A closeup shows the badging on a black 2021 Chevy Silverado HD Carhartt edition, find one at your local Chevy diesel truck dealer.

Special Editions: The 2021 Chevrolet Silverado HD

Chevrolet went a little extra with their 2021 Silverado HD. How so? The American car manufacturer not only updated the 2021 model, they introduced not one, not two, but four new HD special editions that add a little extra flair to the already fancy lineup of Silverado trucks found at your local Chevrolet diesel truck dealer. What’s even better is that these special editions also feature the Silverado HD’s best-in-class towing rating of 36,000 pounds to make the HD one of the most capable and fanciest workhorses on the road.

Carhartt Special Edition

With both Carhartt and Chevrolet calling Detroit home, it was only a matter of time before the two iconic brands teamed up. That partnership first occurred in 2017 when Chevrolet revealed the 2017 Silverado 2500 HD Carhartt concept truck at the 2016 SEMA Show. When consumers showed an interest in the truck, Chevrolet quickly responded and set out to create an even better special edition truck.

The partnership between Carhartt and Chevrolet returned to the stage at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The trade show is a premier event featuring the latest vehicles and automotive specialty products, which was the perfect stage for the debut of the 2021 Silverado HD Carhartt Special Edition. During the premiere, Carhartt and Chevrolet executives shared their excitement and explained the similarities between the brands beginning with their reputation for building products that are designed to stand the test of time. This reputation is embodied in the Carhartt Special Edition, which represents the ruggedness and durability that both brands offer to their loyal customers.

The 2021 Silverado HD Carhartt Edition is marketed as “the official uniform for tough jobs” and is inspired by the 2500 LTZ Crew Cab. It includes the Z71 Off-Road Package with Rancho shocks, skid plates, hill descent control, black Z71 badges, and a 4-in assist step grille bar with chrome inserts. Although the truck is only available in Mosaic Black, the special edition is remarkably sleek and showcases its Carhartt branding with an exterior gold pinstripe, badging, and the Carhartt logo on the soft-top tonneau that covers the truck bed. The interior also features Carhartt branding from the floor mats and headrests to the luxurious two-tone interior that boasts Jet Black and exclusive Carhartt Brown trim.

A black 2021 Chevy Silverado HD Carhartt Edition is parked in a barn.

Midnight Edition

Chevrolet is known for giving customers exactly what they want, which is what inspired the manufacturer to debut its Midnight Edition. But what makes the special edition models so popular? For Chevrolet, these editions are a way to give customers something more. It’s also how Chevrolet acknowledges the unique qualities of every customer. Chevrolet realizes that some customers want more than the standard model, which is the purpose behind the Midnight Edition.

Models like the Midnight Edition offer plenty of perks to customers, but would you guess that they benefit dealerships as well? Dealerships with a Midnight Edition parked at the front of the lot are guaranteed to attract more traffic than others, which is a huge plus in the business of selling cars. These editions serve as “eye-candy” to draw in consumers while the Chevrolet reputation for durability, ruggedness, and reliability seals the deal.

The Midnight Edition certainly attracts attention and is one of Chevrolet’s top-selling special editions. Only available on black LT and LTZ Silverado HDs, the Midnight Edition is intimidating with its black-on-black monochromatic color scheme from the front to the rear bumper. The Midnight Edition features a black front grille and insert with the Z71 badge. Other accents include a black skid plate and tonnage badging, gloss black mirror caps, 4-in black assist steps, and painted front and rear bumpers. Drivers also have the option between the standard 18-inch high gloss black aluminum wheels and mud-terrain tires or 20-inch black-painted wheels and all-terrain tires.

Z71 Sport Edition and Z71 Chrome Sport Edition

Chevrolet outdid themselves with the HD Z71 Sport Edition that’s not only sporty but patriotic with its three available exterior colors—NorthSky Blue Metallic, Red Hot, and Summit White. This edition is noticeably different from the standard Silverado since Chevrolet custom-designed the bumpers, door handles, and grille bar to be the same color as the exterior body. To add contrast, the Sport Edition features black exterior accents, including black wheels, mirror caps, skid plate, badging, and front grille insert. Like the Midnight Edition, drivers have a choice between the standard 18-inch high gloss black aluminum wheels and the 20-inch black-painted wheels and all-terrain tires.

The Z71 Chrome Sport Edition is almost identical to the Sport Edition except for one detail—chrome. The Chrome Sport Edition replaces the black accents of the Sport Edition with chrome accents. The rest of the vehicle remains the same, with the Chrome Sport Edition featuring the same body-color trim with the front grille bar, front bumper, and rear bumper all the same color as the exterior body. For tires, the Silverado HD LT includes 20-inch machined aluminum wheels with Grazen Metallic accents and all-terrain tires, while the LTZ trim includes 20-inch polished aluminum wheels and all-terrain tires.

A white 2021 Chevy Silverado HD is towing construction equipment on a highway in front of snow-covered mountains.

Other 2021 Updates

Chevrolet raised the bar with its four special edition options for the Silverado HD, but they didn’t stop there on the 2021 models. One of the most notable improvements was the new maximum towing rating of up to 36,000 pounds. The upgrade is Chevrolet’s way of proving that their trucks are ready for even the toughest jobs, whether it’s hauling equipment around the construction site or the farm to towing the family camper for a weekend at the lake. That upgrade comes to the tune of a 36,000 pound maximum on the Silverado 3500 HD Work Truck equipped with a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel engine, 10-speed Allison transmission, and the Max Tow Package on a regular cab, two-wheel-drive dually model.

Chevrolet knew it couldn’t offer the best-in-class tow rating without advancing the HD’s technology, which brings us to the next big update on the 2021 models—enhanced trailering technology. Offering the latest in technology, the HD gives drivers the confidence to tow the heaviest loads. This technology includes the only trailering camera in the industry that offers 15 unique camera views from eight cameras strategically placed around the vehicle. This simplifies the entire towing process from hooking up to a trailer to towing and unloading.

Chevrolet didn’t stop with their impressive camera system and enhanced the HD’s technology even further by adding unique features like the Trailer Length Indicator, which assists drivers as they change lanes. Activated by the turn signal, the indicator shows a red overlay that’s twice the length of the trailer on the center console screen. This allows drivers to change lanes with confidence and avoid potential collisions. Additional features include a Jack-Knife Alert that tracks the trailer’s position, the Cargo Bed View enhancement that aids in hooking up to a gooseneck or fifth-wheel trailer, the Rear Trailer View that aids in hooking up a standard trailer, and the Rear Side View Enhancement that provides the driver with a view of both the left and right side of the truck and trailer.

Choosing Your Special Edition Chevrolet

Embrace your “extra” and get behind the wheel of a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado HD Special Edition. Will you opt for the monochromatic Midnight Edition, or are you on the fence between the Z71 Sport Edition and the Z71 Chrome Sport Edition? Or perhaps you’re interested in the highly anticipated Carhartt Special Edition. Whatever the case, visit your local Chevrolet diesel truck dealer, and you’ll see what makes these models extra special!