A grey 2021 Mustang Mach-E is driving with mountains in the distance.

Electric Cars Are Better Than Ever, What Are The Options?

It seems that in recent years, the popularity of fully electric cars is skyrocketing. Tesla is definitely at the forefront of the industry, but companies are catching on and creating some fierce competition. Ford announced a new full-electric car that takes on the Mustang line-up. Despite people not being pleased with the name that was attached to this car, according to Ford, they sold out of the new SUV within nine days of release for reservation. Tesla also released its new SUV, the Tesla Model Y. With the same 300-mile range as the Ford, how does the Tesla stack up? The only true way to tell is the physical driving test, but what about on paper? In this battle of full-electric vehicles, which one will be right for you? With zero emissions and gas-saving on the horizon, choosing the right one can be crucial. Let’s discuss the differences between the Mustang Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mach-E Safety and Capability

Tesla is really pushing for not only the looks but also the amenities that come with an SUV. With easy trunk access space, room for seven, and versatile seating and storage, it has everything that comes with a traditional SUV. They also pushed safety with this new model.

According to Tesla’s website: “Like every Tesla, Model Y is designed to be the safest vehicle in its class. The low center of gravity, rigid body structure, and large crumple zones provide unparalleled protection.” So, you won’t need to worry about you or your passengers while on the road.

What about the Mach-E? While Ford hasn’t released anything about the build of the car itself, they did release the safety features built into the computer system. They are coming equipped with the Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0. This newly updated system provides some awesome driver-assist provisions.

Automatic braking is on the top of the list for the Mach-E. Along with lane-keeping, a rearview camera, auto high beams, reverse brake assist, post-collision braking, and a reverse sensing system. Whew! That is a lot of features!

But the list is not over; the Ford Co-Pilot 2.0 also has Intelligent adaptive cruise control. With this, the car will read the speed signs and adjust your speed automatically. Evasive steering assist helps you with your reaction when someone stops suddenly.

Like some other models, the Mach-E has active park assist and a 360-Degree Camera. So, both have decent safety and driving features. But what about the interior, range, and engine?

A white 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, which wins when comparing the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y, is driving on a curvy road next to a lake.

Mach-E vs Model Y Interior

Tesla has made a name for itself with its interior. While being very simple and sleek, it is incredibly functional. With the Model Y, it has a 15-inch touch screen paired with an elevated seating position and low dash you have a commanding view of the road.

The computer system has over-the-air software updates, meaning that you have the latest and greatest when it comes to software. If you happen to be a taller person, the all-glass design of the roof provides extra headroom for you and your passengers.

The Mach-E is looking like it won’t be a slacker in this department, though. With a slightly bigger display, coming in at 15.5 inches, and being equipped with Ford’s SYNC. This enables you to customize your car however you like it. Designed to work seamlessly with your phone so you can become familiar with the software instantly.

The Mach-E will also have the modem-based over-the-air update capability. The computer system can also adjust the interior lighting to match any mood you may find yourself in.

Mach-E vs Model Y Range and Powerhouse

This is the most important part of the new electric vehicles. The range and power output can make or break the decision to buy a certain model and brand. So, in this case, let’s discuss what the Model Y and Mustang will have in store.

The Model Y is punching out some serious numbers. The numbers discussed here will be for the Long Range RWD option because, for both the Mustang and the Model Y, the RWD option has the best range. According to Tesla, the Model Y will have a 300-mile range.

This will also have a 15-min 168-mile recharge time. And with 14,000+ charging locations in the United States, you can get quick charge almost anywhere. What about the Mach-E?

The Mach-E has the same 300-mile range for its RWD version. But the difference here is that the charging time is 47mi in 10 minutes. So obviously not as good as the Tesla, although maybe Tesla will allow the Mach-E to charge at their stations.

What about speed? While Ford didn’t release the top speed of the Mach-E the GT option will have a mid-3-sec 0-60. Compared to the Model Y, which is at 3.5 second 0-60 acceleration, they are about the same. Both of these model options discussed here have AWD equipped. The difference between the two is that Tesla has a dual motor setup for their AWD version.

Both numbers, though, come on the performance versions of the cars, slightly decreasing the range on those models. Clearly, both cars have great range and power. Car companies that provide full-electric vehicles are really trying to bring convenience to the charging system bringing the charging time lower and lower. It’ll be interesting to see, going further, the evolution of the fully electric vehicle.

A red Tesla Model Y is driving on a highway.

Which One Comes Out on Top?

In this article discussing Mustang Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y, which one comes out on top? That answer can really only be determined by you. Everyone has certain needs and wants. But whatever option you choose will surely be a good decision.

Whether it’s the Mach-E with the Mustang performance behind it, and a stylish exterior and interior. Or the Tesla Model y with slightly superior charging locations all over the states. Both with available 300-mile ranges and short charging time. They also have an AWD option, so the car can handle anything that’s thrown at it. The AWD system comes with dual motors controlling both front wheels and rear wheels independently.

They both also have safety in mind. Fords Co-Pilot feature enables the use of safety features to assist the driver in avoiding accidents on the road. While the Model Y is built with a low center of gravity, and a rigid body structure.

The results, though, do lean towards the Mustang because of its sleek interior and exterior design. The only thing left is where to pick yours up. Right now, the Mach-E is only available for reservation.

So, if you’re in the market for a fully electric car, there are definitely options out there. The Mach-E seems to be an awesome car that will be perfect for the whole family. With great interior and exterior styling and great performance. The question for you is, what will it be?