A silver 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid is shown from the front.

Road Trips Made Better

With summer coming up right around the corner, we find that the urge to go out and hit the road is real! Road trips are an incredible way to discover new places, enjoy new sights, and create new memories. Stop into your local Honda dealer to find some of the best new or used vehicles that can make your road trips even better!


For road trips with just 2 or 3 people, cars are incredible fits for the adventure. You’re able to comfortably fit a small number of people and items into the car and still maintain comfort. Not only that, but you’ll have better fuel economy, which means less stopping and gas costs, and can you fit in more spaces than larger vehicles can.

Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra’s average fuel economy is between 33 and 43 MPG, and with a 12-gallon tank, you can get as many as 400 miles in before having to refuel. There is also a Hybrid model available for those who want to make that tank of gas go even further. The Elantra is incredibly roomy for a compact car and seats up to five people. The trunk of the car has a cargo space of 14 cubic feet, which can fit between 2 and 5 suitcases, depending on their sizes.

When you are getting bored on your road trip, the Elantra’s 8-inch infotainment screen allows for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This feature also enables you to use your navigation, so you don’t get lost! The Elantra comes with traction control and a suspension system designed to make your vehicle ride as smooth as possible. With all these features focused on comfort, it’s no wonder the Elantra is a great road trip vehicle!

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord classes as a midsize sedan, but it offers way more than is typically expected of a midsize car. It comes stock with an 8-inch infotainment screen and two front USB ports. It comes with Honda’s safety feature set, labeled Honda Sensing, which includes automatic emergency braking, lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and lane keeping assist. These features will help you stay safe and entertained while enjoying your road trip. The seats are comfortable, and there’s enough room that back seat passengers shouldn’t look or feel like sardines. The Accord has an incredible 16.7 cubic feet of cargo space. The Accord has plenty of room for your road trip essentials and necessities, whether you’re going to the beach, camping, or just touring the area!

Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima is a full-size sedan, which is a great option if the other midsize options don’t meet your needs. Being a full-size sedan means the gas mileage is a little lower; however, it still gets between 20 and 30 MPG and has 14.3 cubic feet of storage. The Maxima comes stock with an 8-inch infotainment screen that is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabled. The spacious interior of this Sedan, paired with the soft-touch materials, means that there is comfort across the board.

This vehicle is capable of going 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 6 seconds, so this is the perfect vehicle for you to get where you are going and fast. For a vehicle capable of getting up to speed that quickly, it makes sense that it would come with an assortment of different safety features. These include automatic emergency braking and forward collision warnings which have helped it receive its five-star NHTSA overall safety rating. This is a great pick for when your trip is less about the journey and more about the destination.

A red 2021 Nissan Maxima is shown from the front driving on an open road at night.


If you are planning on taking a road trip with more than 2 or 3 people, you may want to consider driving an SUV. You may be sacrificing a bit on the MPG, but the comfort of not having to squish all your passengers and their things into the back seat can make a huge difference to how enjoyable your road trip experience is.

Honda CR-V

Boasting an incredible 27 to 32 mpg, this compact SUV is an incredible ride to take your next road trip in. With built-in infotainment features, an interior designed with the comfort of both the passengers and the driver in mind, and named a top safety vehicle by the IIHS, the CR-V is an incredible SUV. The AWD configuration for this vehicle means that whether you are heading somewhere snowy, rainy, or with poor road conditions, you can have confidence that you will get there.

The CR-V has an incredible amount of storage space available even without folding the seats down. With 39.2 cubic feet of cargo space, you and your passengers can preserve your leg space and still have a bag or two full of what you’ll need for your trip. If you find that you are going to be towing anything, there’s no need to look for a bigger vehicle and sacrifice what the CR-V has to offer either. The CR-V can haul up to 1,500 pounds of weight, meaning your small camp trailer, off-road equipment trailers, or small boat can be safely hauled along with you. The CR-V is an incredibly comfortable ride making it a great fit for your next road trip.

Subaru Outback

Considered a mid-size SUV, the Outback is another incredible road trip option. Averaging 26 to 33 MPG with an 18.5-gallon tank, the Outback is capable of getting you further with just one tank of gas than most SUVs. The Outback has a cargo space of 32.5 cubic feet, which will allow you and your passengers to take everything you need, and then some. It comes with a variety of safety features that will help you stay safe even on unfamiliar roads and terrain.

Regardless of the weather, your Outback’s AWD configuration will get you where you need to go. The Outback has a lot of space for your passengers and for you and comfortable seats. This back seat comfort will help prevent your passengers from the age-old road trip battle of who gets to sit in the front seat.

For those with a need for entertainment while driving, the Outback base model comes with two stacked infotainment screens that are touch screen compatible. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also part of the base infotainment package. The Outback is another top-rated SUV when it comes to safety, and that is just one more indicator that the Outback was designed with adventure in mind.

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is a three-row SUV for when the midsize and compact SUVs just don’t offer enough space. Even though it is a bit larger than the other two SUVs that are listed here, it still is amazing for a road trip adventure. The Highlander has a combined 24 MPG and a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds! With three rows of seating, you can take the whole family with you, and with the built-in infotainment system, you can keep them entertained and happy. As long as there are no disputes over who gets to DJ, that is.

The Highlander has a five-star overall safety ranking from the NHTSA and comes stock with Toyota’s safety set, Toyota Safety Sense. The Highlander has 16 to 84 cubic feet of cargo space, depending on how you configure the seats, so you can get where you’re headed with all that you need and all those who you want along for the drive.

A silver 2021 Honda CR-V Touring is shown parked in a city.

Choose Wisely for Your Road Trip

When it’s time to hit the road, whether you are taking everyone or just striking out on your own, any of these vehicles would be a great fit. Just consider how many people will be joining you and where your priorities lie when it comes to space and fuel efficiency. The perfect road trip requires the perfect road trip vehicle, and luckily, there are plenty of options out there.