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Everything You Need to Know About TradePending

You may be thinking to yourself, “How do I value my trade?” After all, you spent good money on your car and it has given you many years of reliability, but it may be time to upgrade to a newer model that’s better suited to your driving needs. There are many tools available to help you understand your car’s value, so that when it’s time to trade it in at a dealership, you know what you deserve for your vehicle. Understanding the tools that dealerships use is always a good idea, and one of these tools is called TradePending.

It differs from more well-known tools, like Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides, due to its unique approach to the car valuation process. So how does TradePending work? Let’s discover more about this outstanding valuation tool.

What Is TradePending?

Dealerships are turning to TradePending to help them with the auto valuation process now more than ever. This innovative system provides dealerships with a multitude of services, designed to boost leads and drive sales like never before. As drivers enter their information about their trade, TradePending helps connect them to a dealership that is interested in buying their car. Not only is this a win for the customer, as they’re able to find a buyer who will offer them top dollar for their vehicle right away, but also for the dealership, allowing them to add more quality vehicles to their inventory.

The customer enters all of the information about their car, including the condition of the vehicle, model details, and more, so that an accurate value can be provided for this unique vehicle. This is much more effective than simply categorizing a certain vehicle under the same umbrella of models like it because every car is unique. The Payments service allows customers to select a vehicle to their liking, find the payment terms that work for them, and deliver an accurate price—so that there’s no guesswork involved and no surprises down the line. Badges help showcase the vehicles that are in high demand, those with the best price, or even those that are rare when it comes to trim and features. This allows dealerships to control their inventory to suit the needs of their area drivers, thus providing customers with a better selection of vehicles.

From insurance rates to vehicle inventory, valuations, and more, the TradePending API tool allows dealerships to offer more streamlined services to their customers. This, in turn, allows customers to get the price they deserve for their trade, find a new car with the features they desire, and craft a payment plan that works for their individual needs. It’s a full-circle approach to the entire process, and its benefits are immeasurable for both the customer and the dealer.

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What Makes TradePending Different?

TradePending prioritizes three key factors in the process: transparency, simplicity, and branding. By showing customers what they can actually get for their car, not just cars like it, TradePending is revolutionizing the way dealerships value trades. No longer are book values the norm. Instead, a driver’s own unique vehicle is the driving force behind auto valuation. You’re no longer valuing just a 2019 Toyota Corolla LE, but a 2019 Toyota Corolla LE in great condition, with new brakes, a new battery, and a leather seat package with 50,000 miles on it. Overall, the transparency that TradePending offers allows customers to see the true value of their vehicle.

The simplicity is unmatched. Many drivers know that valuing their trade on platforms like Kelley Blue Book can take a few minutes to generate once you’ve selected all of the relevant information about your vehicle. TradePending takes a mere 10 seconds to deliver the value of your vehicle—without any guesswork or gray area. Dealerships can therefore work smarter and more efficiently, offering customers what they truly deserve for their cars.

TradePending vs. Kelley Blue Book

Finally, branding works in TradePending’s favor because they aren’t a huge conglomerate like Kelley Blue Book. TradePending offers a level of transparency that you won’t find elsewhere, especially when it comes to large companies, like Kelley Blue Book. KBB typically hides pertinent information from the customer, not providing a true and accurate value for a vehicle. It typically places all models under a certain umbrella, not factoring in features or equipment that make your model unique. This causes confusion when drivers go to trade in their vehicle, wondering whether or not they’re getting what they actually deserve for their car—thus warranting a distrust in the experience as a whole.

You’ll typically need to gather a lot of information when utilizing other valuation tools, which means more time and effort are put into the process. KBB doesn’t diversify its process quite like TradePending, which causes many drivers to get an inaccurate value for their vehicle. Also, Kelley Blue Book’s branding is everywhere, which provides a false sense of security to consumers, thinking that bigger is better. In actuality, Kelley Blue Book is just trying to dominate the industry with its one-size-fits-all approach.

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Tips for Valuing Your Trade

Getting the most for your car means taking some steps to ensure you’re going about the trade-in process the right way. For starters, taking care of your vehicle can make a huge difference when it comes to getting more for it, as cleaner, well-kept vehicles fetch higher prices. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re maintaining it and it’s in great condition, as this also impacts its value. Typically, there are vehicles that inherently have higher resale values, so choosing one of these vehicles will mean less depreciation and should make for higher trade-in values.

Finally, partnering with a dealership that uses TradePending is always a good move. You’ll be able to enjoy the transparency you deserve when it comes to the true value of your car, as well as a simple and easy process that takes the guesswork out of vehicle valuation. Getting a fair price for your vehicle, not just what KBB says, makes a world of difference during the entire process.

Value Your Trade the Right Way

Your vehicle may have given you years of dependability and safe travels, and if you want to ensure you’re getting the most for it, TradePending can help. Partnering with a dealership that utilizes this tool is key to getting more for your trade. Whether you’re in the market to sell your car soon or you just want to stay updated on all the latest trends in the industry, TradePending is a platform to watch out for, especially for the future. Removing the roadblocks from the car valuation process is a big step in revolutionizing the industry.

This is not to say that Kelley Blue Book is necessarily unreliable. Rather, it’s important that consumers have multiple avenues to value their vehicles, especially when a driver has opted into equipment packages and invested significant funds into maintaining theirs. Drivers should have the opportunity to shop around for valuations, as they do dealerships.
For too long, customers and dealerships have been forced to rely on a few large organizations to tell them what a particular car is worth, but this is all changing. Now, drivers are walking away with more money for their trade and dealerships are getting more quality vehicles for their lot. It truly is a win-win situation for all involved.