A blue 2023 Subaru Solterra is shown from the side driving on an open road.

3 Reasons Why the Subaru Solterra May Just Be the Most Impressive EV Ever

From the Bolt EV and Tesla Model 3 to the Nissan LEAF and Mustang Mach-E, when it comes to EVs, it’s no surprise that hoards of them are arriving onto the scene each year. It’s as though every automaker finally decided that this was the time to make driving more sustainable and safer for our planet, revealing dozens of EV models and plans for more within the next few years. Naturally, Subaru jumped on the bandwagon with the 2023 Subaru Solterra, the brand’s first totally electric SUV. It may initially look like just another electric vehicle; however, you may want to take a closer look at just what this vehicle is capable of. When it comes to its genetic makeup, you’ll quickly realize that this SUV is unique. The Solterra combines the extraordinary features found in legendary Subaru models with the power of electricity to form a vehicle that is taking the EV industry by storm.

Reason One: Built On the e-Subaru Global Platform

The Subaru Global Platform was developed to maximize the performance and durability of Subaru models, enhancing their engineering to increase stability, ride comfort, and overall handling and control. Ultra-strong construction makes Subarus some of the most respected and trusted brands on the market. With versatile options in its lineup, the Subaru brand showcases the flexibility needed in its vehicles to appeal to more drivers. These key components combined to form the Subaru Global Platform, which was launched for the 2017 model year. As the standards of the brand continue to climb, so have the capabilities of its models, placing Subaru on the map, regarded as one of the safest, most reliable brands on the road.

Fast-forward a few years, and the Subaru Global Platform now encompasses electric vehicles, launching the e-Subaru Global Platform. Working together with another trusted name in the industry, Toyota, this new platform is dedicated to the future of electric vehicles, focusing on the driver experience in EVs. From capabilities and strength to efficiency and overall quality, the e-Subaru Global Platform seeks to enhance the performance of its EVs by offering better handling and control than ever before. In addition, the program has perfected the use of high-quality battery packs located under the floor of the vehicles to allow for a more stable and safer ride with a lower center of gravity for maximum control.

The e-Subaru Global Platform works in tandem with the Subaru Global Platform’s mission of designing strong, durable options that outperform the competition. In fact, this platform is the most rigid platform that’s ever been designed by the brand, making for some of the strongest options on the road. This strength incorporates advancements in performance, as well as unmatched efficiency to make for a selection of EVs that far surpass those of its rivals. The work dedicated to perfecting this program is now being seen in the 2023 Subaru Solterra, which is the first EV to ride on this innovative platform.

A blue 2023 Subaru Solterra is shown from a rear angle with two bikes on the roof rack.

Reason Two: 1st EV to Feature Standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

In addition to riding on a platform designed by some of the top minds in the industry, the all-new Solterra features some of the most coveted features not found in its competitors. If you know anything about Subaru, you know that all-wheel drive comes standard across all models and trims, and the Solterra is the very first EV to showcase Subaru’s iconic Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive capabilities. Being able to harness extreme capabilities, no matter the road condition, makes Subarus the go-to model for those who want to travel with ultimate confidence. From inclement weather to bumpy terrain, if you’re riding in a Subaru, you know that it can handle it.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive takes a different approach to all-wheel drive capabilities in that it creates balanced stability from front to back, delivering the right amount of traction to all four wheels to compensate for varying road conditions. This means that you’re effortlessly in control, even if the road ahead changes from rainy and slippery to dry and dusty. Your Subaru accounts for these conditions, making instant tweaks to its performance to ensure the safest ride possible. Having these types of capabilities in an EV is unheard of, making the Solterra different from the rest.

You’ll also find that the Solterra’s ground clearance is much more impressive than other EVs, offering 8.3 inches of clearance and short overhangs to be able to pass over obstacles with ease. The Solterra comes standard with X-MODE, which allows you to select the right amount of traction for the terrain you’re traveling on, as well as Hill Start and Descent Assist capabilities for maximum control in steep situations. You’ll notice, from the moment you first look at the Solterra, that it’s built with adventure in mind. With an enhanced aerodynamic design, you’re in for the most inspiring ride possible. Twin liftgate spoilers control the Solterra’s airflow to maximize efficiency, as well as safety on any type of terrain. Combine its careful design with standard all-wheel drive abilities, and you’ve got an EV that’s far superior to others on the road today.

The camera system in a 2023 Subaru Solterra is shown on the infotainment screen.

Reason Three: Subaru Reliability & Safety

The 2023 Solterra is a Subaru through and through, which means that you’re in for a capable ride, marked by extreme reliability and some of the best safety features in the industry. Subarus are known to hold their value throughout the years, with 96% of Subaru models sold within the last decade still on the road today. Exhibiting some of the top resale values in the industry, everyone knows that if you want a vehicle that you can trust, there’s nothing better than a Subaru. The Solterra is no exception, as it showcases the respected Subaru features and characteristics that set this brand apart from the rest.

Standard EyeSight Driver Assist Technology can be found in the Solterra, which features a number of helpful options designed to heighten your ride and make you more confident behind the wheel. Utilize Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Change Assist to improve the quality of your drive by letting the Solterra handle tasks like steering, braking, and maneuvering through traffic, so you can concentrate on the road ahead. With its 360-degree Surround-View Camera System in place, you’ll be able to see better, even in your blind spots, and with a brand-new Safety Exit Alert available, your Solterra will alert you if it’s dangerous to open your door. It’s no secret that Subaru vehicles were built to keep you safe and secure, and with the Solterra and its list of safety and driver assist features, you’ll find that it’s one safe EV, but that’s to be expected in a Subaru after all.

A New Approach to the EV

Like most EVs, you’ll find that the Solterra exhibits a favorable range, able to travel up to approximately 220 miles on a single charge, but there’s more to this EV than you’ll find in rivals. Its heightened safety features, rigid construction, and groundbreaking all-wheel drive capabilities place it well ahead of others in its class. You’ll find a lot of the same features in many electric vehicles on the road, but few aspire for greatness the way the Solterra does, and that’s because it’s a Subaru, and Subarus were built to be able to do more. From snow-capped mountain roads to dusty trails, you’ll have the confidence you need to travel in a Subaru. Now, with its first EV set to launch this year, Subaru is upping the ante when it comes to vehicles that deliver a safer, stronger, more impactful ride.