Have Yourself a Merry Christmas in the 2018 Jeep Cherokee

Christmas is coming, which means there is no better time to start thinking about how you’re going to survive the holidays. In between inclement weather, trips to see family (let’s face it – there’s a reason you only see your relatives once a year) and having to fight little old ladies in the mall parking lot for the very last space, the holidays tend to bring out the very worst in us. Especially once the eggnog starts flowing.

Why not do something nice for yourself this year and treat yourself to a pre-holiday treat… something that will take the sting out of having to head out to yet another cookie swap or Secret Santa gift swap? Consider buying yourself a 2018 Jeep Cherokee and you’ll soon wonder why you didn’t buy yourself a seasonal survival SUV years ago.


Over the River and Through the Hills…

Okay, don’t feel bad. Everyone has that relative that you really don’t feel like trekking through the snow to go see. However, thanks to the 2018 Jeep Cherokee’s 184-horsepower four-cylinder engine, you won’t be stuck dreading the visit for long… and if you want to make your arrival (and departure) time even speedier, simply opt for the V6 engine which gets up to 271 horses pounding the pavement.

Of course, if you live in a super-snowy climate, you’ll also have less-than-optimal road conditions to contend with, which means you should consider purchasing the 2018 Jeep Cherokee in the Trailhawk trim, which is fully-equipped for peak off-road performance. But don’t despair, if the Trailhawk isn’t for you, you can still rest assured that all of the four-wheel drive 2018 Jeep Cherokees can get you across town (or even across states) thanks to their five traction modes: Sand/Mud, Sport, Rock and of course, Snow. Buy yourself a 2018 Jeep Cherokee and you’ll surprise yourself by actually looking forward to the drive to your relatives – even if you’re not exactly thrilled by the visit.

A Partridge and a Pear Tree…

If you’re the biggest concern with the holidays is having to head to the mall a multitude of times, you aren’t alone. In fact, most people agree that holiday shopping is the absolute worst. So why not make it easy for yourself and get all your shopping done in one trip? Thanks to the cargo space of the 2018 Jeep Cherokee, you won’t need to worry about not having room for your three French hens, two turtle doves and your partridge in a pear tree (although you will probably need to get your car thoroughly detailed after that ride). The 2018 Jeep Cherokee not only has 24.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats, but it also has lay-flat rear and front-passenger seats, allowing you to fit as many shopping bags into your 2018 Jeep Cherokee as your wallet can stand. You can even opt to add a power liftgate to your 2018 Jeep Cherokee – it will make it that much easier to load down your car with packages, boxes, and bags.

So Be Good for Goodness Sake…

You won’t need to worry about feeling naughty if you decide to treat yourself to the 2018 Jeep Cherokee. With a base MSRP of just $24,395, you’ll be feeling extra nice as you cruise around in your new sleigh delivering toys and joy this holiday season.