A blue 2023 Subaru Solterra is shown driving through a mud puddle.

7 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car Immediately

Gas prices are so high right now that people are now forced to alter their lifestyles. In fact, many companies that were going to return to an in-office model for employees are now encouraging workers to continue to work from home because of fuel prices. For many, paying up to $100 to fill their tank simply wasn’t in their cost-of-living budget. But this recent gas price surge only accelerated an already occurring trend: an increased interest in electric vehicles. EV Adoption, a website dedicated entirely to delivering data-backed information on electric vehicles, predicts that by 2030, nearly 30 percent of all new car sales will be electric. So we know this: Subaru did a very smart thing by introducing their all-new EV Subaru Solterra, and most drivers would be smart to visit their local Subaru Solterra dealership before these cars are all bought up.

There’s a lot to love about the Solterra beyond the fact that it’s electric, like its standard symmetrical all-wheel drive that allows for greater handling and increased control, the suite of infotainment features, or the 8.3 inches of ground clearance that makes it ready for rugged roads. But Subaru has long offered such features to its drivers. What’s really going to catch the driver’s attention is the option of going all-electric. So for those who are hesitant, we’d love to list great reasons to hop on the EV vehicle train. It’s the way of the future.

Break Free of Gas Price Fluctuations

Gas prices are subject to tremendous fluctuations. Inflation will always be a fact of living, and none of us can control the price of any regular expense, from food to rent to clothing. However, fuel seems to be subject to its own nonsensical rules and is dependent on such chaotic factors that it is just so unpredictable. It can (and recently has) double in a matter of weeks, then gets slashed to what seem like vintage prices, and then hike back up. Anyone driving a fuel-dependent car is at the mercy of this financial roller coaster. If you want to get off this miserable ride, get an electric vehicle. The electricity market is far more regulated than the fuel one, which means the price of electricity is far more stable than gas. Plus, there are many sources from which we can get electricity—which is certainly not the case with fuel. For that reason, a world event such as the recent invasion of Russia on Ukraine cannot impact electricity prices the way it can fuel prices.

A close up of a 2023 Subaru Solterra is shown charging at a Subaru Solterra dealership.

Be Kind to the Environment

We all have to do our part now to try and reverse climate change if we’re going to leave a habitable planet for future generations. One major way we can do that is by switching to all-electric vehicles. Fuel-using cars are so bad for the environment that in London, it’s suspected that around half of all air pollution is caused by fuel-dependent cars on the road. That’s not a figure to be ignored. The truth is that EV cars emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants, which is better for the atmosphere and can result in higher air quality which is better for human health. To demonstrate how effective switching to electric cars would be in improving the atmosphere, think about this: one electric car alone saves an average of 1.5 million grams of CO2.

Avoid Gas Station Lines

Most people know that deflating feeling of pulling up to a gas station when you’re in a hurry and seeing a line around the block. Navigating who arrived when and whose turn it is to pull up to which pump is utter chaos. There’s honking and yelling, and tensions are running high. It can be a stressful and time-consuming event. Plus, the pumps are slow due to the congestion. Imagine never having to deal with it again. With an electric vehicle, you can simply charge up at home. You’ll never again be at the mercy of the gas station crowds. Powering up can be a stress-free activity that you do completely on your own time.

Save A Lot Of Money Over Time

The savings associated with driving an electric vehicle are not to be ignored. In fact, it’s been found that drivers can save an average of $770 a year by going electric. For some, the savings are over $1,000 per year. These figures will depend on your electricity provider, your chosen electricity rate plan, and the local cost of gas. Keep in mind that some drivers can get a discount if you charge off-peak hours. So, if you’re looking at an electric car and thinking the sticker price is higher than fuel-dependent cars, don’t forget that over time you’ll get that money back and then some.

A blue 2023 Subaru Solterra is shown from the rear driving on a road curve.

See a Possible Tax Break

The savings don’t just stop at the gas pump. You might even be eligible for a substantial tax break if you drive an electric car. The savings can be up to $7,500. It’s important to know that this isn’t just a deduction but a credit that actually reduces your overall tax liability. There are stipulations, of course. It must be a new car (so if you buy a used car, that won’t cut it) as the credit can only be taken once on any given vehicle. It will also need to be a car that came out in 2010 or later. You cannot take the credit on a leased car, and it’s only applicable to external charging cars, so some cars, like a Toyota Prius hybrid with a self-charging battery pack wouldn’t qualify. The car also must have a battery pack with 4 kilowatt-hours or greater.

Prices Could Only Go Up

For now, society hasn’t completely come around to the idea of driving electric. You still see fuel-dependent cars flying off of lots. But we know one thing to be true about any market, especially the car market, and that is this: demand increases price. Right now, not everyone is demanding an electric car. However, once people start to recognize the many benefits of having one that we’ve listed here, the demand could go up, and so could the prices. There’s no guarantee that the cost of a new electric vehicle will remain where it is. It could skyrocket. So, if you’re in a position to buy one now, don’t wait. In five years, you could be the envy of everyone who moved too slow and had to pay an arm and a leg for their EV car as a result.

You Can Probably Charge Up at Work

If you’re worried about not finding enough charging stations, get this: your workplace will probably install some. They can even receive some nice incentives for doing so. In fact, offices can receive $1,500 for every EV charging port they install on-site and $15,000 for every DC fast charger installed. Even larger incentives are offered to companies that switch their fleet of company cars from fuel-dependent to electric. Government agencies are rapidly rolling out incentives for people to drive electric, so don’t worry: the world will catch up with you if you go electric. It’s only a matter of time.