Exploring KIA’s Hits (& Misses)

  When someone tells me they’ve spent (or planned to spend) any time at a KIA dealership, I find it all too easy to ‘go cynical’. As someone who came of driving age in the mid-90’s, I was a fresh driver/car-buyer during those early years, when KIA’s presence started to gain a greater visibility in […]

What Can a Kia Dealership Do for You?

  Over the years, car dealerships have gotten a bad reputation—often a well-deserved one—due to the way some salespeople and dealers have acted. Things like using high-pressure sales tactics, advertising bait-and-switch models, and pushing someone into financing they really can’t afford have all contributed to this. At this point, one of the last things you […]

Exploring the 2019 KIA Sorento

In a world growing evermore saturated with competitive crossovers and SUVs of various sizes, it goes without saying that it has gotten progressively more difficult for any offering to stand out. But the 2019 KIA Sorento almost seems to make it look easy and, after almost two decades and three generations, the Sorento only seems […]

KIA: Putting Safety First in 2019

    Of all the engineering and technology-centric advances made in automotive technology, none might be more universally appreciable than the evolution of safety features. Cliched sentiment aside, our vehicles really do carry our the most precious of cargo, be it our loved ones, or our very own lives. But it’s not the automakers that […]

A Little Bit of Kia

Nearly everyone has their own opinion on a foreign import. Love them or hate them, brands like Toyota and Honda have their fierce critics and supporters alike. Some people won’t even consider anything that doesn’t have a Ford or Chevy logo somewhere on the body. Regardless of the actual build quality and reliability of the […]

He Who Considered a Kia

Check your phone, or watch. Grab your pen. Mark your calendar. Why? Because I’m about to say something I never thought I’d say, and may never say again. “I’m excited about a KIA.” There. I have to say it…summoning up the willpower to utter those four words (especially in a public forum) rank right up […]