A black 2024 Toyota Corolla is shown parked near a city.

How Do the 2024 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Hybrid Compare?

A lot of the time, the auto industry looks like a collection of trucks and SUVs, with the occasional sports car thrown in for performance enthusiasts. Those of us who just want a practical and reliable sedan have largely been cast aside by many manufacturers as little more than an afterthought. However, Toyota still delivers a multitude of cars for you to choose from, giving you a ton of options in terms of size and powertrain.

If you’re interested in a compact car, then the 2024 Toyota Corolla is a fantastic choice that has solid performance, great features inside and out, plus terrific safety technology. Whereas Chevy has a single car available, and Ford has none, Toyota has multiple Corolla models—even hatchback and performance options, though we’re not looking at those today—truly putting other manufacturers to shame. As you look at the Corolla, you might wonder whether the standard model or the hybrid has more of what you’re looking for, so let’s check them both out and see how they stack up.

Engines and Performance

The best place to start when comparing these two vehicles is with their engines because that’s really at the heart of their differences. As you might imagine from their names, the standard 2024 Toyota Corolla has a basic gas-powered engine, while the Corolla Hybrid has a hybrid powertrain that utilizes an electric motor along with a gasoline engine. But Toyota hasn’t just slapped an electric motor onto the standard Corolla engine and called it a day—these models have two different engines, which is important.

Under the hood of the 2024 Corolla, you’ll find a 2.0L four-cylinder engine that delivers 169 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque, which is plenty of power for a small sedan like this. By comparison, the Corolla Hybrid features a 1.8L four-cylinder engine that offers 138 hp and 105 lb-ft of torque, which isn’t quite as much power. To be fair, however, it’s still plenty for this kind of car and the Corolla Hybrid.

One very important thing to note, however, is that the standard Toyota Corolla is only available with front-wheel drive. The Corolla Hybrid comes with front-wheel drive standard, but all-wheel drive is available if you prefer that kind of driving experience. Either one is a good fit for this car, but if you’re somewhere that gets a lot of rain or snow, then you’ll appreciate the extra traction and control that all-wheel drive brings to the road. For raw power, the standard gasoline model comes out on top, but available all-wheel drive is a great option for the Corolla Hybrid.

Fuel Efficiency

Some vehicles feature a hybrid powertrain to help boost performance, using the battery-powered motor to supplement or add to the power of the standard engine. With other models, like the 2024 Toyota Corolla Hybrid, the motor helps provide more power to let the engine do less work, thereby improving fuel efficiency. I’ll tell you right now: the Hybrid is going to come out on top, and it’s not particularly close, even though the standard Corolla is already quite fuel-efficient.

The trim you choose can impact the overall fuel economy for the 2024 Toyota Corolla, but not by much: the standard LE trim gets an estimated 32 MPG in the city, 41 MPG on the highway, and 35 MPG combined. Higher trims can reduce each of those numbers by a single MPG, but you’ll probably never notice a difference in the real world. By comparison, the 2024 Corolla Hybrid gets an estimated 53 MPG in the city, 46 MPG on the highway, and 50 MPG combined. The difference in highway miles is good, if not massive, but the amount of gas the Corolla Hybrid saves when driving around the city is incredible.

I should note that choosing a Corolla Hybrid with all-wheel drive cuts down on efficiency a bit, with that model getting an estimated 51 MPG in the city, 44 MPG on the highway, and 48 MPG combined. The sporty Hybrid Nightshade trim also prioritizes flash and features over optimal fuel economy, reducing those numbers by a further 3-4 MPG across the board but still coming in well above the standard Corolla. For drivers who want to make as few stops for gas as possible, the Corolla Hybrid is undoubtedly the way to go.

A black 2024 Toyota Corolla Nightshade is shown driving on a bridge.

Interior Space and Design

We went into this knowing the powertrain difference between these models was going to be a big deal, but what about everything else? Once you move inside these two different Corolla options, things become much more similar. Both models have seating inside for up to five passengers, with just over 13 cu.ft. of cargo volume for you to take advantage of in the truck. They’re identical in terms of overall size inside and out, including 38.3 inches of front headroom, 37.1 inches of rear headroom, 42 inches of front legroom, and 34.8 inches of legroom in the rear seat. You’ll also find many identical comfort features between them, like available heated seating, standard fabric-trimmed seats, and available leather-trimmed upholstery.

Tech Features and Options

The tech features you’ll find in the 2024 Toyota Corolla models can vary depending on the trim you’re looking at, but they’re pretty much the same between the gasoline and hybrid versions. Every Corolla comes with an eight-inch infotainment display with a six-speaker sound system, although a nine-speaker JBL Premium sound system is available. A 4.2-inch customizable Multi-Information Display is standard, with a seven-inch Fully Digital Gauge Cluster available in the higher trims. You can also add a Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charger and more. In general, the choice of trim is more important here than choosing between the gasoline and hybrid models, with four trims offered for both.

Advanced Safety Technology

For me, nothing is more important when it comes to a vehicle than how well it can help keep you safe. Whether I’m shopping for a new ride, helping a friend look at different options, or just talking shop with other auto enthusiasts, safety features are what I care about most. I know that’s not the case for everyone, but no amount of horsepower is more impressive to me than a vehicle that helps ensure I get home safe and sound at night.

With that in mind, I’m happy to say every 2024 Toyota Corolla comes with Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 standard. This includes a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Proactive Driving Assist, and Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist. Every Corolla also features Automatic High Beams, Road Sign Assist, and Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. You’ll find 10 airbags inside, and more features are available, like a Blind Spot Monitor with a Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. This is all true whether you look at the gasoline-powered version or the Corolla Hybrid model.

A white 2024 Toyota Corolla Nightshade is shown parked near a city curb.

Which One Is Better?

Which version of the 2024 Corolla is better really depends on what we’re talking about. In terms of driver assistance technology, interior comfort and tech features, and overall size, the standard Corolla and the Corolla Hybrid are identical—no surprises there. For someone who prioritizes fuel economy when shopping for a vehicle, there’s no denying that the hybrid model comes out on top; anyone interested in more horsepower and torque, however, will prefer the standard model. The one major advantage of the Corolla Hybrid is that it is offered with all-wheel drive, which you can’t get on the gasoline model. For this reason, and this one alone, I’d give the Corolla Hybrid the edge here; at the end of the day, however, they’re both going to make a driver looking for a great car to enjoy each day very happy.