Exploring Ram’s Various “Upfit” Modifications

One of the latest trends in the truck world is upfitting the pickup, which means adding an elaborate accompanying unit to your truck’s bed. These upfits can help transform your vehicle into a makeshift dump truck, ambulance, or even a traveling office. Even businesses are recognizing how these modifications can be useful, and they’re starting to equip their company’s trucks with these add-ons.

Luckily, Ram isn’t a stranger to this modifications, as the brand offers these up-fits for each of their vehicles, including the Heavy Duty, Ram Chassis Cab, Ram Promaster Window Van, Ram Promaster Cargo Van, Ram Promaster Chassis Cab, Ram Promaster Cutaway Van, Ram Promaster Cargo Van, and the Ram Promaster City Wagon. With the inclusion of Ram’s Upfitter Interface Module, owners can now install over 70 different input and output interfaces, allowing them to simply swap out their features.

Safety is becoming a particular focus of these upfit manufacturer’s in recent years, especially since some of the units impact how the vehicle operates.

“Fleet managers are giving increased consideration as to whether an upfit will be ergonomically safe for the driver over the service life of the vehicle,” Don Scare, a manager of a truck fleet management company, told Mike Antich of Automotive-Fleet.com.

Luckily, Ram’s engineers accounted for how these add-ons may affect their truck’s operations. To learn more about the upfit additions to these pickups, continue reading below. That way, when you’re ready to purchase a Dodge Ram in Miami, you’ll know what inclusion you should be opting for…

Ram Heavy Duty

The Plowing upfit is an essential customization if you live a blustery area, as the plow will assure that no accumulated snow will slow down your pickup. Thanks to the Upfitter Interface Module, the plow can easily be secured to the front of the vehicle. While these plows often have a negative reaction to your vehicle’s ability to generate power, that won’t be an issue in the Ram. The pickup offers a number of powerful engines, like the 440-horsepower 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel I6, meaning your power will never be compromised.

Of course, there are several other aspects of a Ram truck that will help keep your pickup on track while driving in the snow (while also eliminating any of the negative handling effects that installing a plow may have). With technological safety features like Traction Control, Hydraulic Boost Compensation, and Ready Alert Braking, your new truck will be ready to overcome any slick surface.

A good number of Ram owners rely on their pickup truck for the worksite. Whether they need that extra bit of cargo room to store equipment or materials, they can count on the Ram to adequately accompany them on the job. For those who want even more storing options, the toolbox upfit is certainly a reasonable route. The option allows owners to install storage and shelving containers in the truck’s bed, allowing them to carry even more cargo.

The Service Capsule will serve a similar role, as the upfit includes a “covered and secured mobile workshop” that sits comfortable in their truck’s bed. This makes storage easy, and you know your parts won’t get damaged due to the weather. Plus, while the feature may limit your rear view a bit, the Ram’s ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera will easily solve that issue.

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about how the extra cargo will impact your pickup’s drivability. Besides the previously-mentioned engine (which will help overcome the added weight), the Ram also features a Class-Exclusive rear air suspension (with the appreciated load leveling capability). So no matter how you end up storing all that cargo, you can be assured that your vehicle will still be driving on the appropriate level.

Chassis Cab


The longer-wheelbase Ram can be customized to provide you with the ultimate worksite companion. It starts with the service upfits, which provide more cargo space and shelving via a steel or lightweight aluminum body. Customers could also upfit their Chassis Cab with the platform upfit, which will transform your truck into a delivery vehicle. With a large, wide-open body, you’ll be able to secure and haul any peculiar items. If you’re looking for a similar shape with a cover, you could opt for the box van upfit, which makes your chassis cab into a boxy delivery mobile. If you want to get even fancier, you can go with the refrigeration upfit, which provides insulation, allowing you to cool your stored cargo. This would be of particular interest to a farmer, as the add-on would allow them to easily transport all of their goods.

Meanwhile, dump upfits will transform your vehicle into a de facto dump truck, making it easy to haul trash or transport sand or mulch. Plus, with the convenient drop-sides, you’ll never have an issue unloading that cargo. The landscaper upfit can serve practically the same role, with the addition including several “dump-box features.”

Other options include the mechanic upfit (great for repairing or servicing any electrical boxes), ambulance upfit (excellent for safety personel), and a wrecker upfit (perfect for hauling another vehicle).

Ram Promaster Window Van


While the Promaster Window Van is typically known for hauling cargo, it is also capable of hauling passengers if you opt for the Livery Interior Upfit. Three rows of seats can be installed into the back of your van, transforming the vehicle into a bus. To compensate for the additional passengers, the engineers added several safety features to keep these occupants safe.

Furthermore, the powerful engine and clever exterior design were meant to hold thousands of pounds of cargo. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any worries about bussing around a van full of people. You can make your vehicle even more user-friendly by adding the Mobility Interior Upfit, which provides ramps and lifts to help your passengers get into the van. Of course, by opting for the Window Van, you’re also allowing these passengers to get some much-needed sunlight.

Ram Promaster Cargo Van


The Promaster Cargo Van is perhaps more adept at hauling and storing cargo. For example, the Trades Interior Upfit will turn your cargo area into a mini workshop, with shelves and tank storage compartments included in the add-on. This is the perfect accompaniment for the Cargo Van, as the vehicle already offers several features that make loading and unloading a breeze. With the wider cargo doors, you’ll be able to fit any cumbersome object, and the 90-degree walls make it easy for you to stack boxes. The Delivery Interior modifies this upfit a bit, making it easier to transport precious cargo (like cakes or other foods).

Meanwhile, the Mobile Office Interior literally transform your vehicle into a mini office. There are several shelves for storing documents, a space for a desk and an office chair, and even a wall where you can mount a television!


As you’ve read, these upfits can truly transform your Ram truck. Whether you want to convert your vehicle in a dump trunk or a personal office, the options are all there. Plus, thanks to the innovative engineers, these add-ons won’t have any negative effects on your truck. So when it ultimately comes down to it, there really aren’t any reasons to not pursue one of these.

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