Black 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD in front of log cabin

Ten Accessories to Help Personalize Your Truck

If you know someone who drives a pickup truck, there’s a pretty good chance you know how passionate people can be about their vehicles. Sure, not everyone with a truck appreciates them in the same way, and some people might not care at all beyond having some extra cargo space. Regardless, there’s still an incredibly large population of truck owners who are proud to sit behind the wheel of a solid pickup. That pride isn’t just reserved for new trucks either; whether you’re driving a 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD or a 1989 Dodge RAM 150, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about your pickup. My favorite aspect of vehicle ownership is personalization, and unless you’re looking at something like a Jeep Wrangler, it might be difficult to find a car that shares the same versatility as a sturdy pickup.


1. Bed Extender

If you’re looking for truck accessories then I doubt you need any convincing when it comes to the convenience that truck beds bring to the table. Where storage is concerned, we all know that pickups are an ideal option. You can give your cargo capabilities a boost, though, with a truck bed extender. It’s a simple add-on, but an essential one for owners of compact trucks or anyone with specific storage needs. Bed extenders work by adding a barrier around an open tailgate, and while there are a few possible variations, the basic concept remains the same for virtually every design.


2. Bed Lights

Darkness has plagued mankind since before we had a word for it. Prior to the invention of fire, prehistoric man had no way to see the contents of their truck beds at night, and they spent years fumbling for their tools completely in the dark. Thankfully, the advantages of modern life have shielded us from the fate as our primeval ancestors. With truck bed lights, you can illuminate your cargo and manage it with ease— perfect for late nights and early mornings.


3. Bed Liner

Bed liners are a great way to protect your truck bed, but they can also be a fun way to personalize your pickup. There are several types of bed liners commonly used, like carpeting to give your cargo some padding, or wood to give your truck a more rustic look. Some people even get creative with it, and if you can get your hands on a decent amount of astroturf then you’ve got yourself a portable picnic and a driveable driving range. I’m not a huge fan of golf myself, but I can definitely appreciate some alliteration and a nice outdoor lunch.


4. Bed Cover

What would be the sense in all that extra storage space if you had to constantly worry about whether or not your cargo could withstand the elements? Bed covers are an indispensable addition for pickup trucks, providing the ability to safely carry things that would otherwise take up room in the cabin. Sturdy, lockable options are available as well so even your valuables can be secured in the bed if you want them to be. Plus, If you’ve got kids it can be a great way to show them who’s the boss in a game of hide & seek, as long as you don’t accidentally lock yourself inside!


5. Bed Organizer & Toolbox

Some people might be content with a cluttered truck bed, but I get anxious hearing things rattle around in the back. There’s a wide variety of attachable toolboxes and storage containers built for pickups, from small lockboxes to segmented drawers that span the entire length of the bed. No matter your organizational preferences, there should be plenty of options to suit your needs.


6. Bed Tent & Bed Bed

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve gone camping at least once before. Camping from the bed of a truck is a bit more comfortable, but if you prefer a more rugged approach then you can always just choose not to use your truck’s modern amenities. Either way, it’s hard to pass up a flat, even surface when your only other options are lumpy ground or lumpier ground. Tents are made to fit the shape of truck beds, and can be fastened to the truck in order to provide a comfy camping experience. Inflatable mattresses have been given the same treatment, so if you’d prefer a cozy night under the stars that’s also an option.


7. Step Bar

For the vertically challenged among us, step bars are a great way to make a larger vehicle more easily accessible. They can be installed beneath each door, and also at the back to help with truck bed access. Even if you’re a taller person it’s still worth considering step bars of some kind. There’s no doubt that some of your passengers will appreciate them, and most designs look pretty cool too.


8. Dog Crate

Letting your dog ride in the bed of your truck, in most instances, is not safe. Plenty of people do it, but it can be incredibly risky. There is a way to reduce that risk, though, with a well-built truck bed dog crate. As with all of these optional accessories, there are a few types of crates and kennels that can be fitted to truck beds, but the safest of them will simply be whichever feels the most durable. If you look online you might find some interesting custom kennel designs, but if you ask me, you should look for something spacious and padded. After all, if you’re enjoying the ride, why shouldn’t your buddy?


9. Under Seat Storage

If your truck bed doesn’t have quite enough storage space for you, you might want to consider an under seat storage box. Every version is pretty much the same: a long bin that fits perfectly in place beneath the rear passenger seats. The bins are usually segmented in some way to allow for some organization, and some brands can even be tailored to your specific needs.


10. Trailer Hitch Hammock

Provided you’ve got a trailer hitch (another essential accessory), you can treat yourself to the pleasures of hammocks on the go. Single hammocks, double hammocks, chair hammocks with little hammock ottomans, no matter which you choose you’ll reach new levels of mobile relaxation. It might sound silly, but if you haven’t started to see their potential yet then just wait until you get a good look at one. I can picture it now: A couple hammocks plus a truck bed tent and a few good friends and you’ve got yourself some solid weekend plans.


Blue 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD on white background

When it comes down to it…

There just isn’t anything out there that can compete with a truck bed. You might find an SUV with comparable storage space, and you could easily outfit your vehicle with a bike rack or roof rack for added capability, but there’s nothing like a fully decked-out pickup. With the 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD you’ll be starting with an already luxurious and versatile truck but there’s always room to accessorize and really make it your own. The sheer number of possibilities is impressive by itself, and once you’re face to face with a truck that’s been personalized to your liking, you’ll know there’s no going back to basic sedans. It’s like choosing to frequent any alternate burrito vendor after being exposed to Chipotle, it just doesn’t make sense.