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The Benefits of Going to a Chevy Dealership

There are plenty of ways to buy a new or used car these days – you can go to a local dealership, find a broker, or even buy a car on-line. There are also plenty of ways to finance your next car with different credit unions and other lenders providing the funds for a lease or loan. The same goes for servicing a car, with service centers springing up like mushrooms after a spring rain. While there are plenty of options for buying a car, financing the purchase, and getting routine maintenance and repairs, not all options are as good as the others. This is where your local Chevy Dealer comes into play.

Only a Chevy Dealer can be counted on to have the model, trim, and features you want on a new Chevy car, truck, or SUV. Only a Chevy Dealer is eligible for the Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned program. Only a Chevy Dealer can offer technicians who are Chevrolet Certified Service experts to maintain and repair your vehicle. And only a Chevy Dealer can get you the great financing options offered by GM Financial. You can go to anyone you want, but don’t expect the level of service, expertise, conscientiousness, and options that you will find at a Chevy Dealership.

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Finding Your Next Chevy

Chevrolet has one of the most comprehensive lineups of cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market today. Chevy SUVs include the Trailblazer, Trax, Blazer, Traverse, Equinox, and the new editions of the Tahoe and Suburban. Only a Chevy Dealer can get you behind the wheel of the latest model with the trim, features, and colors that you desire. These new SUVs will be in high demand, so going to a Chevy dealership is your best bet to get exactly what you want.

That is because no one can match a Chevy dealer for the breadth of variety in the inventory of new Chevy vehicles. If you want performance, Chevy gives you the choice of a front-engine Camaro and mid-engine Corvette. These are two of the most affordable performance cars on the market, but good luck finding them at an on-line broker. The same goes for the Chevy Bolt EV, an all-electric hatchback that is as innovative and dependable as its looks are unique.

Chevy also has some of the most luxurious and drivable sedans and coupes on the market today. Whether you are in the market for a Chevy Spark compact, a Sonic hatchback, a midsize Malibu, or a fully-loaded luxury Impala, your Chevy dealership is ready for models to test drive so that you can get behind the wheel of a sedan, coupe or hatchback that you will love to drive. When you’re in the market for a truck, Chevy has you covered with the Silverado 1500, Silverado HD, and Colorado. Each of these trucks has the rugged look you desire and performance that can’t be beaten, with strong towing and payload capacity, solid fuel efficiency, and comfortable cabs for you and the crew.

Chevy trucks have the most options for you between cab designs, payload sizes, engine options, and trims. By going to a Chevy dealership, you can make sure that you get the truck with the engine capability, configuration, and trim that you need to get the job done. With so many options to choose from, your authorized Chevy dealership can help you navigate the process so you can drive out happy in your next Chevy truck.

Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned is Not Just Another Used Car

You can buy a used car from pretty much anyone. Sure, you’ll get a car, but will you get peace of mind? By purchasing a Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned car, truck, or SUV, you will leave knowing that you are getting the best used Chevy vehicle out there today. Keep in mind that only a Chevy Dealer can offer you a Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.

It starts with a rigorous selection process. Only Chevy vehicles that are, at most, 6-years old and have less than 75,000 vehicle miles are eligible for the Certified Pre-Owned program. The vehicle must also have a clean title report and pass a vehicle history report from CARFAX. Next, the vehicle will undergo a comprehensive 172-point inspection covering all the interior, exterior, automotive, operational, and systems on the car, truck, or SUV. If the technician spots any issues, repairs will be made before the car can pass. In addition, the dealer will complete all open safety recalls.

Once the certified pre-owned Chevy is ready for the market, Chevrolet will offer a number of excellent benefits. These include a new 6-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty and a 12-month/12,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. This is in addition to any remaining time or mileage left on the original factory warranty. Chevy also gives free roadside assistance for your Certified Pre-Owned Chevy vehicle if you encounter any difficulties during the limited powertrain warranty.

There are other benefits of buying a Certified Pre-Owned Chevy as well. Each vehicle comes with a free CARFAX vehicle history report so you can find out all you need about the car, including maintenance history, major accidents, and title issues. You also get a free 3-month trial subscription to OnStar Safety & Security Plan and Connected Services. This includes the ability to use your smartphone for remote start and door unlock. Finally, if your Certified Pre-Owned Chevy vehicle has satellite radio, you will receive a complimentary 3-month subscription to the SiriusXM All Access package. All of these benefits can only be found by going to a Chevy dealership. That is because other dealers are not eligible to participate in the Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned program.

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Getting Your Car Serviced the Right Way

Once upon a time, you could get pretty much anything on your car fixed at a gas station. At the time, most vehicles had basic systems, whether it was the transmission, engines, electrical, or exhaust. Those days are long gone now. Today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs have specialized computer and diagnostic systems that require specially trained technicians who have familiarity with the specific vehicles and their systems.

Chevy dealers offer certified service technicians who are trained on the special technology used by Chevy vehicles. This is what Chevrolet calls Complete Care. These are not just any run-of-the-mill mechanics. These are men and women who have specialized product knowledge on Chevrolet, making them the best-qualified people to perform routine maintenance and make major repairs on your Chevy car, truck, or SUV. These certified technicians also have the diagnostic tools and Chevrolet parts necessary to make such repairs and provide such a service. They also have knowledge about any and all recalls that may occur with Chevrolet and be well suited to make sure the recalls are addressed in the most effective way possible.

Financing Options for Your Next Chevy

Chevrolet understands that not everyone buying a new, used, or Certified Pre-Owned Chevy vehicle will be paying in cash at the time. In fact, most cars these days are financed at least in part by a lease or loan arrangement. GM Financial provides some of the best options for people looking to lease or finance their next Chevy vehicle. Your local Chevy dealership has a staff of financial experts ready to help you find the best deal possible for your next Chevy under a financing arrangement that fits your budget. GM Financial even offers special financing offers from time-to-time for specific Chevy models and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Your local Chevy dealer knows these offers and can help make sure you are eligible to take advantage of them when they occur.

A Chevy dealer offers things that no other dealership can provide you with when you are in the market for a Chevy. The Chevy dealer has the most comprehensive inventory of new Chevy vehicles with the most options possible. This dealership can also participate in the Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned program, setting it apart from other used car dealerships. Only certified Chevrolet service departments are trained to do every possible repair and maintenance on your Chevy vehicle, and only a Chevy dealership has access to the great financing offers from GM Financial.