A grey 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring is shown from the side.

The 2022 Honda Accord: The New Face of Hybrid

We’re currently seeing something unprecedented in the automotive industry––a widespread revolution. The hybrid, which was once produced in limited numbers, is challenging the conceptions of what modern vehicles can do. No longer confined to the sedan: sports cars, trucks, and SUVs all have hybrid options now. Even more, with electric vehicles also on the rise, it’s a distinct possibility that in our lifetime we will see the end of the internal combustion engine as we currently know it. Hybrids and EVs are the way of the future. Of all the offerings that have been taking the world by storm, the 2022 Honda Accord hybrid is shaking up the market.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

The Honda Accord Hybrid is adequately priced with a starting MSRP of $27,320. This is good news for the consumer who wants fuel economy but not at the high cost of some of the more lavish models on the road today. However, when it comes to fuel economy, the Accord delivers in spades. The EPA estimates that the Accord will get up to 48 MPG in the city and 47 MPG on the highway (48 MPG combined). This should take the breath away from the most hardened skeptic, not to mention help the most frugal drivers save some extra pennies. This combination of gas and electricity gives the Accord a range of over 600 miles, which means you’ll be going the distance all the while lowering emissions.

Aside from offering fuel economy that’s more efficient than most, the Accord comes equipped with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that’s capable of generating a horsepower rating of 212 and a torque rating of 232 lb-ft. This compromise between performance and economy is seldom met by manufacturers, so when they do, it makes it almost too good to pass on. The positive attributes don’t stop there as Honda equips their Accord with a four-speaker stereo system, Apple Carplay and Android Auto, and the Honda Sensing Safety suite. Even with the base/starting trim, the Accord is a well equipped model.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport

The Second trim in Honda’s Hybrid Accord lineup is a cut above normal. The Sport trim of the Accord offers drivers an upgraded stereo system: an eight-speaker, 180-watt system. This will make for some easy listening. For those who like getting a bit more aesthetic with their car purchases, you’re in luck. You’ll be riding in style on a set of 19-inch alloy wheels, as opposed to the 17-inch wheels that come standard with the Accord Hybrid trim.

While all four trims of the Hybrid Accord feature the same 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, the range of the Sport model is slightly lower than its predecessor at 563 miles. It’s still a lengthy and favorable distance for a hybrid, especially one that features the amenities that it does. Aside from the same engine, all four trims are equipped with Honda’s Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission (eCVT)––considered as a more efficient alternative to the traditional automatic transmission. Honda’s technology provides a smoother ride and helps promote better fuel economy. The 2022 Accord also features deceleration and sport mode, which has the same effect as a quick-shifting automatic. Utilizing the same engine and transmission for every trim might stifle variation, but in the long run, it provides efficiency for learning the inner workings and mechanics of the vehicle.

The white interior of a 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid 2.0T shows the back seat folded down.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L

While some consumers look for all the right ways to save money and be financially responsible, others crave creature comforts and stylish amenities. Fear not, for those needs are met with the Honda Accord EX-L. One of the best pieces of news for the consumer who’s both suave and sophisticated is that performance is not sacrificed one bit for luxury.

The EX-L brandishes the finer things in life, especially when discussing its lavish interior. Leather-trimmed seats provide comfort that can be heightened with automatic dual-zone climate control. Comfort aside, the stereo system in the EX-L is ideal for those who wish to unleash their inner metalhead. Ten 450-watt speakers will call down the thunder from on high and rattle your senses, but not your commute. But that’s not all that the EX-L has to offer. You also get power front seats with a driver’s memory seat and a one-touch power moonroof for the ultimate view.

Just as they’ve done in previous years, Honda offers comfort and performance with an unwavering dedication to safety. Adaptive cruise control and parking sensors will keep you safe on the road ahead, as will the road departure and collision mitigation systems. You’ll have it all in a vehicle that puts the driver first.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring Sedan

Well, here we are. We’ve arrived at the top of the line. The fourth trim line of Honda’s Hybrid Accord is quite “packed” as Calvin and Hobbes might have put it. Arriving in style and with a wide variety of standard safety features, the touring edition of the Accord Hybrid feels more akin to a luxury sedan than many of the hybrid options that you’ll find on the market. Sitting behind the wheel, drivers will be pleasantly surprised by all features at their fingertips. Like the other models, this model is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but this trim of the Accord is also equipped with Honda’s state-of-the-art satellite navigation system. You can go ahead and get lost on your next trip; finding a way home is practically guaranteed.

That’s not all that this trim has to offer, though. Adaptive cruise control, a multi-angle rearview camera, and blind-spot monitoring are just a few of the many safety features that Honda includes with this fantastic model. Being safe is guaranteed further, thanks to a perfect 5-star score in safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also awarded the Accord for safety, naming it a Top Safety Pick+ model. Honda Sensing, which includes some of the most advanced driver assistance technology, will make any drive easier on your nerves. You’ll even have automatic high beams, and emergency braking, along with lane keep assist.

A grey 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring is shown from the front parked in a driveway.

A Hybrid for All

Honda’s lineup of hybrid vehicles is quite impressive and demonstrates the manufacturer’s constant pursuit of perfection, be it with engineering, safety, or simply offering their customers a superior product than that of their competitors. While it’s true that hybrid models have come to dominate more of the automotive world, they’re not always accessible to the average consumer who wishes to save on fuel costs and do their part to curb the amount of emissions that harm the environment.

Honda focuses on making hybrid models accessible to all drivers. A few short years ago, manufacturers were offering just a few hybrids in their lineup, some only offered just one, or none at all––Honda ups the ante for the current model year by offering an entire lineup that’s performance-oriented for some and economical for others. Even the top-tier trim of the Accord is accessible for the average income. This means that there’s more incentive than ever to go green and play a part in taking better care of the planet we call home.