An orange 2021 Ford Mustang EcoBoost HPP is shown from the front at an angle.

How Ford Adds Life to the Daily Drive

Vehicles these days offer plenty of ways for travelers to enjoy the ride, from premium sound systems to comfortable seating and configurable cabin spaces. It’s rare, however, that an automaker will choose to include all of the desired features drivers are looking for in its models—but Ford has managed to do just that.

As you glance at your local Ford dealer on your way to your destination, take note of all the models that grace the lot and just imagine what features are waiting inside to add immense enjoyment to your drive. Motorists today are drawn to fun features, like entertainment and convenience options, designed to make the ride better—and if you’re wondering what Ford has to offer, you’re not alone. See what makes this brand a trendsetter in the industry for fun-loving drivers across the nation…

SYNC 4 Technology

The latest Ford models are equipped with what Ford calls the SYNC 4 system, which is the Blue Oval’s immersive infotainment experience. Presented on large touchscreens, including the 15.5-inch display found in the Mustang Mach-E models, this system showcases the latest in vehicle innovation. The SYNC 4 interface is loaded with all of the features drivers depend on during their travels, providing access to navigation, music, messages, and more—plus, it’s easy to use.

Voice recognition makes for a more convenient and safe drive, eliminating the need for drivers to divert their gaze in search of their smartphones. Plus, with over-the-air updates, the SYNC 4 system is able to be enhanced without drivers needing to bring it into the dealership, adding the ultimate convenience to any journey.

Ford models also showcase an abundance of other tech features designed to make the ride more fun. From wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to wireless charging capabilities, onboard Wi-Fi, and more available features in most models, it’s easy to enjoy every moment of the drive in a Ford. With SYNC 4 technology and more, Ford is able to enhance the drive in every possible way, making its models some of the best suited for drivers looking for fun features in their vehicles.

A yellow 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a Ford dealer.

GOAT Modes

“Fun” can mean different things for different drivers; for those who seek out off-road excitement, Ford’s adventurous models have their fair share of convenient features designed to take on any terrain. Take its Bronco and Bronco Sport models, for example, which showcase GOAT (Goes Over Any [Type of] Terrain) modes.

These modes are designed to heighten the spirit of adventure, whether you’re traversing through muddy trails, rocky environments, or anywhere else you dare to travel. Five standard GOAT modes—including Sand, Slippery, Sport, and more—make it easy for off-roaders to take on the elements with confidence.

In addition to these fabulous drive modes, off-road-oriented Ford models can also be equipped with Trail Control technology, which utilizes a 180-degree camera to provide clearer images of what lies ahead on the trails. This way, off-roaders can maneuver through challenging terrain while being more aware of the obstacles that lie before them, adding spirited convenience to the adventure.

Magnificent 4×4 capabilities can be expected in these fearless machines, making them the best poised to deliver the experience many drivers are looking for out on the dusty trails and over the horizon.

Family Entertainment

Keeping kids occupied on the road, as well as taking advantage of ultimate convenience, is what every parent yearns for in their vehicle. Fortunately, Ford hears this loud and clear, offering families the features they need to make the most out of any family adventure.

Models like the Expedition—which is geared toward families—feature plenty of entertainment options to help keep rambunctious travelers at bay during the journey. Rear-seat entertainment systems with Amazon Fire TV capabilities allow young travelers to enjoy their favorite movies, shows, and more, immersing them in the drive and keeping drivers more focused on the road ahead.

Many Ford models also feature configurable cabin spaces, which allow travelers to accommodate extra passengers or gear when needed, with dedicated Cargo Management Systems at the ready to lend a hand. From sliding second-row seats to a fold-flat back row, Ford models can handle more during the drive with impeccable comfort and convenience. In addition, many models are equipped with a hands-free power tailgate, which comes to the rescue for busy parents who have their hands full when loading up their vehicles.

Impressive Camera Angles

Many drivers are used to having a tough time seeing in their blind spots, as well as backing up in busy parking lots. Although this has been regarded as standard procedure in vehicles, Ford eliminates this feeling with the use of several camera angles to ensure clarity and safety on board.

An assortment of new Ford models feature 360-degree camera technology, which simulates a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle, allowing travelers to navigate through traffic and parking with confidence. Utilizing cameras and sensors, many Ford models also come to the rescue with the daunting task of parking, with parking assistance tech specially-designed to make quick work of challenging streetside parking spaces.

Back-up cameras, plus a slew of trailering tech, can also be found, adding splendid convenience to any journey. Ford’s arsenal of tough trucks includes some of the best trailering tech on the market, with a smart hitch available to make connecting to a trailer effortless, as well as onboard scales to reduce the risk of overloading. From front to back, Ford vehicles are covered by some of the latest camera innovations in the industry, adding a level of assurance to the drive that’s difficult to find elsewhere.

A white 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend is shown from the side while off-road.

BlueCruise Capabilities

Hands-free driving capabilities are just gaining traction in the automotive industry, and Ford showcases this cutting-edge tech in a handful of its best-selling vehicles. With the ability to let your vehicle take the reins and control the drive, it’s easy for motorists to enjoy their experience on the road more so than ever before.

BlueCruise technology allows Ford vehicles to act as true assistants on over 130,000 miles of compatible roadways across the US and Canada, from steering to changing lanes, braking, and adjusting your speed to the flow of traffic.

This system has been rated #1 among active driving assistance systems, beating out competitors like GM’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot. Utilizing an eye-facing camera combined with Adaptive Cruise Control and sophisticated mapping tools, vehicles equipped with BlueCruise can provide a ride that’s unlike anything before seen in history.

Fun Ford Features That Make the Drive Exceptional

It’s no secret that Ford caters to drivers seeking a fun time on the road, especially with all the features in its excellent model lineup. Whether it’s convenient cabin configurations or top-level tech that drivers are looking for, Ford has designed its models to include something for everyone to make their time behind the wheel simply incredible.

As one of the oldest automakers in existence, Ford has had to evolve with the changing needs of drivers across the nation—and over its time in the industry, it has done this perfectly. Providing a sense of comfort, convenience, and excitement to the daily drive, travelers can confidently take on anything they come across on the road.

If there’s one thing that Ford knows how to do well, it’s how to remain a top brand on the streets—and it does this through an arsenal of features inspired by today’s modern travelers who prioritize a good time in the driver’s seat.