(I Hate To Say it, but) The 2018 Honda Accord is Pretty Great

I just had a conversation about the 2018 Honda Accord that went something like this:

(Me) “Well, you have to admit, the Accord looks significantly better than it has in years.”

(Co-worker) True. But in all fairness, that’s not saying much.

And therein lies (what was arguably) the greatest challenge faced by Honda, when redesigning the Accord: overcoming perception when it comes the naysayers. At the risk of sounding overly critical, the Accord always felt like a consolation prize; the kind of car you would settle for because it fits your budget. Don’t get me wrong, it has proven itself as an enduring favorite, nestled among some of the most reliable and depending offerings out there.

Ranking among Car & Driver’s 10Best (a record) 32 times is nothing to shake a stick at. But the Accord (almost criminally ‘substance over flash’) has never been particularly sporty, or compelling in its design. So to encounter the 2018 offering, named North American Car of the Year, prompts us to take a closer look. Why?

Because people actually seem to like the redesign, and (if we’re being completely honest) so do we. I may not be in the rush to buy one for myself but, compared to its predecessors, the new 10the generation Accord sedan looks downright aggressive.

Taken head-on, the redesigned front fascia serves up the gaping maw that has empowered so many economy offerings to emulate the aesthetic of luxury performance vehicles. The inclusion of the distinctive front diffusers only serves to enhance the look, while it all flows seamlessly upward to the elongated LED headlights. Striking an impressive, almost shark-like profile, the Accord looks fast. This is only encouraged by its low-sloping roofline which transitions so gently into its restyled (almost fastback-inspired) rear end.

Based on face-value alone, it’s easy to gain a new appreciation for the Accord. And while it may not be your proverbial ‘cup of tea’ let’s give credit where credit is due. It’s the best looking Accord than we’ve seen in years, and maybe the best one we’ve seen to-date.

Want a closer look at the 2018 Honda Accord? Enjoy this tour and road test courtesy of MotorWeek’s YouTube Channel.