A blue 2022 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is shown from the side while kicking up sand on a beach.

Great Ways to Customize Your Jeep

Jeep vehicles are known for many things, such as offering unparalleled off-road performance, delivering style and engineering that’s truly unique, and creating fantastic opportunities for customization. While you can technically modify any vehicle out there with a wide range of aftermarket options, few brands provide as many Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts as Jeep and its Mopar line of factory accessories. If you are interested in some OEM Jeep parts for sale, then it’s important you consider all of your options to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

The great thing about these parts is that Jeep offers a wide range of products for all of its different vehicles. Whether you have a Jeep Gladiator or a Wrangler––or even if you’re considering your options before buying your next vehicle––the Mopar brand has you covered. There are far too many options available for me to get into all of them right now, but I’m going to take you through the Jeep lineup and mention some of the most popular OEM modifications. Then you can contact your favorite Jeep dealership or check out the Mopar website to learn more and get the right parts for your vehicle.

Jeep Cherokee

The popular Cherokee has a ton of accessories and options available, letting you customize your ride with exactly what you want. Inside, you can make your Cherokee a lot more functional with additions like molded cargo trays to hold small items and protect your interior from dirt and debris or premium floor mats that provide extra protection while being easy to clean. Cargo totes and nets are great options for keeping your stuff organized, and there’s even a Jeep pet kennel available so your furry friend can ride safely with you.

Similarly, exterior options include a wide range of storage and cargo solutions so you can bring everything you need with you safely. Available roof rack crossbars open up a wide range of cargo options for your Cherokee, including cargo baskets, bags, and boxes that securely fit onto your roof. You can also choose OEM carriers for kayaks, canoes, snowboards, and bikes to easily bring any equipment you need with you while exploring the outdoors.

A blue 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a dealer that had OEM Jeep parts for sale.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you prefer the larger Grand Cherokee SUV from Jeep, you have many similar options available, plus some unique features to enjoy. You can choose premium carpet floor mats or all-weather mats that are perfect for snowy conditions, mud, and dirt. Katzkin leather interior options add gorgeous sophistication and comfort, while the bright pedal kit features stainless steel pedals with black rubber pads to ensure excellent traction while looking fantastic.

Brushed stainless steel door sill guards look amazing and help protect your Jeep’s body––illuminated guards are also offered. You’ll find a ton of cargo solutions, including totes, nets, and a kennel, much like what you can get with the Cherokee. If you like a touch of sophistication on the exterior of your vehicle, then Jeep offers OEM chrome mirror covers, tubular side steps, and 20-inch chrome wheels––along with chrome exhaust tips and more to bring the whole look together. There’s even a Mopar tent kit available that’s perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Jeep Renegade

With the Renegade, you’ll find a lot of similar options from Jeep to customize your ride in ways that are both functional and stylish. There are numerous OEM interior parts and accessories, including a molded cargo tray to keep things in place in the rear area, plus cargo nets, totes, and more for when you need to load up and hit the road. Much like with many other Jeep models, a bright pedal kit is available for the Renegade, along with stainless steel sill guards, numerous floor mat options, and more.

Available OEM roof rack rails allow for a wide range of storage options on the top of the Renegade, including a cargo box, bag, and exclusive Jeep cargo baskets. You can also get roof storage for kayaks and canoes, surf and paddle boards, snowboards and skis, and bikes. If you have a small trailer you want to pull behind your Renegade, then the available Mopar hitch receiver, trailer tow wiring harness, and ball-mount adapter kits can all be great options.

Jeep Compass

The sporty Jeep Compass is a favorite for many drivers and has many of the same options that you can find on other models, giving you plenty of ways to customize your ride. For example, you’ll find premium carpet cargo mats, molded cargo trays, and storage solutions, including cargo nets and totes, to help you organize the stuff you need to take with you. Roof rack crossbars are available, along with all kinds of roof storage for loose items or outdoor equipment. Rock rails and splash guards from Mopar can help protect the lower body panels on your Compass, while door sill guards reduce wear from passengers getting in and out of your Jeep.

A blue 2022 Jeep Wrangler 392 is shown from the side while driving in sand.

Jeep Wrangler

There is a truly staggering number of OEM accessories and parts available for the Wrangler, far more than any other Jeep model, so this will be a fairly limited overview. Just looking at exterior lighting, for example, you can find mounting brackets for lights on the bumper, winch guard, and various places on the body of your Wrangler. With these brackets in place, you can then attach LED off-road lights, rock lights, and light bars onto the Wrangler to provide excellent illumination when your day on the trail runs late. Stand-alone light bars and even grille guards with integrated light bars provide more illumination options.

Jeep offers a two-inch Mopar lift kit with FOX Shocks designed to take your off-road performance to the next level and guaranteed to work with your Wrangler. Ring and pinion gear sets are available to maintain excellent performance if you want to install larger tires on your Wrangler, while an available exhaust system with dual chrome tips ensures an aggressive sound and optimized performance. There’s a Mopar cold air intake system offered to help boost your engine’s performance and an OEM snorkel kit if you want to hit trails that can compromise standard air intake.

Honestly, I’ve barely touched the surface of what Jeep offers for the Wrangler: you can get skid plates to better protect the underside of your vehicle, heavy-duty brakes, and even high-strength axle assemblies. You can get OEM tube door kits to provide you with some protection even with the doors off, along with doors-off mirror kits to improve rear visibility with the doors removed. There are numerous Mopar side step options available, roof options like a new flip top for hardtop models, and even a rear-seat dog partition so your pet can have the run of the backseat while you handle the driving up front.

Jeep Gladiator

In many ways, the Gladiator has just as many OEM accessory options as the Wrangler, giving you tremendous freedom to customize it. This includes mountings for a wide range of lighting solutions, bumper upgrades, additional skid plates, tube door kits, and doors-off mirror kits. There are numerous Mopar performance upgrades and parts available for the Gladiator, including axle assemblies, cat-back exhaust systems, ring and pinion gear sets, and much more.

The pickup design of the Gladiator allows for some unique options, such as a soft roll-up tonneau cover to protect items in the bed while keeping them accessible. There are both soft and hard tri-fold tonneau covers available, a truck bed storage system with two lockable drawers that slide out for easy access, and cross-rails for not only the roof but also the bed of the Gladiator. This gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility to take everything you need with you using the Gladiator, even before you start looking at parts and options for optimizing towing.

Make Your Jeep Yours

Altogether, these parts and accessories give you numerous ways to customize your Jeep. No matter which model you own, from the Renegade to the Wrangler, Jeep has a catalog filled with Mopar parts designed to take your vehicle to the next level. And unlike aftermarket parts, they are guaranteed to fit and will not void your warranties. With the massive selection of OEM Jeep parts, you can get the functionality you need and make your vehicle look uniquely your own.