A white 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 WT is shown towing heavy machinery through a construction site.

A Look at Some Excellent Used Work Truck Models to Help Your Business Excel

Companies like to purchase vehicles in bulk, typically choosing models with the necessities and power needed without the frills. This makes basic work trucks go-to options for many businesses, and when it comes to taking advantage of the best prices, buying used can ensure this. Used work trucks for sale can be found in abundance at local dealerships, and when it comes to basic work truck features, you may think every truck is the same, but that’s a common misconception. We’re comparing a few of the industry favorites to see just what businesses can get on the used market, and the results are surprising.

The Chevy Silverado 1500 WT

The Work Truck (WT) model is a trusted workhorse in the celebrated Silverado lineup, and when it comes to completing any task efficiently, it’s beyond capable. Perhaps what sets the Silverado models apart from the rest is their exceptional durability and work-ready features, designed to enhance productivity on any job site. For example, last year’s 2022 Silverado WT models are equipped with a Durabed in the most recent model years, which features best-in-class cargo volume and 12 standard tie-downs to help transport cargo or other work materials effectively. It also features a CornerStep rear bumper to help access its bed easily.

Inside, its no-nonsense approach to daily challenges is obvious, with simple yet comfortable appointments and helpful storage features to make staying organized a priority. With enough space for tools and other work gear, the WT is an excellent companion on the job site. With the Silverado’s esteemed history in the industry, any model from the past couple of years will deliver the power and durability needed for companies to thrive in their competitive industries. Its strength and durability radiate inside and out, and with more tech and safety features available in more recent models, the Silverado WT thinks of everything crew members need during their day-to-day work tasks.

Heavy machinery is shown putting rocks in the bed of a red 2022 Ford F-150 XL at a construction site.

The Ford F-150 XL

The F-150 has been a crowd favorite for over four decades, and when it comes to tough work, it resides right up there with Chevy on what it’s capable of on the job site. Its XL model is a frequent favorite among various companies, showcasing a powerful V6 that harnesses exceptional towing capabilities and noteworthy efficiency. This makes it a top choice whether workers need to travel to new destinations to deliver equipment or tow heavy materials across construction sites. Ford prioritizes technology in its vehicles, and it’s evident in more recent XL models, like those from 2021, which showcase an 8-inch LCD touchscreen, offering smartphone integration and other intuitive connectivity features to make any journey infinitely better.

A rearview camera in newer used models helps improve visibility on the job site, while other helpful safety options, like pedestrian detection and forward collision warning, help team members stay safe on the road. Inside, comfortable cloth seats greet the crew, while concealed storage solutions allow valuables to be stowed away safely. Ford and Chevy are very similar in that both brands prioritize durability and work-oriented features in their work trucks, which is probably why the F-150 and Silverado 1500 tend to dominate work truck fleets across the country.

The Ram 1500 Tradesman

While models from Chevy and Ford tend to be more durable, Ram likes to offer more stylish vehicles to appeal to companies everywhere, with more features available than other work trucks. More recent models, like those from the outgoing 2022 model year, feature enhancements to their overall appeal, like a new air filtration system inside to help purify the interior cabin space, as well as a large 8.4-inch touchscreen with the ability to create various user profiles to customize any drive. Newer used models appeal to a variety of businesses by offering modern features and powerful capabilities for a fraction of the price of buying new, helping to add immense value to work fleets everywhere.

The Ram 1500 Tradesman is equipped with a capable 3.6L Pentastar V6, allowing it to tow and haul like a professional. Plus, with helpful convenience features, like a ParkView rear back up camera, maneuvering through a multitude of different driving scenarios is easy for the Ram 1500. The Tradesman also intensifies its appearance, catering to hard workers, with a heavy-duty vinyl configurable bench seat, while deluxe sound insulation allows for a quiet and serene cabin experience for all on board. Amplifying the comfort of the drive is a given with Ram, which appeals to businesses who want to travel in style.

A grey 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 is shown from the front after viewing used work trucks for sale.

The GMC Sierra 1500 Pro

The work-oriented model of this truck has gone by many names over the years—Pro, Base, and even simply the Sierra 1500, but one thing is certain; it’s anything but basic. GMC designs its trucks to be highly capable, like Chevy and Ford, and undeniably beautiful, more so than any other automaker can offer. This stunning combination makes the Sierra 1500 one of the best work trucks around when style, comfort, and capabilities are important. Multiple powertrains are available to get any job done, as well as various work-ready features to help get more accomplished during the day. Opting for more recent models will allow businesses to take advantage of the MultiPro tailgate, which operates several distinct ways to accommodate more cargo, making this truck a trusted machine on the construction site and beyond.

Features you would expect to find in high-end luxury models can be found in the Sierra’s base model, especially those from 2021 and higher. These models offer an available 15-inch head-up display, cozy front bucket seats, and a spray-on bedliner to enhance its durability on the job. There are few trucks that can compete on the same level as GMC, and its basic work truck is a shining example of what this brand is capable of in the industry.

The Nissan Titan S

The Titan has quite a respected reputation, known as a durable, capable truck that doesn’t hesitate when hard work is involved. The Titan S is equipped to handle any job at hand, with its mighty V8 engine at the helm to tow more and haul more than many others. Plus, ample trailering comes in handy to ensure that no matter how heavy the load, crews can transport it safely to its next destination in the Titan. Cloth seating, a 60/40 folding split-bench seat, and plenty of storage options inside make this workmate a comfortable and practical member of any fleet. When durability is at the top of the list, the Titan has proven over the years that it holds its value and will continue to perform well past all expectations.

A Work Truck for Any Business

Although work trucks don’t typically offer all of the frills that you’ll find in higher-level models, it’s obvious that these trucks are practical, versatile members of any work fleet. When power and capabilities are concerned, models from Chevy and Ford impress, and when high-end features and style are desired, you can’t beat GMC or Ram. If it’s durability and reliability that businesses are after, the Nissan Titan is a top choice. A powerful and reliable used work truck is key in building a business fleet that’s capable, dependable, and filled with the features needed to achieve maximum success on any job. So, not all work truck trims are created equally, but the great part is that there’s a work truck designed for any business to take productivity to a whole new level.