A white 2020 Ram 1500 is shown from the front parked in front of a white wall after leaving a Ram truck dealer.

Stars on the Road in a Ram

When you think of celebrities, what comes to mind? Designer clothes and flashy sports cars, most likely. These days it seems the flashier, the bigger, the more outrageous, the better. So it’s nothing unusual to see a celeb showing off their latest big dollar purchase on social media or bragging about it in a recent interview. However, while heading out to pick up a sports car from the local big-name dealer is a huge selling point for many celebrities, so is getting a new pickup from the local Ram truck dealer. Some stars choose to go their own way with an understated but nonetheless classic set of wheels that encompasses both form and function in a way a little roadster just can’t match. Celebrities that drive Ram trucks aren’t as rare as you’d think. Let’s look at a few stars who call Ram trucks theirs. The results might surprise you, but then again, if you’re a Ram truck driver, maybe not. It simply means they have good taste.

Charlie Daniels

If you’re a fan of the late southern rock and blues songster Charlie Daniels, then you’re probably aware that before his passing in 2020, his vehicle of choice was the beloved Ram 1500. He was known on occasion to take to Twitter to post photos while being ushered around by his chauffeur in, you guessed it, not a limo but a Ram truck. Daniels didn’t hide his love for the brand, even going so far as to allow them to use one of his hit songs, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” for a commercial. Because what makes a better statement than a classic truck remixed with a timeless American singer/songwriter?

It’s easy to see why Daniels was a fan of the 1500 series of trucks. As recently as 2020, the Ram topped lists, being called the best vehicle brand. The Ram 1500 offers powerful engines in the form of both a V6 or V8 option, making it as useful as it is good-looking.

Ben Affleck

Even well-known celebrities can surprise you on occasion, as was the case with Ben Affleck and his Ram 2500. A star from Boston seems more at home on a subway or in a compact sedan, but looking over the sleek Ram 2500, you can see right away why they would be hard to resist. It was reported that the academy award winner Argo star purchased the new Ram 2500 truck from a Georgia Ram dealer in 2003 for the sticker price of $37,000 to add to his car collection.

The Ram 2500 is a giant among trucks, which is really saying something when you look at its peers. It comes equipped with a 410 gas horsepower engine, with the add-on option for a V6 Hemi. And with 850 lb-ft of torque, it would be great for the rugged Georgian roads as well as the heavy Massachusetts winters, fitting in anywhere it goes.

A black 2020 Ram 3500 is shown parked in front of a farm building.

Amber Marshall

Canadian actress Amber Marshall, most known for her performance as Amy Flemming on drama-driven CBC series Heartland, has never been shy about the truck she drives. Despite her successful career in film, Amber stays grounded, remaining a cowgirl at heart, as shown by her choice in rides, with not just one but two Rams, because after all, a girl’s gotta have options. Amber’s truck line-up boasts two Ram 3500 supercabs.

The actress’s passion for the brand is so well known that Ram decided to partner with her as an ambassador for the Ram brand. Being an official spokesman for Ram has led to Marshall being featured in ads for television and social media along with more traditional forms like print or radio. The partnership seemed like a natural one considering Amber’s status as one of Canada’s favorite actresses, along with being a ranch owner and driver of Ram trucks for over a decade. The Ram 3500 series is a hard-working truck that doesn’t skimp on luxury while getting the job done, which perfectly reflects this excellent actress.

Larry the Cable Guy

Known more commonly by his stage name Larry the Cable Guy, Dan Whitney has made a name for himself not just as a stand-up comedian but as an actor and for starting the non-profit foundation Git-R-Done. The organization seeks to ease financial burdens for families who face unforeseen hardships. To help raise money for the organization Whitney, in 2008, auctioned off his fully loaded custom-built Dodge Ram Laramie, with all proceeds going to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The top-of-the-line Ram Laramie trim package is the quintessential blend of luxury and function, including heated leather seats, among other things.

Paulie Teutul Sr.

Of TV American Chopper fame, designer Paulie Teutul took his admiration of Ram trucks to a whole new level with a Ram-inspired chopper featured on his popular Discovery TV show. Teutul even went so far as to visit the factory in Chelsea, MI, to test drive a Ram 2500 truck to get inspiration for his design. The truck-inspired bike featured the Ram head logo, as well as graphics along the side, all on top of a raven black paint job. Taking note from the original Ram, the bike featured spoke wheels reminiscent of the truck’s rims.

John Teller

Not just a brand loved by starlets and celebrities, but also world-renowned athletes as well, the rugged Ram is beloved by the likes of the U.S. Ski Cross Olympian John Teller. John has a history with Ram, with his first reported vehicle being a Ram 1500 and later upgrading to a Ram 2500 for his everyday ride. He’s clearly no stranger to the all-terrain brand, relying on it for his everyday ride along with weekend trips to the mountains and carrying him through snowfall and rain alike. Teller sites features like heated seats, affordability, and a killer sound system as highlights of the truck. It only makes sense a hard-working athlete would expect the same from his truck.

A red 2020 Ram 1500 is shown driving on a dirt road past a fence.

Shaquille O’Neal

Anybody would assume that such a larger-than-life star like NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal would need a truck that fits his towering frame. Known for a number of things, from being an all-star athlete of the NBA to his onscreen cameos to his impressive car collection, Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t skimp when it comes to size or quality, and this includes his 1500 Ram truck.

Shaq’s ride comes with larger than usual 26-inch wheels, sunroof, and Hemi logo emblazoned on the outside. Probably one of the most understated vehicles in his garage, it still radiates good taste and gets the job done, all the while being considered one of the best trucks on the road today. So not as loud and glaring as some of his other vehicles, it still stands on its own as one of the most reliable and iconic brands available on the market.

From Screen to Field

Being a well-known big brand like Ram, of course, it’s going to attract some big names from film and TV stars to world-famous athletes. No matter what walk of like these celebrities are from, they all have one thing in common – a love for functionality along with an eye for a good-looking vehicle. It just goes to show that the Ram is more than just a set of tires and a pretty face.