Jeep Accessories for Zombie Apocalypse

We all have a plan for the pending zombie apocalypse (or at least you should). You know how you will hole up in your home or where you will go to seek shelter. You know what you’ll do to get food and water, and you know who you’ll try to have on your team to fight the hordes. You know what you’ll do if you’re dealing with fast 28 Days Later zombies or the slower, more traditional Night of the Living Dead zombies. You know who to trust and who not to trust.

Yet it’s all fun and games until the zombie masses are actually upon you. Without setting a good survival plan into action now, you’re doomed. After all, how are you going to gather supplies and stockpile weapons when your first encounter with a zombie is waking up to find one at the foot of your bed?

The only way to be prepared is to start planning now. A Jeep is a great vehicle to get you through the crowds of the walking dead, but if you really want to protect yourself and your team, you’ll need to right equipment and accessories to go along with it. When you are shopping for Jeeps for sale in Miami, you should be on the lookout for these items:

(Even in the highly unlikely event that the zombie apocalypse doesn’t occur, you can always use these accessories to get you through another natural disaster or emergency.)

Mobile Armor

Do you remember that scene in “The Walking Dead” where they find a fire truck and get all excited that they finally have a suitable ride to get them to Washington — then they start and up and only move a few feet because there are zombie brains and guts coating the engine and covering the exhaust? Yeah. Let that be a lesson to you.

You’ll want to stock up on accessories that will protect your Jeep’s engine, bumper and other essential parts from turning into a zombie intake system. Get a good set of skid plates to protect your engine, transmission and other essential parts under the hood. If these get clogged with zombie guts, you won’t be going anywhere.

Rocker guards will protect your undercarriage when you are careening over bumpy terrain and piles of zombie bodies. A modular bumper and runner guard will protect your Jeep when you are plowing through crowds.

Jacks and Winches

You never know when you might encounter a fallen tree blocking a road or when someone in your team might get stuck in the mud. A strong winch can help you pull other vehicles out of a tough spot or to move heavy trees and other equipment. A good jack will also help you lift your Jeep to clear out debris under it or to take a good look at the mechanics.

You can even use a winch to set up a trip line around your camp at night. Zombies who try to shuffle into your space will get caught in your trap and alert you to approaching danger.

Upgraded Lighting

When the zombie apocalypse strikes, one of the first things to go will be the electricity. Some generators may keep the lights on for a short while, but the power won’t last. You’ll need to get used to living in the dark until the zombie plague has been defeated.

Off-road lighting will help you see far ahead of you and into dense shrubbery while you are out scavenging for supplies. You can also use the lighting to shine into buildings and parking garages to make sure you aren’t going into a den of zombies.

Upgraded headlights will help you see better and farther in any driving situation. The sooner you can spot a zombie hoard out on the road, the better you will be able to take defensive maneuvers or to get out of danger. Stronger headlights will help you do that.

Just remember: Lights can also attract the zombies. Make sure you use these accessories only when you are on the move and absolutely have to travel at night.

Communication Tools

Though electricity will be down, you’ll still be able to communicate by CB radio. Make sure you have one installed in your Jeep so you can reach out to other survivors or find the government survivor’s camp. (Just make sure the soldiers aren’t actually power-hungry rapists or cannibals before you enter.)

Gun Rack

Weapons will be essential for protecting yourself in the zombie apocalypse. A good shot to the head is the only thing that will stop zombies, no matter what zombie lore you are using for reference. Sure, you can stab a zombie in the head also, but are you really going to want to do that for dozens of zombies who are suddenly upon you?

An overhead gun rack allows you to mount your guns and rifles to the ceiling of your Jeep, keeping them close at hand for when you need them most. Just reach up, grab your gun and you’re ready for action.

Some Jeep accessories can also double as weapons. For example, a trail axe can work to fight through a zombie crowd in a pinch.

Spare Tire

Clearly, you’re not going to get anywhere if you have a flat tire, and you’re never going to get a flat when you’re in a safe spot and have the time to change it. You’ll always end up with a blowout when you are running from a flesh-eating hoard.

Since you won’t be able to pop into a service station for a new tire when you need one, it’s best to stock up now. Have at least one spare tire on your Jeep, and replace your tires before they are ready to blow.

Roof Rack

When you are out scouring for supplies, you’ll want to be able to bring back anything useful you find. A roof rack ensures you have the space and the ability to bring back even large equipment or cargo. Just strap it to the top and haul it back to your base.

Make sure you have plenty of rope and bungee cords in the back to tie down any cargo you need. The roof rack only provides stability — it doesn’t keep your gear on the roof.

Jeep is a great choice for surviving the zombie apocalypse or any other major disaster. After all, it was the vehicle of choice for the military in one of the most famous zombie movies of all time, Night of the Living Dead. If a 1966 Jeep could make it through the throngs of zombie hoards, surely your modern Jeep updated with powerful accessories will offer you protection in the storm.

Start shopping for Jeeps for sale in Miami now to get your zombie preparedness plan ready. While you are shopping, talk to the dealer about these and other essential accessories. Even if we (somehow) escape the threat of World War Z, your Jeep will be ready to take on any terrain or survive any catastrophe. You’ll have your own personal tank and will feel ready to overcome any obstacle.

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