A tan 2021 Nissan Titan is shown from the front parked in an alleyway.

A Truck for All Types: Techies, Off-Roaders, and Hard Workers

If there’s one thing Nissan is doing well, it’s going full bore with technology across its brand. The 2021 Nissan Titan is no exception. For the people who are more excited than intimidated by tech, Nissan offers buyers a number of connectivity and safety features that easily rival the top brands in the segment. And while other trucks are getting a lot of attention for performance, the Titan sneaks in the side door to point out its standard V8 engine and nine-speed transmission. Finally, the Titan even comes with the best warranty coverage for the class.

Some grievances have been filed about the lack of options to build out six ways to Sunday like some competitors, but for those who find too many options frustrating, the 2021 Titan will be a relief. While you consider whether or not the 2021 Titan is for you, keep in mind that this full-sized truck still has the options that matter, with a King Cab in the entry-level S and SV trims and a larger crew cab available for all five trims. Rear-wheel drive is standard, but four-wheel drive is available for all trims. Here, we will explore the technology and conveniences available when you purchase a 2021 Nissan Titan.

21st Century Connectivity

With everyone, including most school-age children, carrying a smartphone, connectivity has become more and more necessary to keep pace with modern life. Vehicles that don’t include standard connectivity are falling behind. Nissan embraces the potential of technology with open arms, and when you choose the 2021 Titan in any trim, you get a lot of tech. Standard features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are expected today, and the Titan provides them. It also includes a standard eight-inch touchscreen that has great resolution. The upper trims have an even larger nine-inch screen, and it features a higher-resolution display with sharp detail. Bluetooth is also standard, and all trims include voice recognition, hands-free texting, and streaming services. Surprisingly, not all brands offer these features at the entry level.

Every brand has some form of “connected service” with a bundle of available features, and NissanConnect is taking a leaf out of Tesla’s notebook by offering over-the-air updates to the software. This can save time and money as you don’t have to visit the dealership to get software updates for your onboard systems. Other services that can be included depend on what comes with your Titan’s trim level and choice of subscription. An available WiFi hotspot, remote access to vehicle functions like starting or locking, automatic collision notification, a vehicle locator, and navigation are all options. NissanConnect is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use voice commands for your Titan from your home or your phone.

Aside from the connectivity, Nissan offers thoughtful storage for your devices, a feature that often seems like an afterthought in most vehicles. Instead of having to buy aftermarket parts to accommodate your smartphone, you have a convenient phone holder in the center console that uses adjustable rubber “fingers” to keep your phone in place while you drive. Easily plug into the USB ports in the console, and your phone is set to connect with the infotainment. For those who travel with a laptop, the Titan has a generous storage compartment under the center console armrest that is big enough to accommodate even the largest laptops on the market.

The interior of a 2021 Nissan Titan shows the steering wheel and infotainment screen.

Advanced Safety Features

Nissan’s suite of safety features is called “Safety Shield,” a standard set of driver-assisted tech that comes on all trims. It’s more than competitive with top brands like Ford, Chevy, and Ram, all of which offer limited safety features on the base models of their trucks. With the Titan, you get standard features like automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and high beam assist, but Nissan nudges these features a little farther. With automatic emergency braking, you also get rear automatic braking, which is not typically included in most safety suites, even if it should be. Backing out of driveways or city street parking spaces can be dangerous, and rear braking can prevent a lot of accidents.

Other safety suite features like blind spot warning and rear cross traffic alert go hand in hand with the rear braking, and rear parking sensors round out the list of safety that watches your back. A smart inclusion for lane departure warning is that it isn’t just an alarm in the dash; when you drift, the Titan steering wheel vibrates gently to get your attention. Finally, the last feature in the suite is high beam assist, which is a benefit for the other drivers that you will no longer accidentally blind while driving at night. For those who plan to off-road with their Titans, you can enjoy the benefits of active brake limited slip, which applies the brake to a wheel without traction and shifts the power to wheels that do have grip.

If you plan to tow, trailer sway control is standard, plus you get standard hill start assist and descent control to help maintain speeds on inclines. When you get into the upper trims, other safety features become available, such as front parking sensors, traffic sign recognition, forward collision warning, and intelligent drive alertness. Conveniences like intelligent cruise control and the intelligent around view monitor are great on the highway, but the monitor can also come in handy when off-roading as you can see obstacles on the trail. This isn’t a comprehensive list of safety features, but it demonstrates how seriously Nissan takes its technology and has thoughtfully included features that make sense both for daily driving and recreation.

Unmatched Convenience and Capability

When you buy a truck, you usually plan to use it for towing or hauling. It’s a work vehicle for most buyers, though some people love trucks for the recreation options they offer. When you need a vehicle that can tow a decent-sized trailer, all trims for the 2021 Titan can handle at least 9,210 pounds with the standard V8 engine. If you expect to enjoy off-road trail riding, you can opt for the four-wheel drive system that shifts on the fly so you can control how much power you need while you explore and conquer. With the upper trims, you can play tunes on the crisp sound of the Fender stereo system with 12 speakers while you enjoy discovering new vistas and views.

For work or recreation, Nissan offers handy Titan boxes that are fitted into the bed for more storage like tools or supplies. These boxes can also double as a cooler, and the built-in drain makes cleanup easy after messy gear gets tossed into them. Lock them up to keep your tools or gear safe when you park, or you can just remove them when you need the bed for large items you need to haul. The back seat has another nifty storage space with a lot of versatility, with under-seat bins that can be locked. Unfold the lid of the bins to make the floor in the rear seat area flat for storage, or fold down the rear seatback for a flat space that acts as a shelf.

A red 2021 Nissan Titan is towing a boat.

The Best Modern Truck on the Market?

Overall, the 2021 Titan fills a space in the market for the tech-oriented crowd who values convenience. Nissan is opening up a world of technology that is future-focused and inclusive while also offering intelligent solutions to storage and utility. It’s worth noting that Nissan takes into account that one of the biggest issues with driving a truck can be rear visibility, and the Titan comes loaded with safety features to help make that better, especially if you happen to be a first-time truck owner. This truck can help make parking and driving in heavy traffic much safer for you, your passengers, and the other vehicles on the road with you. Plus, it’s quiet enough to take on the highway and still hear a conversation over the road noise.