Are Repossessions on the Rise?

If you’re like me and your various internet algorithms know you read about cars a lot, then you’ve probably seen news stories about a “surge” in car repossessions. Most of them like to say that car repossessions are “surging” or “exploding” to convince us that the world is falling apart, but I’m not convinced things […]

Full Self-Driving Vehicles Will Be Incredibly Safe, But We’re Not There Yet

For decades now, science-fiction movies and TV shows have been predicting impressive technological innovations like self-driving cars (as well as flying cars and vehicles powered by nuclear fusion). With each passing day, we’re getting closer to cars that can drive themselves and require little-to-no input or attention from the driver; the flying cars are a […]

California’s Plan for Zero Emissions

The battle for Electric Vehicle (EV) popularity (and eventual supremacy) is well underway throughout much of the world. Here in the US, there are already numerous groups drawing the battle lines on Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICEVs) and EVs. For better or worse, there are definitely going to be some fights about converting from ICEVs […]