A brown and white 1971 Chevy Cheyenne is shown parked in a field.

5 On-Screen Chevy Truck Appearances We’ll Never Forget

There’s a lot more to owning a Chevy than just power, good looks, and a reliable ride. The brand carries lots of nostalgia thanks to several memorable on-screen appearances. While it’s difficult to track down some of these older models, you may see similar trucks on-site when you visit an official Chevy dealer. However, these vehicles are difficult to score in good condition because most folks hold onto these trucks for life. If you come across one and you’ve got the means to buy it, snatch it up while you can!

Chevy’s trucks have improved over the years, sure, but their roots are much better than you’d think. Sometimes, these old trucks are still rebuilt, remodeled, and sold today for as much as a brand-new vehicle. From the Cheyenne to the Silverado, these 5 Chevy truck appearances will make you want to spend some cash.

#1 – Red Dawn: The Chevy K10 Cheyenne Stepside

While it’s now deemed less “practical,” the stepside design has been a Chevy fan favorite for several years. So many Chevy truck drivers are still rocking their early 2000s stepside Silverados, despite their now advancing age. This nostalgic demand is high, and many fans hope that Chevy will release a special edition stepside option or trim in the near future. Maybe even a Red Dawn Special Edition Stepside? We can only dream!

In this movie, a group of teenage football players (including the famous Patrick Swayze) face off against Russian soldiers, tanks, and helicopters. They somehow manage to succeed in this, which can only be accredited to their ride 𑁋 a 1977 Chevrolet K10 Cheyenne with a lift kit and a few other accessories. Somehow, this group of teenage boys successfully rely on their Chevy to dodge explosives and make their escape. While what happens after their escape isn’t as enthralling, the chase scene is certainly one of Chevy’s best on-screen memories to date.

An orange 1976 Chevy C10 Stepside is shown parked in a grassy field.

#2 – The Driver: The 1974 Chevrolet C10 Stepside

The Driver’s Chevy stepside appearance is unique because of how it is used in this movie. Compared to our last listing, this is a quick change from “jacked up” to “low rider,” but still part of the 1970’s C/K era. What makes this truck’s appearance so unique is that the 1974 C10 is used in a chase throughout the city. Trucks are often used in backroad and off-road scenes in movies, but this car thief decided to take to the streets.

This specific truck comes with both I-6 and V8 engine options, but the largest 454 cubic inch V8 was only available in rear-wheel drive. This third-generation Chevy truck (1973 – 1991) also gets a new, heavier-duty braking system than the previous generation’s. Sure, Ryan O’Neal is more focused on the gas pedal in this situation, but nonetheless, the 1974 C10 is a well-rounded and peppy model thanks to these features.

#3 – Dazed and Confused: Multiple Classic Chevy Truck Appearances

The C10 is back, and this time it’s the center of attention. Dazed and Confused is a vehicle-centered movie with several Chevy appearances. Most notably is Benny’s 1972 C10 Chevy pickup truck. In a movie about teenagers, it comes as no surprise that this truck is loud and exhaust-free. (This movie was released in 1993, so the environment wasn’t a top priority.)

This model was available in both fleetside and stepside options, but Benny’s is a good old-fashioned black fleetside model. The 1972 model also offered a 402 cubic inch V8 engine capable of towing up to 5,500 pounds, but the C10 model came stock with a 250 cubic inch I-6. Basically, Benny’s truck is the type that’s meant for street prowling, not hay hauling.

A much older Chevy model makes waves in this film as well, as Darla drives a 1955 Chevrolet 3100 half-ton pickup truck. While the C10 Cheyenne is your typical rough, powerful pickup, this baby blue 1955 model is the most aesthetically appealing truck in the movie. These pickups are so visually appealing that they still sell for over $40,000 when in proper condition. Some buyers opt for whitewall tires and spare tires placed between the door and the stepside.

Whether you’re into power or aesthetics, Dazed and Confused offers one of our favorite Chevy truck showcases to date.

A Lego 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 ZR2 is shown at a Chevy dealer event.

#4 – LEGO Ad: The Chevy Silverado Block Build

Even fictional, animated characters get to enjoy a good Chevy truck! While you can’t purchase this exact “block” trim, the Satin Steel Metallic High Country Silverado in the LEGO Movie 2 ad makes an alien invasion seem like a sinch. According to the ad, whether you’re a “LEGO mini-figure” or an “everyday driver,” there’s a Silverado trim out there for you.

Characters Emmet and Lucy are being chased by laser-shooting aliens when their original ride gets destroyed. Quickly, Emmet throws together what Lucy thinks is an “ordinary pickup truck.” Emmet quickly summarizes the true description for her as they fight for their lives 𑁋 “this is no ordinary pickup truck, it’s a 2019 Chevy Silverado! (In Satin Steel Metallic).”

Lucy kicks alien butt the whole time while Emmet drives and rambles on about the new 2019 Silverado’s features, stating that it’s the “strongest, most advanced Silverado, ever.” These features include things like high-strength Durabed, unique cargo tie-downs, and a 420 horsepower rating.

Lucy stays quite annoyed the entire time. After all, she’s fighting for her life while Emmet rambles on like he’s promoting an ad or something. After claiming that she “doesn’t do commercials,” Lucy gets schooled by the backseat filming crew, who responds to her saying, “you just did!” After seeing two LEGO characters outrun aliens in a LEGO Carbon Copy version of the 2019 Silverado, who wouldn’t be sold?

#5 – Herbie Fully Loaded: The Chevy Silverado and C10 Monster Truck

While the cute Volkswagen Beetle known as the “Love Bug” is obviously the star of Herbie Fully Loaded, there are also a few memorable Chevy truck appearances in this movie that early 2000s viewers don’t forget. I grew up in a “Chevy family” myself, so when my cousin and I went to see Herbie in the movies back in 2005, you best bet I noticed the Chevy Silverado dually that looked a lot like my dad’s farm truck.

But that scene is only a small cameo for Chevy compared to the custom-made C10 monster truck that Herbie takes on later in the movie. This is where the famous “Van Halen Jump” takes place when an angry, incredibly mustached man in a giant monster truck thinks he can tackle Herbie. Much to everyone’s surprise, Herbie lands directly in the truck’s bed, dismembering it completely. After losing its wheels, the truck feels far less intimidating.

This unrealistic depiction of Beetle versus Monster Truck is super overdramatized, but to kids in the early 2000s, it seemed pretty legitimate. The good news is that your everyday Volkswagen Beetle is not “alive,” so an actual C10 monster truck would easily kick the Beetle’s butt.

What’s Your Dream Chevy?

Whether you’re looking for an old model to fix up, or you want to make sure you can tackle an alien invasion with ease, you can find any of these Chevy trucks off-screen. However, the older you go, the pricier it gets. Chevy’s long-term durability makes it easy to maintain and fix up these older models to be worth as much as a newer model. If you’re lucky enough to come across one of these old models in good quality, don’t miss your chance. Whatever you do, just try to steer clear of the “Herbie Van Halen Jump.” That’s definitely one of those “don’t try this at home” movie moments.