The latest Ford Explorer for sale, a dark green 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline, is shown driving in a forest.

Built in America for the American Family: The Ford Explorer

It was 1991 when a new vehicle hit the market and offered parents a brand new method of transporting themselves and their children around town and elsewhere. Named after the act of discovering new frontiers, the Ford Explorer has remained in production ever since and has become the standard-bearer for what the modern SUV should ascribe to. The Explorer proved that the SUV could be marketed to a demographic that not only consisted of off-roaders and adventurers but parents, guardians, and average drivers who needed an effective method of transportation to rely on for the daily commute. Finding a Ford Explorer for sale is undoubtedly easy, and the advantages that the vehicle possesses are many. The Explorer is also one of the few vehicles still manufactured in the United States, which is a testament to Ford’s devotion to assisting with the American Economy.

Roger & Me

There’s no denying that many manufacturers have opted to have many of their products produced overseas as a way to cut down on costs and have larger quantities produced for less capital. And while this might not seem like an event that would harm anyone, the 1989 documentary film Roger & Me, the directorial debut of Michael Moore, showed us just the opposite. The film takes place in Flint, Michigan, and follows the town’s descent into turmoil following the closures of several GM factories. The unflinching narrative provides a close-up look at how the removal of major industries impacts the population. With 30,000 people out of work and many homes foreclosed, Flint becomes a bleak landscape of desolation…all in the name of lowering production costs. It’s a chilling portrait and a reminder of just how integral the automotive industry has been to the perseverance of the average consumer.

Still Built in America

Ford has been in existence for well over a century, and there’s never been a time when they haven’t been out of the public eye as easily the most well-known manufacturer of automobiles. Their assembly line that’s located in Chicago has been the location where the Explorer has been built since 2011. It shares this distinction with several other models that Ford has produced, as the location has been turning out vehicles since 1924. It should be noted that the Explorer is built on the same assembly lines that once built the Model T, the vehicle that helped put Food on the map and started them on their path to being the powerhouse of performance they are today.

Perfect for Parents & Guardians

Being a parent or guardian is easily the most challenging job one can have. It’s not just a matter of being financially responsible for the well-being of your children, but it’s also providing them a safe environment and ensuring that they’re well protected, no matter where they are at any given moment. This also means having a reliable form of transportation that can safely transport them and keep them comfortable and entertained when engaging in the rite of passage commonly known as the family road trip. Not to worry, the Ford Explorer manages to check all these boxes and provide peace of mind for the parents who care about what they drive.

A close-up on the wheel of a 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline is shown.

An Interior that Entertains

There’s no getting around the fact that children aren’t particularly known for their patience on long trips. One advantage of the Ford Explorer is its roomy and comfortable interior that’s suited for both adults and the passengers who tend to be of the shorter and younger variety. Three rows of seating means that you have the chance to be the hero of the carpool who gets the soccer team to practice on time. Of course, traveling from point A to point B often necessitates entertainment of some sort. Not to worry, Ford has you covered in this area. Thanks to a standard eight-inch infotainment screen with the latest edition of Ford’s Sync technology, you’ll have access to a wealth of options to make any trip entertaining and enjoyable. You’ll have access to both Apple and Android streaming service, which will allow you to take all of your favorite apps on the road with you. An available stereo system from Bang & Olufsen with 12 speakers will ensure that the worries of the world will be drowned out, at least until you need to stop for a bathroom break.

Safety You Can Count On

As we’ve seen so far, the Ford Explorer is a domestic vehicle that’s built within our borders, ensuring employment for parents who, just like you, need to provide for their children. The autoworkers in Chicago and parents like you share another common bond, and it’s one that can be found within the Ford Explorer—safety. Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your passengers on the road, and that’s not to mention the other drivers and pedestrians with whom we share the same space. It should be mentioned that the Explorer was awarded a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA in collision testing. This is conducted every year and is government-mandated to provide parents with the necessary information that their vehicles are safe to take on the road.

Aside from the high marks that the Explorer earned in collision testing, the vehicle comes packed with a wide array of standard safety features that provide oversight and enhance the overall driving experience on the road. The Explorer has airbags that not only protect the driver and front passenger but also second and third-row passengers. An airbag occupancy sensor is in place to ensure that an airbag will only be employed when a seat is occupied by a passenger. Other features put in place include a driver-monitoring alert, which can be an excellent preventative measure in preventing accidents due to driver fatigue. To help enhance reaction time, which is one of the most essential traits that a driver develops through years of experience, features such as automated emergency braking and forward collision mitigation come standard. When it comes to oversight regarding pedestrians, blind-spot monitoring and rear-cross-traffic alert are also included. For those who are looking to fully enhance precautions, some of the available safety features include automated parking assistance and adaptive cruise control.

Perfect for Parents and Made in America

There’s no denying that parents and guardians tend to be demanding and choosy when it comes to making major purchases that will have a sizable impact on their families. The Ford Explorer is the ideal method of family-friendly transportation. It provides plenty of room for both adults and children to spread their legs and relax when on the road and a host of entertainment options to make any road trip enjoyable and one with memories that will last a lifetime. Most importantly, the standard and available safety features that Ford has put in place provide some much-needed peace of mind when you’re en route to your next destination. One thing that makes the Ford Explorer such an important vehicle, apart from these attributes and its long-lasting legacy, is the fact that it’s still manufactured in America and provides job security for millions of parents who have many of the same worries and concerns that you do.

A green 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline is shown driving in a desert.