A red 2024 Buick Enclave Sport Touring is shown paked on the side of a street.

Innovation in the Driver’s Seat: The Tech-Savvy 2024 Buick Enclave

What immediately comes to mind when you think of Buick? My first car was a Buick LeSabre, which I wasn’t exactly thrilled about since most of my friends drove newer, less pre-historic models. Even so, I took meticulous care of it and, as it turns out, enjoyed an advantage over my friends. My trusty old Buick was reliable and loaded with features, part of the company’s appeal to older, more experienced drivers in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Today, Buick continues to shape the American automotive landscape but in a new way, broadening its appeal and attracting a new generation of drivers. It’s no longer the Buick my grandparents loved decades ago; it’s better. The brand is synonymous with luxury and innovation, an incredible balance readily apparent in models like the Buick Enclave for sale on dealership lots nationwide.

The 2024 Enclave is a three-row SUV with innovative technologies that promise a transformative and engaging experience in the driver’s seat. Buick ensures the Enclave is a high-value package, making its starting price of $43,900 feel like a steal, considering the upscale interior, modern cockpit, and cutting-edge technologies at your fingertips. Here’s a closer look at those technologies, from functional tech and conveniences to connectivity, safety, and driver-assist tools that guarantee the 2024 Enclave is legions beyond the Buicks of decades past in all the best ways.

A hand is shown pressing a button on the infotainment screen in a 2024 Buick Enclave for sale.

Functional and Convenience Tech

Convenience and functional technologies are often overshadowed by connectivity, safety, and driver-assist features, but they’re integral to your experience with the Enclave. Buick recognizes as much and outfits the 2024 Enclave with convenience-related technologies that improve its functionality. We see this technology throughout the cabin, like with the Smart Slide Second Row that makes the third row accessible with the touch of a button. Likewise, accessing your cargo is easy with the hands-free power liftgate, which activates with a quick motion of your foot.

QuietTuning Technology

Part of the 2024 Enclave’s technology is dedicated to heightening your experience throughout the cabin. Buick lives up to its reputation for offering one of the smoothest and best-quality rides by outfitting the 2024 Enclave with its QuietTuning Technology with Active Noise Cancellation. The advanced technology constantly reduces, absorbs, and blocks unwanted noise to ensure a calm ambiance throughout the cabin, regardless of what’s going on outside or how fast the Enclave is moving.

OnStar Remote Access Plan

Another integral feature in the 2024 Enclave’s technology suite is the OnStar Remote Access Plan. Buick makes it more convenient to access your Enclave when you aren’t in the driver’s seat or within walking distance. With the OnStar Remote Access Plan, you can remotely lock and unlock the doors, start or stop the engine, find its location, check the fuel level, monitor the tire pressure and oil level, schedule service, and more from an app on your smartphone.

Connectivity Tech

Whether you have an Android or iPhone, your smartphone is your lifeline to the world around you. We rely on our phones for everything from keeping us connected to family and friends to navigating routes, discovering new interests, listening to music, and more. With the 2024 Enclave, your smartphone is an extension of the SUV and offers the same level of connectivity, so you never miss any aspect of your busy life.

The Enclave features a standard 8-inch color touchscreen with the Buick infotainment system. The display is a connectivity hub, offering wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, a WiFi hotspot, and Connected Navigation. The 2024 Enclave also comes with wireless smartphone charging, meaning you can leave the charging cables at home and keep the SUV’s cabin free of clutter.

The black and white interior and dash of a 2024 Buick Enclave is shown.

Safety and Driver-Assist Tech

When we think of vehicle technology, we often immediately look at connectivity features and how easily our smartphones integrate. We want to know if we can listen to our playlists and respond to text messages without taking our eyes off the road. But there’s more to the 2024 Enclave’s suite of technology than even this. Buick’s innovative technology extends behind the scenes to active and passive features that heighten your safety behind the wheel.

Enhanced Visibility Technology

One of the most critical components of driving is being aware of your surroundings, whether navigating the Enclave out of your garage or through a congested city street. Buick heightens your situational awareness with two exceptional technologies–a head-up display and an HD Surround Vision camera. The head-up display makes it easy to keep your eyes on the road ahead by projecting vital performance data, like your speed, mileage, and navigational cues, on the windshield. Alternatively, you can use the HD Surround Vision camera to look around the Enclave to avoid hitting other cars or obstacles.

All-Season Confidence

Part of the 2024 Enclave’s technology package is its Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system that heightens your experience in the driver’s seat. Buick’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system works behind the scenes to elevate the Enclave’s performance, delivering optimal power to the wheels to ensure you have more control in slippery conditions. With this technology, you can confidently navigate every season and condition.

Driver-Assist Tools

The 2024 Enclave’s high-value packaging wouldn’t be complete without an impressive lineup of driver-assist tools. These technologies are centralized in the Buick Driver Confidence Plus suite, which is standard across the Enclave’s lineup in 2024. The suite equips the Enclave with frontal, side, and rear-facing technologies that serve as a virtual spotter, alerting you to potential hazards and collisions.

Automatic Emergency Braking works with other technologies like Front Pedestrian Braking, the Following Distance Indicator, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and Forward Collision Alert to bring the Enclave to a quick stop if a collision is imminent. Tools like Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert and Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning monitor the Enclave’s position in the lane and the surrounding traffic, minimizing blind spots and making it easier and safer to change lanes. Other technologies include IntelliBeam automatic high beams that heighten your visibility in low-light conditions and Front and Rear Park Assist, which makes parking the Enclave straightforward and hassle-free.

Cruising Made Easy

How much time do you spend driving at highway speeds? Cruising has never been easier, thanks to the 2024 Enclave and technologies like Adaptive Cruise Control. The technology builds on traditional cruise control by constantly monitoring the traffic ahead and adjusting the Enclave’s cruising speed as needed. This eliminates the need to continually engage and reengage the system, giving you more freedom to relax and enjoy the ride.

A Tech-Savvy Chariot

The 2024 Buick Enclave is a modern marvel that offers cutting-edge technologies and premium luxuries in a highly valuable package. As a three-row SUV, it’s an incredible option for families that want a sophisticated and refined vehicle without a mile-high price tag. The Enclave strikes the perfect balance, especially with its tech-savvy features that ensure everything you need is always within reach.

Buick sweetens the Enclave’s packaging by making it fun and engaging to drive. Despite its large footprint as a three-row SUV, the 2024 Enclave is agile and responsive, courtesy of its 3.6L V6 engine and nine-speed automatic transmission working together to effortlessly and efficiently deliver 310 hp. This output is icing on an already delectable cake and showcases how Buick is further solidifying its reputation for luxury, innovation, and performance without compromise.