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Buy Here Pay Here Means Value

Buy here, pay here dealerships are unique in the automotive world. The dealers at a buy here, pay here lot are the seller and the lenders, cutting out the usual delay as a finance manager contacts loan offices for approval. This can make buying at these dealers a smoother process for all involved, allowing buyers to sign paperwork and drive away in their vehicle on the same day. Since these dealerships act as the lender and the dealer in one, everything is streamlined.

Despite the streamlined process, some of the choices to be made at a buy here, pay here dealership can be more complex than some might expect. There are a wide variety of vehicles to choose from at any buy here, pay here dealer, and all of them undergo numerous thorough processes to ensure high quality for their products every step of the way. Buy here, pay here vehicles are no different from those found at any other car dealership. There may be some price restrictions on the vehicles you can choose from, but that does not suggest a drop in quality.

Inspections and Standards

Buy here, pay here dealerships have high standards that they hold themselves to in regard to their products. Many such dealerships have on-site inspections that are performed to identify regular wear and tear as well as preventing any lasting damage. These inspections follow many different industry standards for safety. By performing these inspections, buy here, pay here dealerships can ensure that their inventory has a set standard of quality tied to every sale they make. This is important for their reputations and continued business since nobody can afford to sell an inferior product for very long.

Buy here, pay here vehicles are held to the exact same standards as any other typical used model. That means they are required to be safe and sound before they can be sold. In fact, the only difference between a buy here, pay here vehicle and a used vehicle is that the buy here, pay here vehicle will be priced within your predetermined budget. That’s it. Buy here, pay here vehicles can be pretty much any vehicle on a lot that fits into your predetermined budget. Buy here, pay here is merely a different way to approach financing and should have no real bearing on the safety, security, and quality of the vehicle you are looking at beyond price.

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Wait, Buy Here Pay Here Vehicles Aren’t Different?

No. Buy here, pay here can be confusing to some because it doesn’t limit your options in the way most people think it might. Buy here, pay here is all about financing and finding a vehicle that fits into the finance plan. This plan is created with help from the dealership before you even start shopping. You will meet with the finance team to determine if you qualify for a buy here, pay here plan, determine your down payment (which can be larger than a typical down payment), and determine your overall budget that fits within your means. Because the dealership is taking the risk in a buy here, pay here transaction, the budget is put first.

Buy here, pay here dealerships do the financing first because they want to ensure that you will be able to afford a vehicle. That’s why they are able to find a vehicle and finance plan that works for those with poor or no credit. After the financing is determined, the sales team will take over and will only show you vehicles that fit within that predetermined budget. This may mean you are looking at older models or only base models, but the quality of the vehicles is no different than any other. You are not limited by vehicle type, style, or features, just your budget.

So Many Vehicles to Choose From

When most people think of buy here, pay here dealers, their minds paint a pretty gloomy picture. Impersonal credit checks, cold-hearted loan officers, and a tight selection of junked-out used cars with too high mileage tend to describe one or all of the images conjured in people’s minds when they think of these dealers. Those images could not be further from the truth. If buy here, pay here dealers did match the stereotype most people think of; these dealers would never have lasted in today’s car-buying world.

Though many buy here, pay here vehicles do tend to have higher mileage, that is not a guarantee or a prerequisite. Buy here, pay here dealers even carry a mix of used and newer vehicles. The newer vehicles, predictably, tend to have lower mileage than other vehicles on the lot. Buying a car at a buy here, pay here lot may mean a slightly higher interest rate or downpayment, but that may not be a dealbreaker for you if you are having trouble getting a traditional loan due to poor or nonexistent credit. However, poor credit does not always equal a poor financial standing, and you may find that through a buy here, pay here loan, you can still afford a newer vehicle.

Buy here, pay here dealers offer a wide variety of vehicles for buyers to choose from. Very few buy here, pay here dealers are dedicated to a specific manufacturer, which leads to an even wider selection since you won’t find just Ford or Buick or Chevy or any other dealer holding exclusivity over the rest. These lots are diverse.

When shopping at a buy here, pay here dealer, you are sure to see a wide variety of vehicles and model years scattered around the lot. Everything is fair game to be found at a buy here pay here dealer, from a Ford F150 to a Chevrolet Malibu and everything in between. Every style of sedan, hatchback, SUV, minivan, or pickup truck can be found in the lot of a buy here pay here dealer. There will be enough variety on the lot to please everyone that comes looking. Sure, the make or model may not be exactly what a buyer was looking for, but they can find something very close to what they want due to the wide range of vehicles. The possibilities are much more numerous than you might think.

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Buy Here, Pay Here

Going to a buy here, pay here dealer is an easy one-stop-shop with fast credit checks and even faster loan rewarding. When the dealer also acts as the bank, the middle man is cut out, and the whole process is streamlined for greater efficiency. Plus, getting approved for a buy here, pay here loan is usually pretty easy. This makes it simple to sign and drive, being handed the keys to a vehicle on the same day you sign your contract. That is a deal most traditional vehicle dealerships can’t match since they have to seek out a third party to apply for any loans on the buyer’s behalf.

Buy here, pay here dealers offer trucks, sedans, hatchbacks, pickups, minivans, and SUVs of all sizes with thorough inspections to ensure every vehicle is of good quality. This wide variety can make it easier to select a car since buyers are less limited by brands and have more options to choose between. No matter what you go searching for, buy here, pay here dealers offer a unique way to find a vehicle and designed to meet every need in one way or another.