A white 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend is shown being unloaded from the back while parked off-road in a desert.

Make the Most of Every Journey with the Various Trims of the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport

Unbeatable performance and rugged style are par for the course with all Ford vehicles. Vehicles of this brand can handle anything you throw at them, with the practicality, power, and capability that is necessary to make any drive an adventure. SUVs are a particularly strong suit for Ford, and each model that is featured in their catalog features the perfect blend of practicality and excitement that helps families to keep things interesting. This model has seen various innovations year after year, and with the new year on the horizon, we’re looking to the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport and everything it’s got up its sleeve. There’s a vast world of potential and capability that this model has in store, and with five different trim levels to choose from, families who are seeking thrills and looking for a comfortable ride alike have something to be excited about.

The five 2024 Bronco Sport trims have unique performance capabilities to attract any driver. From the most practical and efficient offerings to the most wild and exciting, the Ford Bronco Sport SUV wears many hats. This is the versatility that we have come to expect from Ford, appealing to a large variety of drivers with dynamic and adaptable performance, even in just one model. The 2024 Bronco, however, takes this to the next level on many fronts, providing a distinct driving experience in each of its trim levels that gives each model its own personality and identity.

So, what does the world of 2024 Ford Bronco Sport trim levels have in store? Well, a whole lot. In the coming year, the Ford Bronco Sport is going to see a lot of improvements on the fronts of technology, performance specs, and more. One of the most distinct aspects of the 2024 models is the distinct and bold style options they offer, with many of the available trims featuring fun and striking blast-from-the-past exterior designs that will get any driver excited. There’s a bright future ahead for the various versions of the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport, and we’re here to dish out all the details on what each of those trims has to offer.

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend

Practicality comes standard with this iteration of the Ford Bronco Sport. The Big Bend trim sets out to offer a well-balanced SUV experience with plenty of technology and convenience features to keep families going. If you intend to use the Ford Bronco Sport for everyday family use, this is the SUV for you.

In terms of convenience, features such as the available liftgate floodlights help to ensure you can always see as you are loading or unloading your Bronco. A standard Securilock passive anti-theft security system helps to ensure only those who have your keys can start your Bronco, shutting down the engine in the instance of a theft attempt.

A 4.2-inch instrument cluster is affixed behind the steering wheel so that you always have essential information about your SUV available at a moment’s notice. A lane keeping assist system helps to keep you in your lane no matter what, while a pre-collision assist and automatic braking system ensures you can always sidestep an accident, should the threat of one arise. Being an SUV, the Ford Bronco Sport is all about family, and the Big Bend trim is the quintessential example of that.

A light blue 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage is shown off-roading in a desert.

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage

As you might be able to guess from the name, the 2024 Bronco Sport Heritage trim celebrates the rich history of the Ford Bronco in many ways. One of the primary ways it does this is through its exterior style.

This model of the 2024 Bronco Sport features a singular exterior design as an available option, with an Oxford White roof and matching Oxford White wheels, harkening back to the earlier days of this SUV. To tie it all together, the Heritage trim level’s grille also features an Oxford White paint job, giving the vehicle a peppy and fun feel to it overall.

This trim is all about comfort. With plaid interior seating for up to five, the Heritage trim keeps everyone inside comfortable while they drive in style. The interior of the Heritage trim features eight cup holders for the whole family to enjoy, two of which can be found in the rear center armrest, which folds down to make them available. Comfort, convenience, and style are what make the Ford Bronco Sport tick, and the Heritage trim really puts an emphasis on style.

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling

If there’s one trim of the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport that stands out from the crowd, it’s definitely this one. To show off the bold style of the Ford Bronco Sport back in the days of its youth, the Bronco Sport Free Wheeling trim comes with a colorful available exterior and interior design that will turn heads anywhere you go. With an iconic color scheme that harkens back to the ’70s, this graphics package wraps the vehicle in a beautiful, warm gradient color scheme with matching red wheels.

This extends to the interior of the Free Wheeling trim when opting for this package, tricking out the seating with the same color scheme that can be found on the outside, with red accents throughout the cabin to compliment it.

The 2024 Bronco Sport Free Wheeling also features the excellent performance that you would expect from the Ford Bronco. With standard four-wheel drive, electronic traction control, and a powerful 1.5-liter Ecoboost engine with auto start and stop technology, so that you and the whole family never miss a beat while you’re out adventuring.

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks

If you’re the leisurely sort of driver, the Outer Banks trim of the 2024 Ford Bronco has everything you’re looking for. With highly responsive technology instruments and more convenient interior features, this SUV is perfect for families that love easy riding no matter where they go.

The Outer Banks model features a 6.5-inch color LCD instrument panel that makes checking gas, gas mileage, and everything in between easy. You can get all the info you need on your vehicle right in front of you whenever you need it. A remote start system makes it easy to start the Bronco at a moment’s notice so that you can have the vehicle warmed up and ready to go as soon as you step inside.

Ambient lighting is also standard with the Outer Banks trim, allowing you to set the mood and relax wherever you go. A heated, premium wrapped steering wheel is also standard with this trim, so you can get cozy in your Bronco Sport, especially when the weather is cold. And with premium trimmed front bucket seats, which come—you guessed it—standard with this trim, you can really enjoy the comfort and convenience that the Ford Bronco Sport has to offer with the Outer Banks trim.

A gray 2024 Ford Bronco Sport is shown parked near a mountain.

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands

Let’s not forget that the Ford Bronco Sport is built from the ground up as an adventure vehicle. This is an SUV that can carry families to adventure, and no trim level displays this quite like the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands, which is kitted out with everything a family of adventurers needs to get out there and explore the great outdoors.

With an advanced twin-clutch rear drive unit, the Badlands model can get traction on almost any surface. The intuitive terrain management system that is standard with the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport helps with this, featuring various drive modes that help with sand, slippery terrain, and more.

One of the best aspects of the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands model is the upgraded engine. This trim level of the Bronco features a 2.0-liter Ecoboost engine that can achieve 250 hp, giving this SUV the edge it needs to rule throughout any terrain you encounter. Plus, the Badlands model’s suspension is tuned for off-roading, so you can enjoy the excitement happening outside the vehicle from the comfort of its interior without being jostled around more than you want.

Paying Homage to History

Ford has made itself into the common lexicon of American drivers because of fantastic vehicles like the Ford Bronco Sport. The spectrum of capability that can be found throughout the various models of this SUV is vast, and there is a whole world of Ford Bronco excitement to explore in the 2024 model year.

The history that this iconic vehicle has under its belt is singular and engrained within American history itself, which is why it is so exciting that the 2024 model features so many different ways of paying homage to that. That, coupled with the versatility and power that this vehicle has up its sleeve, make for an SUV that is sure to fly out of dealerships quickly in the coming year. The Ford Bronco Sport features some of the best features and performance you can find in any family SUV, so you’ll be sure to want to take your little adventurers to take a look at one as soon as they hit dealerships.