A red 2024 Wagoneer is shown from the front parked in front of a house.

9 Reasons the Wagoneer Has a Cult Following

Not quite a station wagon and not quite a Jeep, the original Wagoneer featured some beloved features from each of these vehicles in a unique hybrid. It is certainly its own species of vehicle, and it has gained many devout followers over the years. In fact, there are even websites where loyalists can post their photos of the beloved ride. While classic Wagoneers are getting hard to find these days, you can now get behind the wheel of a brand-new Wagoneer at your local Wagoneer dealer!

The first Wagoneer came out in 1962 and featured the wood paneling that was so popular on many vehicles at the time. Still, it managed to escape the mundane look that so many station wagons have because it incorporated the sporty and stylish features of a Jeep with its large windows, high set position, and impressive grille. Plus, it offered the first-ever automatic transmission and independent suspension in a 4×4 vehicle. This vehicle spoke to people, and it said, “Parents, you don’t have to give up driving a car that’s stylish and edgy. Adventurists, you can have a family-friendly car, too.” Here are some of the many things to love about the new Wagoneer, which carries on that great tradition.

#1 – It Has Three Rows

The Wagoneer is well-loved for its spacious three rows. While in some vehicles, sitting in the back row means getting “the bad seat,” that’s not the case in this full-size SUV. Every row is comfortable and gives each passenger plenty of room to get situated. With seating for eight passengers, this is the perfect vehicle for the school carpool, a road trip with the family, or a getaway with friends. There’s no such thing as “the bad seat” in this cavernous SUV.

The white interior of a 2022 Wagoneer shows two rows of seats.

#2 – The Function of a Minivan, the Look of Luxury

For years, parents have felt that getting a car suited for family life had to mean giving up driving an attractive vehicle. Moms and dads everywhere resentfully sold their sports cars, convertibles, or smart cars to make room in their garages for minivans. They knew their friends who didn’t have kids would give them an earful of sarcasm and criticism when they saw that minivan pull up. But the Wagoneer opened up a new world of possibilities for parents. Its distinguished style makes it a vehicle that car enthusiasts around the world are proud to drive, but its space and other features make it perfect for parents.

#3 – Classic Wagoneer Features

The new Wagoneer delivers when it comes to all of the things people love about the brand. It has that high-set position for excellent visibility on the road. It also has those massive windows that make every passenger in every row feel a bit like they’re on safari, taking in the great views around them with ease. Driving a Wagoneer is about feeling connected to the world around you, and the new Wagoneer doesn’t deprive you of that experience. Its panoramic sunroof opens up with one press of a button to let in natural light and fresh air.

It also has that fan-favorite large steering wheel. All in all, it feels like a combination of a luxury vehicle and an adventure SUV. The inside has nice upholstery options and comfort-boosting features often found in modern SUVs or luxury vehicles, but the overall foundation of the vehicle is still grounded in that sporty Wagoneer design of old.

#4 – Flexible Seating and Cargo Space

The new Wagoneer’s three rows can be adjusted and customized in many ways, making it easy to transport both passengers and cargo. You can split the back rows 60/40, making room for long items like kayaks or snowboards while still making sure passengers have space. Or you can put the back rows down entirely to make room for bigger items. Its impressive length and cargo space make the Wagoneer comparable to a pickup truck in terms of utility, while its exterior lets it maintain its reputation as a great-looking SUV.

#5 – Features To Keep Passengers Happy

Understanding its customer base, Wagoneer pulled out all of the stops when it comes to passenger comfort on the new design. Parents who need to keep children entertained (i.e. quiet) on long trips will appreciate that the Wagoneer can be purchased with entertainment screens on the back of the driver and passenger seats so little ones can watch their favorite shows and movies without arguing over who can see the TV. It’s also equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, meaning the users of these popular smartphones can access most of their apps and functions while driving their car without needing to plug in their phones.

A wireless charging pad makes it easy for passengers to charge a device while on the road. This eliminates the panic around running out of juice when away from outlets for a long time. It also means eliminating the tangled mess that can be USB cords. Plus, the Wagoneer is available with Amazon Fire TV for Auto. This will include Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and even Twitch. This is big news for parents of teens and tweens who can’t go long without access to their favorite content.

A white 2022 Wagoneer is shown from the front driving on an open road.

#6 – A Spa in Your Car

This is one feature that really wows drivers: the Grand Wagoneer has massage front seats. While we did say that there’s no “bad” seat in this model, we’d be lying if we didn’t acknowledge that there might be fights over the front seats for this reason. Long days behind the wheel can be difficult on the body. The makers of the Wagoneer combat that with this groundbreaking feature, helping fight the muscle and body aches that come after lengthy periods on the road. It also has 24-way power-adjustable front seats. You might prefer this SUV’s front seats to the most comfortable recliner in your home once you’ve given it a try.

#7 – VIP Touches

The interior of the new Wagoneer has the gorgeous materials you want from this brand. It offers high-end combinations of soft-touch materials, wood paneling, and leather upholstery for an interior that feels retro but somehow also modern. It has long running boards, making you feel like a celebrity when you step in and out of this high vehicle. Here’s the thing that almost makes this vehicle provide a limousine experience: it has a center console beverage cooler that can easily hold six small water bottles or sodas. If you want to ditch tacky-looking coolers and save space while staying hydrated, this is a priceless touch.

#8 -It Has That Vintage Feel

The Wagoneer name has a certain je ne sais quoi that appeals to those who grew up in the 1950s through 1970s. There’s something about some of the modern amenities of the new Wagoneer that just says “family time,” and there’s also something about its classic Wagoneer features that have you reminiscing on the feeling of freedom that once ran through the veins of America. You’re launched back in time when you get in this vehicle, while also enjoying modern luxuries.

#9 – The Best Of Two Really Great Worlds

The new Wagoneer took everything that drivers and passengers alike love about the classic model and put those in one stellar vehicle that now proudly has a cult following. It’s no ordinary SUV, and it’s not for any ordinary person. It’s for the parent who wants to hold onto their adventurous side. It’s for the lover of luxury items who enjoys a bit of edge. It’s for someone who likes to walk on the wild side…safely. This is not the model for someone who wants to fit in but for the driver who loves to stand out. The Wagoneer is nearly 60 years old now, and it just keeps getting better.