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Hyundai’s Integrating Google Assistant Voice Command in Cars

At the annual media event in Las Vegas (the one that precedes the world’s largest electronics show), Hyundai is showcasing its integration of Google Assistant voice command technology. Which will be linked to your Hyundai Blue Link Account, and used via Google Home to control various features. Naturally, anything that’s put out by Google has both Android and Apple fans alike excited. For tech-heads in the automotive industry, this is sure to catch some major attention. Hyundai has always managed to stay on the cutting-edge of technology, and is all about making their drivers’ lives easier, safer, and more convenient. The best outlet for them to do that is technology. Blue Link is already one of the most recognized and praised systems out there in the automotive world, so connecting a Google product makes it even sweeter.

Here’s what Google Assistant will have in store…

Google Voice Assistant

Google Voice Assistant is similar to Amazon Echo and Alexa. Hyundai paired with those companies in order to provide similar features to a wider audience as well. All three work through the Blue Link software, and Google Assistant will be able to control connected features on these cars.

Primarily, it’s designed to be accessed via Google Home, which means you’ll have to pick that up first. If you do though, then you’ll be able to ask Google to start the car, transfer an address, or lock the doors — all right from your home. How cool is that? You’ll also be able to control the horn and lights, stop/start the charging of Hyundai plug-ins, and even set the temperature. All you need to do is enter your Blue Link PIN, to ensure you are the one controlling these features, and you’re ready to go.

When this gains traction, there is no doubt that Google Voice Assistant will become Hyundai’s primary search helper. Although details like the in-home service portion are still in production, the whole package should be available on 2017 models soon.

Essentially, It’s Blue Link — But for Your Home

Essentially, it can do things that Blue Link already does from your mobile phone. It just brings that convenience into your house.

For example, you could ask Google Assistant about a nearby restaurant. Then, say “Okay Google, send the address to my “insert car here” through Blue Link.”


Is it necessary? I mean, we can already do that from our phones. So, no – it doesn’t sound necessary. But eventually, Google Assistant will likely have the capability to provide much more versatility and be able to do things that your cell phone might not be able to do through Blue Link. By that point, you won’t even need your phone. All you’ll have to do is say “Ok, Google” and tell it what you want to do with your car.

For those who are curious, Google Home on its own is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. You can do things like activate streaming music services, get real-time answers, manage certain home devices, and now, thanks to Hyundai, you can even manage your car!

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