The Internet Knows: What Car Parts You Should Avoid

If you recently purchased a car, we certainly wouldn’t blame you if you’re enticed by all of the available car accessories and parts that you’ll have at your disposal. While we’re sure you’re happy with your new ride, we understand that you still may be looking to personalize your car a bit. In this situation, it makes more than enough sense to pursue a specific part of accessory.

However, it’s also important to remember that there are a number of accessories that aren’t all the desirable. In fact, there are some features that drivers should avoid altogether. As you’re about to learn, many of these offerings negatively impact the vehicle’s cosmetics, while other amenities negatively influence the vehicle’s performance. Ultimately, it’s best to just avoid these particular offerings.

Below, you’ll find several major car accessories that you can do without. That way, when you’re shopping for car parts and accessories for your new ride, you’ll know what specific offerings you should automatically be ignoring…


Body Kit

Listen, we all understand how alluring a body kit can be. While your vehicle may already be stylish, there are still clever ways that you can configure your exterior. Of course, as Swaroopa Deshmukh of explains, these specific modifications can have a drastic negative influence on other aspects of your ride, leading to reduced overall driving quality:

“It is very common for people wanting to have body kits for their cars. But there is a difference between wanting and actually going for it. If your car is a power-beast, you can easily go but for cars that aren’t made for such accessorizing and additions, it is best to avoid them. These may cause problems in the suspension, steering angles and also in the movement of the wheels.”


Wheel Rims

Rims seemingly play a similar role as a body kit. Sure, opting for this particular feature may make your vehicle a bit more attractive, and you’ll surely impress several of your fellow drivers. However, these inclusions can have a negative impact on other aspects of the vehicle, leading to a reduced driving quality. At the end of the day, you should be prioritizing the overall driving experience instead of cosmetics. Ultimately, as explains, this modification can do more harm than good, especially if the parts prove to be too large to fit into your new ride.

“While big rims can definitely look good, a lot of times people go overboard with their choice of wheel sizes. Making a shift from stock 15-inch wheels to slightly larger and sportier 16-inch ones wouldn’t be much of a problem, but when you start going more than 2 or 3-inches over the manufacturer’s tire size, you can soon run into trouble. If your overall wheel diameter (rim + tire) exceeds what the manufacturer has made room for in the wheel well, the tires can start rubbing against the wheel well liner each time you go through a bump. Plus, you have to note that large diameter rims are also wider, and these can grind against the wheel well walls. “



This amenity is one of the most popular offerings in the industry. After all, which drivers don’t appreciate the ability to appreciate the fresh air? However, this feature is only notable and usable if it’s installed by the actual brand. If you find a business that will add this modification to your ride, you should think twice before committing to the installation. After all, adding such an intrusive feature could have a negative influence on other aspects of your ride, as Jayprashanth Mohanram of points out:

“A sunroof conveys a feeling of luxury and freedom, and a lot of buyers are attracted to cars having this feature. However, most budget cars don’t have a sunroof, making buyers opt for aftermarket units. Well, that’s not a smart thing to do, especially keeping passenger safety in mind.

Aftermarket sunroofs can compromise the car’s structural strength. On the other hand, the factory fitted sunroof has the carmaker taking care of engineering the car’s roof in such a way that structural safety isn’t compromised.”


Sound Modifications

This specific feature certainly isn’t necessary, as it solely impacts the sound that emanates from your ride. In other words, there’s no practical reason for a consumer to pursue a similar function. In fact, as Freya Gilbert of points out, these specific modifications are also highly illegal:

“Many states have a noise limit for in-car stereo systems, in the fine print, to avoid disruption of the peace and the paperwork that comes along with it. However, these mods also apply to exhaust and noisy mufflers as well. As many of these store-bought modifications claim to be legal upon purchase, many don’t know they’re illegal until after they’ve received a ticket and it’s too late.”

As Michael Trusthold of writes, many sellers will try to get their customers to opt for these needless amenities, especially if they aren’t particularly necessary. As a prospective buyer, it’s in your best interest to anticipate this impending pressure. Ultimately, you should be prepared with a list of desirable features and modifications, meaning you won’t be convinced to opt for an undesirable feature.

“Would you like fries with that? Supersize? Encouraging buyers to take additional accessories is one of the oldest sales and marketing tricks in the book. You’ve been pressured to buy a belt when you pick up a new pair of pants, and the same tactic is often used in the car accessories market. A retailer may tell you that you really need a neon green GPS cover, but of course, it’s not true. Ask your friends and speak with a trusted mechanic who is familiar with car accessories. Use these reliable opinions to decide what you should, and what you shouldn’t, buy.”

In other words, you should do your research and have a list of targets before you head to a dealership. You’ll thank us in the long run.