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Considering a Buy Here Pay Here Loan: What You Need to Know and How to Get One

For most people, having a reliable car is a necessity. Unlike in other countries, Americans cannot rely heavily on public transportation to take them to work every day. Aside from major metropolitan areas, public transportation options are incredibly limited. For working citizens who don’t live in an area with various transportation options, owning a car is an absolute must. The problem then, comes when owning a car is not possible. Whether you can’t afford to pay for a vehicle in cash, or don’t have a good enough credit score to get a loan for one, this is an increasing problem among the working class, here in the United States.

There are a ton of different options and promises made by car dealerships regarding bad credit car loans. Some of these may be legitimate, but we are willing to bet that a great deal of them are not. While some roadside dealers are plotting to scam you, reputable dealerships can offer a real solution to this growing problem with buy here pay here. Cincinnati, Ohio residents, don’t fall victim to empty promises – instead, find an honest dealership that can help you rebuild your finances, and your life.

Buy Here Pay Here: What it is and How it Can Help

Buy here pay here is a simple solution to getting back on your feet after having past financial difficulty. Whether that means you are one of the many Americans who were forced to file for bankruptcy, or that you simply fell behind on your credit card payments, a buy here pay here loan can help.

Buy here pay here is guaranteed financing for a car that you desperately need to rebuild. As a buy here pay here option, dealerships act as both the dealership, and the financial lender. They don’t ever get the banks involved, which means you don’t have to worry about ever being turned away. Traditional lenders look only at a number on your credit score, while buy here pay here dealerships look at the whole picture. You aren’t just a number, you are a person with an unfortunate financial past. The only way for you to remedy past misfortune, is to be given a second chance. A buy here pay here loan from a reputable dealership, can be the foundation for building up your financial future.

When you head into a buy here pay here dealership, you will be treated like any other customer who has walked through the doors. Your buy here pay here loan will carry higher interest rates over traditional loans, due to the higher risk that the dealership is taking in financing customers with bad or no credit.

Buy here pay here often gets regarded in a negative way, which is an unfortunate misconception. A good buy here pay here dealership isn’t in business to scam people down on their luck, but to rather help individuals that have nowhere else to go. A good buy here pay here dealership won’t just offer you guaranteed financing and a reliable vehicle to get you to and from work, they will also report your payments to major credit bureaus in the United States to help you get back on your feet.

Buying a car in cash won’t just leave you with a gaping hole in your wallet, it will also do nothing for your credit. Securing financing through a buy here pay here dealership helps ensure that every payment you make on time, is credited towards improving that all-important score lenders look at when considering a possible future loan.

What to Look for in a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership


Buy here pay here dealerships have gotten a bad reputation in the past, and while this is mostly due to lies told within the industry, it is also due in part to dealerships with unethical practices.

Buy here pay here dealerships are the ones who lend buyers the money, which means it is up to them to report payments to credit agencies. Some dealerships neglect this task, which is arguably the most important tool to helping car buyers get back on their feet. While not reporting payments may help buyers who aren’t making regular on-time payments, it is a devastating to those who are putting forth honest effort to rebuild.

When you head to a buy here pay here dealership, make sure you ask whether or not they plan to report your payments to credit agencies. If they tell you that they do, ask for some sort of assurance. It is one of the most important things you can do during a buy here pay here loan transaction, especially if you plan to rebuild your credit for future traditional loan opportunities.

Do Some Research

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Another thing you can do to make sure the buy here pay here dealership you are using is legitimate, is to head online and research reviews. You will want to borrow from a dealership that is reputable, and that has been in business for more than a year or two. Longevity is a good sign of honesty, as well as good management. A dealership that lacks these traits is unlikely to stay in business for any substantial length of time.

Visit Your Different Options

Visit a variety of dealerships prior to when you will be needing the car. Ask questions, get an idea of what your interest rate will be, and check out their inventory of cars. Typically, a dealership will have certain used vehicles set aside for buy here pay here transactions, so you will want to get an idea of the type of car you can expect to drive home in. If the dealership only offers junky or majorly flawed vehicles, it’s time to head to the next dealership on your list. A reputable buy here pay here dealership will have a good selection of pre-owned cars available for you to choose from.

The Bottom Line:

When it comes down to it, if you end up at a buy here pay here dealership and begin feeling uncomfortable – leave. Even if you are sitting down at a salesman’s desk about to sign on the dotted line, you can leave. If you feel pressurized, or are made to feel embarrassed by your credit situation, leave! A good buy here pay here dealer is compassionate and understanding, and should make you feel like any other customer who walks through the front door.

Securing a Loan with a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership


Hopefully you find a dealership that is honest, compassionate, and offers reliable vehicles for buy here pay here loans. When you find the perfect fit, you can expect to go over terms and conditions of your particular loan.
Your salesman will present you with the cost of the vehicle, the interest rate you will pay, and what your monthly payments are. Some buy here pay here dealers require weekly payments, which typically have to be made in person, at the dealership. Whatever their particular protocol is, be sure to have all of the terms in writing. Don’t sign anything you don’t understand, and ask questions when you need to.

Before long, you will be driving home in your new-to-you vehicle, all while rebuilding your credit and securing your financial future. It will be the best decision you will ever make, and your life will be changed for the better.

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