A blue 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is shown from the side while driving up a hill.

All About the Details: The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

In 2021, Toyota debuted the Corolla Cross as a way to expand on one of its best-selling, award-winning models. People love crossover vehicles and SUVs, so Toyota jumped on the proverbial bandwagon and launched a legend. For 2023, Toyota is releasing the first-ever Corolla Cross Hybrid. It’s a perfect concoction of performance, efficiency, and an overall unforgettable driving experience. The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is the unique and stylish model to keep Toyota sharp and competitive across the SUV compact segment. In this piece, we deep dive into how you can customize the Corolla Cross Hybrid to make it perfect for you and what makes this car so special.

Details About the Engine

The 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid is designed with the utmost attention to detail. The sleek outside pairs beautifully with the roomy and sophisticated cabin, while the engine is an engineering feat of its own. Along with the beautiful aesthetic, the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid is designed to fit in with the rest of Toyota’s lineup of reliable and safe vehicles with a focus on quality parts and driver assistance features. Plus, it’s a hybrid, so you know you’re getting top-grade fuel efficiency and driving a car that saves you money. It features Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 stacked with helpful driver assists and an impressive suite of technology.

Every Corolla Cross Hybrid is all-wheel drive, so the handling is firm without feeling clunky. The wheels grip roads in any conditions, making for a crossover that’s competent in dry, wet, or snowy climates. The powertrain is outfitted with a 2.0L I-4 engine mounted between three electric motors. The output measures 194 horsepower, making for an exciting hybrid engine with favorable pickup and a surprisingly decent 0-60 mph time coming in at 8.0 seconds. The previous Corolla Cross non-hybrid clocked a 0-60 mph of 9.3 seconds, so the 2023 model is already a significant improvement. The gas-only powered Corolla Cross features a similar 2.0L I-4 engine that comes in a little less hot at 169 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque.

However, the real improvement moving from the 2022 gas-powered model to the 2023 hybrid is the hybrid’s boost in fuel economy. The 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid delivers an estimated 37 MPG combined, making it the fastest and most efficient variant of the Corolla Cross. That’ll make for significant savings at the pump and a better overall feeling for helping the environment without sacrificing comfort or performance. The 2022 gas-only Corolla Cross’s fuel economy numbers averaged about 29-31 MPG in the city and 32-33 MPG on the highway, depending on the powertrain you have, so the improvement is significant. Plus, you’re actually getting more power in the more efficient hybrid engine.

Since the hybrid engine has been successful in the Corolla sedan, it was only logical for Toyota to build a larger SUV version for the driver needing bigger accommodations. While the Corolla sedan is great, many families are going to want extra space for people to feel comfortable, and making the subcompact SUV into a hybrid is even better because of the fuel economy benefits. This subcompact hybrid SUV is set to be a commuter’s best friend.

The interior of a 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is shown from the passenger seat.

Details About Comfort and Technology

As a brand, Toyota is synonymous with comfort. Drivers have grown to expect stylish and functional designs from every vehicle rolling off a Toyota Assembly line. The Corolla Cross Hybrid is no exception. Faithful Toyota customers also know they can take comfort in knowing they’re in a car that is packed to the brim with safety features and built with quality materials, inside and out, for a car that goes the distance. It’s not unusual to see decades-old Toyotas, especially Corollas, still on the road and being passed down from generation to generation.

The 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid is available in five trims: S, LE, SE, XLE, and XSE. While the higher-end trims come with extra features, the base-level models are still configured with loads of intriguing add-ons to take the car from daily driver to road trip warrior. All trim levels come with a 7 or 8-inch infotainment system that features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, dual Bluetooth connectivity, and Over-the-Air updates. You can also get access to more features through a subscription to Connected Service Drive Connect, which gives you access to the Intelligent Assistant, Destination Assist, and Cloud Navigation. Speaking of technology, your favorite music and podcasts come out crystal-clear through the available JBL Premium Audio system, and you get a three-month trial to the SiriusXM Platinum Plan.

With the ability to customize your hybrid with its array of trims, there are dozens of available extras to create the Corolla Cross Hybrid of your dreams. The S trim comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, sport-tuned suspension, LED headlights and tail lamps, and a smart key entry system for quick and simple access and locking. Moving to the SE means adding roof rails, paddle shift transmission, darker privacy glass for windows, and additional safety tech like the Blind-Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

For even more sophistication, the XSE trim has 18-inch alloy wheels, premium LED headlights, taillights, and fog lights, heated front seats, and a power driver’s seat. As far as interior fabrics go, the S and SE cabins have fabric seats, while the XSE has SofTex-trimmed seats available in either black or black/blue. The LE trim’s seats are light gray and black fabric, while the XLE comes with a choice of Black or Macadamia/Mocha SofTex material.

A blue 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is shown from the front at an angle on a city street.

Details About Safety

Standard safety features not only give drivers peace of mind, they also help to prevent accidents. The 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid is built with Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 (TSS 3.0) that includes a Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Lane Tracing Assist, and more. The TSS 3.0 features enhanced system sensors with improved detection and higher sensitivity to your surroundings. Pedestrian Detection is capable of detecting motorists on bicycles. When drivers are making a turn, the system is designed to sense forward or lateral approaching vehicles and alert drivers with audio and visual alerts, and, in some cases, automatically brake if needed. Hill Start Assist Control also comes standard.

The Corolla Cross Hybrid is also equipped with Toyota’s Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, making it a dependable vehicle for long hauls and road trips. Road Sign Assist is designed to scan and recognize certain road signs like speed limits and stop signs with the use of a forward-facing camera and display them on the multi-information display. Finally, Toyota’s Rear Seat Reminder comes standard on every Corolla Cross Hybrid. It’s an innovative tool that senses when a rear door is opened within 10 minutes of the vehicle being turned on or at any point after the vehicle has been running. It sends a reminder message in the instrument cluster after the engine is turned off, accompanied by multitone chimes to alert the driver.

An All-Around Winner

We’re impressed with so many aspects of the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid. Toyota made the decision to keep the Corolla moniker due to people’s existing familiarity and loyalty to the sedan model but beefed up the size, power, and technology to a car worthy of its own recognition. It’s nothing short of thrilling that the beloved Corolla could be scaled up into a roomy, sleek SUV and that Toyota had the sense to align good interior design with an equally impressive powertrain. The Corolla Cross Hybrid’s performance figures, both for speed and fuel efficiency, make for a vehicle that fans of the brand can look forward to driving for many years to come.