A whit e2022 GMC Canyon AT4 is shown from the front at an angle while driving off-road.

Off-Road Rivalry: AT4 vs Tremor

If you’ve ever dabbled in off-roading, you know that virtually every automaker has an off-road-ready model designed for top thrills. There are brands, like Jeep, which seek to make adventuring a priority in most of its models, while others, like Honda, arm only a few select models with off-road capabilities. Then, there are the major power players, like GMC and Ford, which offer their drivers the chance to have it all, with a diverse inventory of vehicles, as well as multiple ways to configure them to suit your needs. When it comes to off-roading, we’re shedding some light on two famous off-road-oriented vehicles, the AT4 from GMC and the Tremor from Ford, available in a variety of models, and for comparison’s sake, we’re evaluating the midsize GMC Canyon and Ford Ranger. So, when comparing the 2022 GMC Canyon vs 2022 Ford Ranger, which truck’s off-road-ready trim can add more excitement to the trails?

History of the AT4

Introduced in 2019, GMC’s off-road-oriented AT4 package quickly gathered legions of loyal fans in the industry. It stands for All-Terrain 4WD, and for those who frequently travel on uneven terrain, bound down trails, and take on dangerous environments, the AT4 package is for you. The AT4 trim first made its way into the full-size Sierra models, then in 2021, the midsize Canyon and GMC’s slew of SUVs got their turn. The interesting thing about the GMC AT4 trim is that it combines legendary off-road capabilities with high-end appeal, which is what the brand is known for, creating a truck that hits that sweet spot with many buyers.

Its mid-level location on the trim spectrum, falling between the entry-level Elevation models and the extravagant Denali model, gives it an advantage over many other brands, who place off-road models at the top of the list. Premium off-roading capabilities allow vehicles brandishing the AT4 badge to traverse treacherous terrain in style, which really gives GMC a leg up in the competition. Unlike many other off-roaders, the GMC AT4 clan can tackle the trails, then take to the streets with ease, allowing them to be both capable and versatile, no matter where they travel.

A white 2022 Ford Ranger Tremor is shown from the front while parked off-road during a 2022 GMC Canyon vs 2022 Ford Ranger comparison.

History of the Tremor

Ford created quite a buzz when it resurrected the Tremor name in 2019, outfitting its Super Duty models with intense adventuring capabilities first. The F-150 and Ranger models got their Tremor upgrades next as available trim levels in their lineups. The Tremor name isn’t new by any means, as it was a trim level on the F-150 a number of years ago. Today’s Tremor models showcase rugged capabilities, designed for maximum exhilaration on the trails, but unlike the Raptor, TRX, and other menacing off-roaders, the Tremor models are actually quite versatile. Much like the AT4, Tremor models can go from puddle jumping to heavy hauling in an instant, making these trucks incredibly valuable to a number of drivers.

Originally, the automaker was toying with the idea of naming its Tremor the FX4 Max, which would act as a continuation of the FX4 off-road package; however, the brand had a change of heart and decided to bring back the Tremor namesake. Although many drivers are familiar with the Tremor name, the capabilities found in these vehicles cater to avid off-road enthusiasts like never before. It’s no surprise that these models gained instant fans the moment they were introduced.

2022 GMC Canyon AT4

Many drivers gravitate toward midsize trucks. They’re not only smaller and easier to handle than their larger siblings, but they’re also more efficient and perfect for off-roading. Loading the GMC Canyon up with AT4 capabilities takes this truck to a whole new level, offering drivers exactly what they need for a heart-pumping journey through the elements. Its performance is legendary, with an off-road tailored suspension package, standard 31-inch Goodyear Duratrac tires, and an available automatic locking rear differential for enhanced stability and traction on any surface. Plus, with StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control, you’ll be able to stay on track, no matter what lies beneath the Canyon AT4’s massive tires.

Its ruggedness extends throughout its durable build, with an eye-catching black chrome grille, red tow hooks, and assertive accents outside, making for an intimidating presence on the trails. There’s no doubt that this truck has been built with durability in mind, with its reinforced skid plates, suspension leveling kit, performance exhaust tip, and many more adventure-ready features. Inside, this durability can be found from front to back, with leather-appointed seating with Kalahari accents, plus AT4 badging expertly placed within. Not only does the Canyon AT4 look the part, it performs like a true off-roader, making it a top pick for many drivers who desire high-end flair and absolute ruggedness in one awe-inspiring pickup.

In true GMC fashion, the Canyon AT4 showcases some of the most impressive tech in the industry, designed to heighten the feel of adventure. From Advanced Hill Descent Control to help navigate steep terrain to innovative trailering tech, you’ll find it all in the Canyon AT4. From its high-end design to its top-performing capabilities, the Canyon AT4 delivers the thrills in an entirely different manner than any other competitor in the off-road arena.

A white 2022 GMC Canyon AT4 is shown from the front while sliding off-road.

2022 Ford Ranger Tremor

Unlike the GMC Canyon AT4, which is a trim, the Ford Ranger Tremor is a package that can be added to the XLT or Lariat trim. Designed to be able to off-road like a pro yet offer the capabilities drivers need to tackle tough tasks, the Ranger Tremor is a versatile option in the Ford inventory. Ranger Tremor models include off-road-ready features, like a fine-tuned suspension system, Trail Control, a Terrain Management System, strong skid plates, front and rear tow hooks, and exclusive Tremor badging inside and out. FOX two-inch monotube dampers deliver maximum control and smoothness on any terrain, allowing the Tremor models to take on the elements while offering an ultimately comfortable ride.

Often compared to the Raptor, which is tuned into off-roading above all else, the Tremor models feature extreme practicality and flexibility, not sacrificing power for off-roading abilities, which makes them popular with many more drivers. It’s downright rugged, durable, and ready to face the elements, which is what makes this truck so appealing to drivers everywhere. Although you’ll find that the Ranger Tremor sports its own unique style from the rest of the options in the Ranger arsenal, if you’re looking for luxurious design, you may want to look elsewhere.

AT4 vs Tremor

Despite the fact that both the AT4 and the Tremor debuted around the same time, and even though they exhibit some of the same outstanding qualities, they are profoundly different from one another. Both trucks deliver the amount of power needed to complete tough tasks on the job site while also being able to jump on the trails for intense thrills. Both trucks are durable and built with off-roading in mind; however, where these two trucks begin to drift apart is with style, as there’s no competition when it comes to the GMC lineup of beautiful trucks.

Better quality materials, a higher level of sophistication, and groundbreaking tech greet you in the Canyon AT4. Although the Ranger is good-looking as well, it can’t touch the brilliance set forth by this GMC model. When off-roading is a priority, the AT4 and the Tremor can exceed expectations on the trails and beyond, but when drivers desire more, the AT4 is poised to deliver this in so many unique ways. This is why the AT4 continues to remain a hit for drivers who demand more out of their off-road vehicles.