An orange 2021 Chevy Colorado is driving on a city street after leaving a Chevy dealer.

Choosing a Chevy – Pickup or SUV?

While both pickup trucks and SUVs are great all-around tools for work, play, and transportation. They are so effective and popular that they have largely replaced the sedan as the most common vehicle on the road. However, if you are trying to decide between a pickup and an SUV, it can be a challenge as both offer distinct advantages depending on one’s needs. Let’s take a look at how the two stack up by comparing some of the models you will find at your local Chevy dealer. You will find that SUVs and crossovers tend to be great all-around vehicles for anything one might need a vehicle for in life. Pickup trucks have far more capability than most will ever actually need, making them ideal for big jobs, but it is more cargo-biased.

Daily Driving

The vast majority of time spent with almost any privately owned vehicle is during the daily grind. In this arena of running errands and shuffling around town, seemingly small things like ease of entry and ease of parking become increasingly important. Refinement and usability are the most important factors.

Truth be told, while trucks have traditionally been known for their harsh demeanor and uncivilized ride, modern vehicles like the Chevy Colorado and Silverado manage to be remarkably car-like in their handling and feel. Despite being full-frame honest-to-God pickup trucks, they are remarkably supple and easy to drive compared with their forebears, especially from over a decade ago.

But a truck is still a truck, meaning that it is less practical than a crossover just by the reality of its height and size. The term crossover refers to an SUV built like a car on a unibody platform, and despite their rugged looks, these vehicles behave more like a sedan or hatchback when motoring sedately around town.

In modern parlance, a crossover fills the same function the station wagon used to and is purpose-built for the daily drive. As such, for those just looking for a good commuter vehicle that can also carry some people and cargo on occasion, a crossover like the Chevy Equinox or Chevy Traverse will fill your requirements. That said, there are many others who could use the extra capabilities provided by more specialized vehicles.

A red 2021 Chevy Blazer is driving in front of a modern building.

Cargo Transport

Moving significant amounts of cargo tends to be a big job for most passenger vehicles, literally and figuratively. Not only is the total usable cargo space critical to this kind of endeavor, but also the ease and speed with which one can load and unload a vehicle. Risking injury because of a tiny trunk opening or having to “get creative” with loading because seats don’t fold flat are problems that must be avoided when picking a vehicle that will often move cargo.

Crossovers, especially the midsize models like the Chevy Blazer and Traverse, are no slouches in terms of cargo-carrying ability. Even smaller crossovers like the Chevy Trailblazer and Trax will surprise most people with just how much material they can be loaded with. That said, if load lifting is the main purpose of a vehicle, it makes sense to procure a vehicle specifically designed for that purpose.

The Colorado and Silverado pickup trucks are those vehicles. For most, the midsize Colorado will offer more than enough towing and payload capability, and for those who need or simply want more, the Silverado 1500 offers extraordinary hauling possibilities for a “light” truck. And of course, there are always the Silverado HD models for those who need absolutely the most capable truck on the market.

Passenger Transport

For moving people, priorities shift once again. The first important point is to have a huge amount of interior space, not just for seating, but for legroom, shoulder room, and hip room. Headroom is also important and lends to the feeling of spaciousness beyond just having enough room to fit. Interior comfort and amenities are also of great importance, helping to make long journeys feel short and every journey feel restful.

For these purposes, larger SUVs and crossovers outdo the cargo-optimized pickup trucks. While crew cab trucks can comfortably carry several people, crossovers and SUVs offer more rear-seat entertainment and connectivity options and are somewhat smoother overall.

The three-row Chevy, Traverse, Tahoe, and Suburban fit this bill perfectly and are fully equipped to make road trips easier, safer, and more enjoyable than ever before. Not to mention their ability to bring along your entire crew comfortably. The Traverse is lighter duty than the Tahoe and Suburban, which are built on a tuck-like frame that makes them both heavier and sturdier. Which version is right for you will depend on your personal needs.

A black 2021 Chevy Silverado 2500HD is towing a black enclosed trailer.

Professional Work

If one’s profession requires a large vehicle for work, toughness rises to the top of the priority list, with utility and economy following very closely behind. Modern vehicles are more dependable than ever, but a work vehicle should be able to do more than just get from job to job without drama. A work vehicle should be able to handle the rigors of professional work, even in challenging environments, for years or even decades on end.

Further priorities for work vehicles are that they are extremely practical, making one’s job as easy as possible. This means said vehicles must be capable of towing and cargo hauling, as well as being modular to some extent to accept profession-specific modifications. Finally, work vehicles need to be as economical as possible while fulfilling all these other needs.

All these requirements, some of them seemingly conflicting, need to be met or exceeded to create the ideal work vehicle. The pickup is the steed of choice for work. Not only are the Chevy Colorado and Silverado extremely customizable from the factory to exactly meet a business’s needs, and both are as economical and tough as possible. These full-frame workhorses will last the test of time and will make the most of every hour.

Off-Roading and Performance Applications

When it comes to enthusiast applications, the rules are somewhat different. Pretty much every passenger vehicle prioritizes ease of use and well-mannered behavior over everything else, including how the vehicle performs at the limits of its capabilities. But for vehicles made for enthusiasts, those priorities are flipped, and the extremes become the most important area of focus. Power, suspension travel, tire size, and advanced drivetrain components are all critical to the mission of not only outperforming the competition but putting a smile on the driver’s face.

Most people, and therefore most vehicles, are not equipped to satisfy these requirements. But the Chevy Colorado ZR2 is not most vehicles. This nimble and powerful midsize pickup offers dynamic suspension technology that is capable of providing ideal performance in situations ranging from rock crawling and desert racing to street driving. Large tires and an off-road optimized drivetrain package combine with bodywork armored against impacts to more separate this truck from the pack.

Truck vs SUV? It Depends on You

Different people lead different lives, and different lives require different vehicles. For those who are purely focused on making each day easier but still want a taller vehicle, a small crossover will fit the bill. For those who want to move heavier items frequently, a pickup truck is best. For those who consistently move large numbers of people, either a large crossover or SUV is best, as three rows of spacious seating and infotainment are hard to beat on long road trips.

Those who need a vehicle for work need to look no further than a Chevy pickup truck, whose utility is broadly known and whose dependability is legendary. And for those who want to cut loose and live on the edge of performance, the Colorado ZR2 will bring all the smiles one can handle. Find your perfect vehicle will mean examining your needs, but with the large variety of options available at your local Chevy dealer, you are sure to find what you need.