuter vehicle. The Chevy Colorado can do it all, with its favorable size, making it effortless to maneuver down packed interstates, and remarkable power, allowing it to complete daunting work tasks. It’s this level of handling, power, and agility that makes the Colorado what it is; one of the best midsize trucks on the market. What drivers love about this truck is its adventuring potential, with its ZR2 model able to transport you to faraway lands, navigating mud, rocks, and other rough terrains with finesse, while showcasing an ultra-durable build designed for the elements.

Choosing models from 2021 and newer will allow drivers to harness exciting design enhancements, especially with its off-road-ready ZR2 model. A new intimidating front end and bright red tow hooks make this thrilling truck even more distinctive than ever. The Colorado is a fabulous midsize truck with a slew of high-performing powertrains, plenty of trims to choose from, and top-notch features you can only find in a Chevy.

A green 2021 Toyota Tacoma is shown from the front while driving through sand after leaving a used truck dealer.

The Toyota Tacoma: A True Crowd-Pleaser

It’s been one of the best-selling trucks on the market for years, and for a good reason. The Toyota Tacoma is reliable, capable, and durable, making it a winner when tackling any task, from off-roading to hard work, the everyday drive, and more. Its ruggedness propels it to new heights off-road, with its TRD models from the most recent model years providing it with the capabilities it needs to handle some of the most challenging environments in existence. From a high stance to exceptional approach and departure angles, the Tacoma is well-equipped to crawl over rocks, cascade down muddy trails, and amplify thrills during any adventure.

When it’s not navigating the trails, the Tacoma is a dedicated traveler that showcases a comfortable ride, plus exciting power, thanks to its capable V6 engine. It can act as a trusted commuter with a fuel-efficient engine and a variety of helpful safety and driver-assist features to make the drive better in every way. The Tacoma is a beloved member of the Toyota family, the Golden Retriever of pickup trucks, if you will because it was born to please.

The Nissan Frontier: A Bold Traveler

Perhaps what makes the Nissan Frontier so exciting is the unveiling of its third generation for the 2022 model year, and when it comes to finding a great used truck, models from this all-new generation are it. With better handling and suspension, more responsive steering, unstoppable off-road talent, and above all else, a more modern design, the Frontier stops you in your tracks. From Zero Gravity seats to innovative tech like a 9-inch infotainment touchscreen, the Nissan Frontier has finally joined its peers in the modern truck segment. The thing about the Frontier, though, is that you don’t have to choose its newest generation to be impressed. The Frontier has been a dedicated workmate, reliable everyday traveler, and exciting adventurer for years, despite being vastly unchanged for over 16 years prior to its latest redesign.

No matter which model year is in question, you’ll find that the ride inside this midsize favorite is controlled, precise, and dependable. It’s a trusted workhorse, off-road thriller, and dutiful driver, which makes the Frontier one of the best midsize trucks you can buy. Now that it’s armed with the most power in its class with its cunning V6 engine, plus unbeatable off-road capabilities, thanks to its Pro-4X model, the Nissan Frontier has established itself as a true icon in the industry.

A white 2022 GMC Canyon AT4 is shown from the front while off-road.

The GMC Canyon: An Upscale Superstar

Many drivers know that if they want to harness elegance and capabilities in one vehicle, a GMC model is sure to deliver. The midsize Canyon is a perfect example of this, with a level of luxury not found in many rivals, especially its alluring Denali models, which feature premium materials and a refined aura about them that can’t be ignored. There are many similarities between the GMC Canyon and the Chevy Colorado, including their engine options; however, where the Canyon differs is the sophistication that emanates out of every aspect of this standout truck. Opting for the Denali models will add features like leather-appointed seating, heated and ventilated seats, unique Denali badging, and sleek, sculpted detailing on its exterior, especially in newer used models from 2021 and 2022.

An excellent ride quality, accentuated by precise handling and control, sets this midsize pickup apart from the rest. For those searching for a posh experience behind the wheel, the GMC Canyon will certainly deliver this, along with plenty of attitude and talent on the road and off. Opting for its famed AT4 models will deliver immense off-road excitement, with rugged features and capabilities designed to excel on the trails.

The Ford Ranger: A Revitalized Favorite

Making its re-debut in 2019, the Ford Ranger quickly stole the scene with its lively and capable engine, athletic appearance, and a slew of tech features to add value to the drive. Excelling off-road, with a Terrain Management System, e-locking front and rear differentials, high ground clearance, and more rugged elements, the Ford Ranger is a top pick for adventurous drivers. Opting for an available tow package will allow the Ranger to tow with confidence, making this midsize marvel popular with those who want a truck that’s capable yet easy to handle. Any Ranger model will offer the power and durability drivers are looking for, which makes the Ranger a true legend in the industry and a great option when shopping on the used market.

A blue 2019 Ford Ranger is shown from the front at an angle.

The Honda Ridgeline: A Standout Icon

You can always tell a Ridgeline when you see one, especially with its unique design and confident demeanor. That’s why it’s one of the best midsize trucks you can buy. It can perform tough duties on the job site, handle itself with poise on the highway, and deliver unmatched Honda reliability to every facet of your travels. Built on the same chassis as the Odyssey minivan and rugged Passport SUV, the Ridgeline quickly captures your attention.

Its unibody design not only offers intense control and exceptional handling but it also gives it a look that is undoubtedly Ridgeline. Plenty of practicality resides in this capable machine, including an available weather-proof cargo area in its bed plus a multi-directional tailgate. With the ability to swing out or drop down, this tailgate not only adds to the Ridgeline’s unique appeal but also makes loading and unloading even easier, no matter what you’re attempting to haul.

Midsize Show Stoppers

So, there you have it; our list of the top performers in the midsize truck category. From the fan-favorite Tacoma to the elegant Canyon, the versatile Colorado to the distinct Ridgeline, there’s an option for virtually every type of truck driver here. The next time you’re passing by your local used truck dealer, take a quick glance at the lot and see what outstanding midsize models reside within. You’ll find that midsize trucks offer the ideal blend of practicality, power, and precision, which makes them some of the most popular trucks on the market.