Let’s Talk About Classic Hondas

The classic car market is easily one of the most fun segments of the automotive industry. It’s shrouded in nostalgia and rich in history. Classic cars are special and unique since they’ve been out of production for so long. Enthusiasts create entire events around getting together to show off their classic collections. There’s also the […]

Ranking the 2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

It’s no surprise that automakers are investing resources like crazy to build tech-forward, fuel-efficient SUVs. Today’s drivers have high expectations, wanting value, features, fuel efficiency, and performance all rolled into one vehicle large enough to accommodate their growing families. The rise of three-row SUVs has shown us that size matters, as few brands can deliver […]

Have You Given Cadillac a Look Lately?

As consumers, we sometimes get stuck in our ways when it comes to brand loyalty. We get caught up in the notion that we know a brand, having already made up our minds about a product, sometimes without any first-hand experience. This really rings true when it comes to cars. We have certain associations with […]