A red 2020 Chevy Silverado 6500HD is shown parked near a construction site after visiting a commercial truck dealer.

Finding the Perfect Chevy Commercial Truck

Searching for a capable truck for your commercial business can be a daunting task. There are many options to consider, including the type of truck that will best enhance your company, along with an abundance of engine options and tech features. Ideal features will greatly depend on your business applications; a landscaper will need a very different type of commercial truck than a delivery company. Chevrolet makes several great options, which include its Low Cab Forward and Silverado medium-duty trucks. When looking for a commercial truck dealer that understands the needs of many types of businesses, Chevy is the go-to brand for commercial businesses who want nothing but the best for their transportation, and the Low Cab Forward and Silverado medium-duty models are some of the best in their lineup.

One of the biggest pros to the Low Cab Forward is the capacity for a significantly heavier and bigger payload on both the regular cab and crew cab. The medium-duty Silverado trucks can offer more overall weight capacity when you factor in towing capacity. Neither of these is necessarily a disadvantage, but each does better in certain circumstances. The Low Cab Forward performs better when you need to haul big things, but a trailer is not a good fit. For example, maneuvering in a city with a trailer can be more difficult than just having a truck whose body is designed for hauling heavy payloads. Let’s explore these two vehicles further.

A silver 2020 Chevy Silverado 4500 HD is shown parked near a construction site.

The Lowdown on the 2023 Chevy Low Cab Forward

The Low Cab Forward truck has been designed for a wide variety of applications, from construction to wholesale delivery. The design utilizes a shorter cab design than traditional trucks, which allows for a bigger truck bed, better maneuvering, and improved visibility. With the big windows, you can easily see in front and to the side with maximum visibility. The improved visibility and maneuvering make the Low Cab Forward a great option for commercial deliveries, landscaping, and construction where space is limited, and corners are tight.

The Low Cab Forward has a max gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 33,000 lbs with the 7500 XD, allowing for a max payload of 22,657 lbs. It achieves this shocking amount of power using a 6.7L Cummings Turbo-Diesel engine which produces 260 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque. Even the 3500 Low Cab Forward has a max payload of 6,627 lbs. The 4500 has a max payload of 8,787 lbs, the 4500 XD has a max payload of 9,445 lbs, the 5500 XD has a max payload of 12,476 lbs, and the 6500 XD has a max payload of 14,730 lbs. Whatever weight you typically haul, there is a Low Cab Forward model option for you.

The Low Cab Forward can be easily outfitted for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are looking for a stake body, a dump truck, a utility body, a platform body, or any other commercial truck functionality, a Low Cab Forward is a good fit. One added benefit of the design is that a crew cab still allows for a long truck bed, while the medium-duty Silverado trucks have a limited truck bed capacity when you have a crew cab.

The Chevy 2023 Medium Duty Silverado Truck Lineup

Chevy’s medium-duty Silverado models are powerfully large trucks that can be outfitted for a wide variety of applications, allowing them to excel in environments like construction sites. They come as 4500, 5500, and 6500 models, available in either 2WD or 4×4 configurations. The max payload for these medium-duty trucks is lower than the Low Cab Forward options; however, it is made up for with a larger towing capacity.

The GVWR for the 4500 HD is between 14,001 and 16,500 lbs, depending on the configuration. The 5500 HD has a varying GVWR of 17,500 to 19,500 lbs, while the Silverado 6500 HD has a GVWR of 21,500 to 23,500 lbs. As you can see, the Low Cab Forward has up to 9,500 lbs higher GVWR than the 6500 HD. That being said, the 6500 HD has a higher gross combination weight rating. This means the 6500 HD has a higher capacity when you factor in the towing capacity, so if you need to make your deliveries without a trailer, the Low Cab Forward will be a better option. These models can be equipped with utility bodies, dump bodies, platform beds, stake beds, and more. They can be configured as a bucket, crane, cable pulling, or hook-lift truck, offering versatility and a wide range of commercial applications.

Choosing the Right Commercial Truck

A business purchase like a truck is a very big choice. Choose the right truck for the job, and you and your workers will be happier, more profitable, and confidently take on any challenge. Choose the wrong truck, and you’ll find the vehicle performs poorly for your needed tasks, causing issues with productivity and serving your customers properly. Generally, a medium-duty truck is equipped for construction jobs and those suited to a more traditional truck design.

For example, they work great as snow plows. They work so well for construction because the truck bed can be equipped with a utility body which allows for safe and durable storage for your tools, while the truck bed or roof rack can be used for transporting materials. Add a trailer full of tools and materials, and you can see why so many construction companies love these trucks. Generally, bigger construction jobs don’t require carrying a trailer to multiple job sites daily. When numerous deliveries occur daily, the Low Cab Forward is probably a better option.

A Low Cab Forward is a great option for delivery vehicles because they are easier to maneuver than a cutaway cab like the Silverado HD. Because the truck bed is larger and has a higher weight capacity, the delivery driver can more easily maneuver in tight spaces without worrying about backing up a trailer. With the proper training, backing up a Low Cab will be faster than backing up a trailer, especially with the available rear vision camera. It can be outfitted even with refrigeration capabilities so that you can deliver temperature-sensitive cargo.

Help Your Business Succeed With a Reliable Chevy Commercial Truck

A commercial business is either helped or hindered by its equipment. Don’t let this be you. Find the right Chevy commercial truck for your business, and your business will succeed for years to come. The engineers at Chevrolet have designed two very capable trucks in the Low Cab Forward and Silverado medium-duty truck lineup. If you are unsure which is the best design for you, consider your usage, weight requirements, and whether you need to use a trailer.

Consulting your local Chevy dealership will also help answer your questions and allow you to test drive some models. Once you better understand their capabilities, you’ll be better equipped to make the best decision for your business. Whether you need the Low Cab Forward’s bigger bed capable of a lot of weight or the versatility and trailer-hauling capabilities of the Silverado, you can rest assured that these vehicles will be there to put in a hard day’s work.