Truck Accessories

People are Going CRAZY Over This ONE Way to Get the Most out of Your Truck

Your truck is exactly that: YOUR truck. So, in a world of clickbait article headlines designed to lure you into a marketing trap of product placement, we thought we’d give it a try by promising the ONE way to get the most out of YOUR truck.  And how do you do that? Simple. Do whatever you want with your truck, because….wait for it…it’s YOUR truck. No-one lives an identical lifestyle to you, will use the truck in an identical manner or has finances that mirror yours. Think of this as a ‘judgment-free zone”. So whether you’re getting things done behind the wheel of an F-Series, a Ridgeline or something in-between, let’s take a look at some must-have truck accessories you might consider. And with those suggestions in place, we’ll leave you to explore the brand options and features that will ensure you get the most of your truck.

That said, we understand if the “click-baityness” of the title has left a bad taste in your mouth. We don’t like it any more that you do; so let’s move on to some of the basics that are, or should be, on top of your list.

Bed Liner


While there are plenty of cosmetic and in-cabin modifications that one can make to a truck, we subscribe to the theory that what you do with the bed of the truck, should be a priority. That starts with selection of a bed liner that suits your needs and your budget.

Years ago, when trucks were relegated mostly to utilitarian work roles, a scratched up and dented bed wasn’t given much thought at all. But today’s trucks are designed to get the job done, and look good doing it. This combined with most truck owners desire to extend life and retain resale value emphasizes the need to protect the truck’s bed from easily-preventable damage.

Enter the bed liner: be it a fastened rubber, vinyl, or texture carpet or a modern spray-in liner. There are liner solutions for every lifestyle and budget, whether you choose to have something factory or dealer-installed, or if you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer.

Names like RHINO, LINE-X or WEATHERTECH are some of the most recognizable names in Bed Liner technologies, so do your research and find the one that best suits you.

Cargo Management System

Once again, it’s about personalization: how are YOU going to use your truck? Depending on your plans for hauling cargo or gear, the selection of the right cargo management system can account for some of your best-spent money.

It could be as simple as a bed divider, a bedside rack or bed rails. More elaborate and expensive options include fold-out bed extenders, traditional bed-width tool boxes and compartmental, slide-out systems. And depending on your choice in terms of make, model and trim level, many trucks are now equipped with built-in cargo management systems which can also be tacked on, as an added feature, at the time of purchase. Take the RamBox, for example:

From tools and gear, to fishing supplies and beer, there’s bound to be a cargo management system that suits your needs. In fact, selection of the right one for you should go hand-in-hand with…

Bed Cover

A bed cover is one of the most understated selections in terms of truck accessories. Functional in terms of protecting your bed (and any contents) from the elements, there are a variety of styles to choose from.

Soft or hard. Retractable or fold-up. These are just some of the differences in functionality that make it easier to find an option that best suits the unique demands of how you use your truck. As mentioned above, it is prudent to select your bed cover and cargo management system in unison, since it’s very simple for them to work together (in your favor) or against one another (to your detriment).

It Comes Down to You


These are just our three picks of the immediate accessories you should invest in right off-the-bat, for any truck. But in-depth investigation of each helps to show just how many options there are, for different types of truck owners.

From these you can explore every other type of accessory, from the functionality of step-sides and specialized tires to the cosmetic appeal of lighting and decals. In terms of design, today’s trucks range from rugged utility to aspirational luxury…how you choose to build upon their design is up to you.

We want to know about you and your truck. What accessories have you invested in, and what do you consider to be the must-have accessories to make a truck your own?